NoDo update scheduled for HTC Surround, Deutsche Telekom & Optus devices

By Tom Warren, on 27th Apr 11 9:52 pm with 15 Comments

Windows Phone 7 March 2011 update

Microsoft revealed on Wednesday that its Windows Phone NoDo update is ready for number of carriers.

The software giant updated its where’s my phone update? page to reveal it is scheduling the update for delivery on AT&T’s HTC Surround and several Deutsche Telekom devices. Microsoft is expected to deliver the NoDo update to both sets of devices in the next 10 days. Microsoft is also delivering NoDo to Australian Optus users.

“We understand there’s still more to do. We’re not resting until we get this done globally,” said Microsoft’s Eric Hautala in a company blog post. Telefonica and Telstra are both still testing the NoDo update. Microsoft did not confirm when either carrier is likely to sign-off on its testing. Telefonica has yet to sign-off on the February pre-NoDo update.

  • RamaSubbu_SK

    Finally all Windows Phone users are happy :) I think, Microsoft would have learned a lot from this update process and expecting all future update should more smooth.

  • Matthew Beadle

    Cant wait to get the update for T-Mobile UK. Been waiting an age for these updates :)

  • Andy Topley

    Been running NoDo on Omnia 7 with TMO UK using the Walsh hack, works amazingly. Just couldn’t wait to get it and DT took ages to approve it, massive let down.

  • Gaqw

    All Hail the NoDo update!!!

  • The Boss

    I’m really wondering whether or not I should get a W7 phone…I’ve heard devs aren’t even interested in developing for the platform anymore.

    • Unknown

      You would definitely love your phone if you get one. In general, the phone is good. I have good hope on next big update also. Next SDK update opens up more APIs to access many of the phone feature, this will bring more developers.
      Microsoft seems to be persistent on improving the phone experience a lot.

    • The Boss

      That’s good to hear. I would like to see a Skype application developed, as that’s one of the most apps on my iPhone. Maybe I will hold off for hardware refreshes and mango update.

    • reviewdevs

      Skype has already been announced as one of the future apps.

    • The Boss

      Coming in autumn. Nice! I’m looking forward to it. I guess, really it’s too early in WP7′s life to judge whether or not it’s good or bad. Judging by the upcoming apps it’s looking pretty good. Not to mention the WP7 hardware is comparably better than iPhone’s. I think…I think I will change to a Microsoft product. OMG :O

    • Anonymous

      No, that’s not true. That rumor started by a poll done on a development site that doesn’t even support Windows Phone (Android/iPhone only site).

    • Derek

      Haaha Mango update is the Biggest thing to happen yet !!! I Got my WP7 Recently and i love it !!!! Still waiting for my nodo update but its temporarily disabled and probably redistrubuted now :P But the mango update has features that no other smartphone has or ever thought of !!!!!

  • WhereIsNoDo

    I am not happy, yet. I have a rev 1.4 Focus and the NoDo update isn’t available to me!

  • Junior

    I like my HTC but it should have never taken this long.

  • Jason

    I’m so very glad I used the VPN trick to get NoDo on my Omnia 7. I’m with Optus and I would be furious if I was still waiting.

    Also I am rather glad I flashed my device with a carrier free ROM, too.

  • Deepak Kumar

    i got the update on my samsung focus two days ago. copy/paste works fine.