Nokia announces CES press conference, hints at Lumia plans

By Tom Warren, on 19th Dec 11 10:08 pm with 23 Comments

Nokia announced its plans on Monday to hold a CES 2012 press conference in January.

The Finnish handset maker is planning to announce the latest and greatest U.S. devices at a press conference on the media day of CES. Nokia is believed to be preparing its new Lumia 900 U.S. LTE device. The Lumia 900 will reportedly feature a 1.4GHz processor, 4.3-inch ClearBlack AMOLED display and an 8-megapixel camera. Recent reports suggest that the device will launch shortly after the Consumer Electronics Show in January. Nokia is also preparing a huge marketing blitz in the U.S. to accompany the launch of the new device. The persistent rumor of a 4-inch Lumia device seems to follow previously speculation on a “Ace” Nokia device. A new Lumia device showed up by mistake in a Nokia developer video recently, it’s not known whether this device was concept or a future model.

Nokia is understood to be preparing its U.S. Windows Phones for an announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show in early 2012. The Finnish handset maker is working with AT&T to launch its Nokia Lumia Windows Phone at CES 2012. Microsoft is planning to support Nokia’s re-entry into the U.S. market with a large presence at CES 2012. Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans have indicated to WinRumors that Nokia is in talks with several U.S. carriers to provide an LTE compatible handset as its first U.S. Windows Phone device. AT&T is expected to be the primary launch partner of any Nokia Windows Phone devices in the United States. Nokia could also announce any plans it has with Verizon at CES, if the network decides to adopt a new Nokia Windows Phone.

Windows Phone “Tango” is also set to feature on Nokia’s U.S. device. The update is believed to be an interim release between Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” and the next-generation of Windows Phone, currently codenamed “Apollo.” Windows Phone build 7.10.8200 was recently discovered in server side logs of a Windows Phone application. A screenshot, believed to be a Tango build, also leaked and demonstrated a new device search feature for Windows Phones. Microsoft’s chasis 2 specifications (Tango) will also include a 480×320 BlackBerry style design and LTE support. The software giant is expected to ship Windows Phone “Apollo” with 1280×720 resolution and dual core CPU support.

Nokia CES inviten

  • Anonymous

    exciting times! just wish everyone else felt the same!

    • Anonymous

      The iSheep can’t be saved anymore, we tried to warn them not to drink from the unicorn well but alas.

    • Win

      It’s not Apple fans you need to worry about. Many iPhone users have favorable opinions of Windows Phone.

      It’s the Google/Android trolls who love ads shoved in their face. The Ubuntu phones will be much better as well. Android has too many problems, iOS/WP/Ubuntu/WebOS/Tizen/Meltemi/MerOS/Bada/HTC’s OS they’re working on are all better. The only thing that’s worse is Facebook’s vaporware and the trash they have out now.

    • Impartial

      I agree, iOS are not a problem, its the angry droidfans who are the problem, mindless haters…

    • Jbfiore

      No the REAL problem is not the other guys but MSFT and Nokia.  MSFT blew this great OS opportunity by bad marketing, poor introduction, and poor carrier and OHM relations.  While Nokia was to offer best of class phone and delivered much much less. THIS IS WHY WE ARE AT 1% MARKET SHARE. 

      It is time to stop looking for reasons beyond our own mismanagement and  diluting ourselves that name calling customers who purchased competing OS phones is going to help.  

  • JimmyFal

    This could eclipse the IPhone 5 non-announcement if they release the 800. And my one and only post that contained the word *uck over 5 times would most certainly be eclipsed.

  • captain_caveman2k

    Surely – not another 8 megapixel camera. What’s happening Nokia… Your N8 had 12 megapixels of digital bliss – what’s going on with the lower quality camera’s on WP7? I’m desperately wanting to come back but not until you have better hardware out.

    • Thomas Bundgaard

      I’m sure you already know this, but good camera != number of megapixels.

    • captain_caveman2k

      True true… My understanding, and I may well be wrong, was that the N8 had a phenomenal camera whilst the N9 had a cheaper version of it which is essentially what the 800 now has.

      I’ve been a Nokia customer since ’97, even when I worked at Sony Ericsson on the P800 and P900. Am temporarily running the LG Optimus 7 at the moment, more as a dev phone, but am really wanting another Nokia ;-)

    • Anonymous

      That’s very true.

      However, it’s also true that N8 is a monster in terms of mobile camera. The sensor size is still the largest in the mobile history, and by a big margin. The 1/3.2 inch sensor in Lumia looks mediocre compared to 1/1.83 inch sensor in N8. That’s about 75% larger sensor. I am more comfortable with less MP – this will keep the noise down in the pictures. But, I would appreciate OEMs offering atleast 1/2.3 size sensors in mobile devices.

    • Guest

      Is the sensor in the N9 all Nokia tech or is using a chip from OVTI or other?

    • Sharpsone

      Hardware changes at the blink of an eye so you grab a Lumia 900 today and get the Lumia 1000 next Christmas.

    • Anonymous

      Next Christmas seems far away for me as a gadget fan =D ^^

  • Seth_p

    If it’s the 800 I think it’d sell really well – ‘normal’ consumers don’t care about all the fancy specs. If it takes pictures, checks e-mail, uses FB, Twitter, it’ll be a win. Only thing some people like is FF camera… but that’s even overrated.

    Off topic: Windows Phone on Blackberry seems like it’d be a good move.

    • Guest

      Yeah, WP on BB would seem like a potentially good move for both companies. But if it isn’t already in the works it isn’t going to happen in time to help either.

    • Anonymous

      FF will not be overrated when Skype is available on WP7

  • Anonymous

    I’m sooooooooo glad that this a Nokia , NOT Nokia & MS, press conference. People hate on MS not Nokia, so I would like to see them break into the US market without any baggage[MS]; MS could support them from far far away.

    • Anonymous

      What you mean people? You mean those one from WSJ? You call them people?

  • Robert Lomax

    The real question is will they bring the Lumia 800, which is a “right sized” phone, or will they only bring an oversized 4.3″ phone so that AT&T has no real competition for the “right sized” iPhone.

    • Anonymous

      sigh. they had the optimus 7, the focus, the focus flash, etc, which all have small screens.  I have small hands and the Titan feels fine in my hands.  Stop whining.

    • Jbfiore

      Titan is the smartphone version of wearing clown shoes 

    • Anonymous

      hmm, guess you forgot about the Samsung Galaxy Note then.

  • Anonymous

    For me the question is when will this phone hit the shores of the UK, I’m holding off on getting the Lumia 800 in anticipation of getting the Lumia 900…come Nokia bring it on!