Nokia Drive leaked for unlocked non-Nokia Windows Phones

By Tom Warren, on 20th Nov 11 9:19 pm with 23 Comments

Nokia’s third and final exclusive Windows Phone application has leaked for all devices.

The XAP raw file has been made available on several sites for non-Nokia devices. The Nokia Drive application, see a video review here, is available on Nokia’s Lumia range of Windows Phones. The application is now available for all Windows Phone devices, providing you’re using an unlocked device via Microsoft’s official developer registration or the ChevronWP7 labs tool. WPCentral managed to download the application and provided a video demo, see below.

Nokia Drive is the company’s 3D satellite navigation system. The application is preloaded on the Home Screen of the Lumia 800. The app works across 95 countries and maps can be easily downloaded and stored on the device. The default map included will vary by market and is relative to the country where the Lumia 800 is purchased. Nokia Drive includes 2D and 3D maps of cities and is designed for car use in mind.

Nokia’s Music and Maps applications have both been ripped from their Lumia devices and ported over to non-Nokia devices. Nokia’s Drive application is the last exclusive app from Nokia to find its way onto the internet for all devices. The current state of the Windows Phone Marketplace allows users to download XAP application packages direct from Microsoft’s servers and sideload them providing their device is developer unlocked.

Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” includes support for a new type of application encryption that prevents the piracy seen today. Microsoft is reportedly waiting to ensure that the majority of Windows Phone users have upgraded to Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” before enabling the encryption support. The support will wrap XAP packages in a new layer of protection, preventing them from being sideloaded after they are published and downloaded from the Marketplace.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if Nokia has ever considered selling their Drive application to customers with non-Nokia WP7 phones. Probably not, but I wonder how much consumers would be will to pay for it, and how much revenue Nokia could get from doing it. It might help to sway consumers towards Nokia phones for their next phone…..maybe.

    • Windows Fan

      Microsoft could be nice enough to pay Nokia to build the software into Windows Phone. After all, most people want voice guided direction and the current feature can’t do that fully.

    • Anonymous

      Nokia don’t want people to buy their drive app, they want people to buy their phones.

    • Anonymous

      WPCentral is reporting Nokia will see the Drive app for non-Nokia WindowsPhones.

    • Anonymous

      Nokia have denied this: I just don’t think it’s in their interests to. Phone manufacturers write stuff to try and entice people to buy their devices, not to sell the software per se. AFAIK HTC haven’t allowed for Sense to be bought and installed on other devices for example.

    • Anonymous

      Hehheh, 2 things
      1 – I can’t reply to you the post you made stating Nokia’s Denial. That is annoying.
      2 – As soon as I read Nokia’s denial, that Drive would remain for Nokia phones only, I though aww shoot, I bet that guy on the internet is goinna shove it in my face. Well done sir.  :D

    • Anonymous

      heheh, fair play. I thought I was restrained in my response!

  • John Mccallum

    Microsoft and Nokia should sue the people who did this :@ This is theft and distribution of IP

    • Jubbin Grewal

      Why? Didn’t Nokia say they were going to release this for other Windows Phones anyways? Just without the voice guidance.

    • Anonymous

      Nope! They were going to release Nokia Maps (which isn’t Nokia Drive but a Bing Maps equivalent). Still, I am pretty sure that Nokia Drive will become available for non-Nokia WP7 phones eventually, just not for free. :)

    • Jubbin Grewal

      Hm well I have Nokia Maps on my phone and it isn’t anything special. Nokia Drive is the one I really want if I don’t get a Nokia Phone (which I probably will)

  • Tony Gorham

    Yes if Nokia were to charge $100 I’d would pay for this on the Titan I just ordered.

  • Gamer

    Wow… this is seriously bad

  • J A

    I assume as these phones connect to the relevant services, the device name is also collected. What Nokia and MS need to do is to use the non-Nokia device names to filter out the devices that have the illegal apps so they can’t even get service with the apps. As well as proceed to wrap the XAP files in an encrypted layer so this does not happen again. If these thieves want to sideload apps, then they have to develop their own apps for that. 

  • philly

    Whats the problem with you all? How can you not like free stuff? Its handy for people in these and those circumstances. How would you even say you’d pay $100 for a mass product if you can get it for free. Those are all very big companies that survive without you and you feeding it with loads of money! its maybe reasonable to support a small group or startup, but not a monster, the profits dont land where they belong anyways!

    • Anonymous

      Not sure if serious..

    • phil jay

      I know I should not be talking about consciousness in the internets..

    • Anonymous

      good luck trying to rationalize piracy. you’re doing a poor job at it.

    • phil jay

      piracy is a side product when you’re reaching the masses. Individuals count, and they have the right to abuse it on their own behalf.

  • Anonymous

    Why doesn’t the app detect it’s not running on a Nokia phone?!

  • GP007

    I wonder how hard it would be to have an app just check to see what device it’s running on and either start or not.  If it’s not that big of an issue then Nokia could just have their apps check to see if they’re on Nokia devices (look at the hardware ID etc) and either run or just close.   

  • wetworker

    Microsoft and Nokia knew this would happened. What better way to market your brand.
    These two large corporations with a shit load of developers could have easily encrypt these apps.
    And what about their relationship with the Chevron7 team, from $99 to $9.  

    I have both Nokia Maps and Drive running on my unlock first gen Focus. As soon as Nokia drops phones in North American I’m picking one up. 

    BTW I tried Nokia Music, Not feeling it. I’m sticking with zune pass.

  • Tom Sliwowski

    This is