Nokia Lumia 710 announced, second “affordable” Nokia Windows Phone

By Tom Warren, on 26th Oct 11 9:14 am with 36 Comments

Nokia announced its second Windows Phone on Wednesday.

The Nokia Lumia 710 will ship as an affordable Windows Phone in white and black colors. The back of the device has replaceable covers that will match the colors of Windows Phone. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, speaking at Nokia World, revealed the company is very proud of Nokia’s Lumia devices. The Lumia 710 will include a 3.7-inch LCD ClearBlack Display.

  • 3.7-inch LCD ClearBlack Display
  • 1.4 GHz single-core processor
  • Exchangeable back covers
  • 5 MP camera, auto-focus, LED flash
  • Price point: 270 euros

Nokia Lumia 710

  • Mina

    Beautiful! … bye bye HTC!

    • KavanTheGreat

      I do not know, it looks kind of trashy cheap to me, you know the kind of phone a single chick with 3 kids from 3 different dudes talking on while paying for her groceries with welfare.   

    • Anonymous

      Yes. It surprises me how many people on welfare have such nice smartphone. 

  • Martyn Metalous

    270 euros, cheap as chips as well

  • D.O.M

    I hope the screen isn’t too small to use! And the price on a contract is something to rival other companies like HTC.

  • Neville Carpenter

    Do these have front facing camera’s?

    • Ham

      sadly, no.

  • Anonymous

    What a wasted  opportunity.. 3.7 ” and 3 apps ? Definitely not buying .. Anything below 4″ is not for me

    • Gamer

      Things that are at 3.5~3.8 screen will have superb screen at amazing 300++ ppi with Nokia’s AMOLED technology.

    • Anonymous

      I currently use a 4” Samsung Omnia 7, what makes you think I will give that up for  a  smaller screen?.. I loove Nokia but they should meet me halfway ..

    • guest

      Anything below 4″ like Iphone is not 4 u

    • Anonymous

      Thats the more reason why I never lived the iphone.. I have a 4′ Omnia 7 running wp7 btw.. I move up not down!

    • Lewis McCrary

      That’s what she…. oh nevermind

    • OMG55

      Remember these phones are to be released in Europe. FFC have never caught on in Europe; it’s not a popular feature there. You do know they will definitely put FFC on the American version of this device, after all it would be great for women to touch up their makeup and pluck their eyebrows (An accident waiting to happen; along with driving while texting…since carriers will charge you to use the voice-to-text featurs currently included in mango….some people can’t afford to pay the extra costs, so they will continue to do things that put people in danger).

    • Anonymous

      I live in Europe and although I never used used my FFC in my previous phones its something I want to see in a a phone.. every current smartphone has it .. why not this one?

    • OMG55

      Yeah, your probably a pay-as-you-go customer who doesn’t even have a smartphone; what did people not understand about these are to be released in Europe.

    • Anonymous

      Just hit my Disqus profile and you will notice am a wp7 / Nokia fan..  am currently using Samsung Omnia 7 with 4″ which is more than 6 months old  and am not about to go down the ladder with a smaller inch screen.. and I live in Europe too !!

  • Anonymous

    so let me get this straight, they put the front facing camera on the cheaper device and not on the flagship lumia 800. I really dont get that decision at all

    • Gamer

      The 800 does have front facing camera too

    • Seth_p

      No where did they indicate front-facing camera for this model.

    • Guest

      look at the upper left corner … *sigh*

    • BucksterMcgee

      Those would be the Proximity sensor and ambient light sensor. No front facing cameras. Sorry.

  • Joel Job

    Nice phone for the wife. I would like something more powerfull and with a bigger screen.

    • Anonymous

      what about the nokia lumia 800

    • Brad

      It’s interesting you say something more powerful. I’d imagine you’re talking about the processor. There are no WP 7 devices with dual core processors and there’s a simple reason for that – it doesn’t need it. WP 7 is light enough that it works best with a single core rather than a dual, unlike Android and iOS (iPhone). This also means it saves you loads of battery power, which can be a big problem with some of the newer Androids.

  • Anonymous

    Cool that the old school Nokia “change” colour skin theme is back, and for there smartphones this time. Kind of missed that in this segment.
    Now however I will have to sit down and wait here in Sweden to next year to have late Christmas. Interesting that Scandinavia have to wait along side with US. But then again, we have tons of phones ready, Asia and Russia etc is a smart move to build fundation and make WP7 platform more solid.

  • Penta2100

    I like the yellow one!

  • Wizard

    Check - no description of FF camera and no mention of Panorama view, c’mon Nokia this is not what we expected on a launch of arrival of NextGen Phones. You could’ve done much much better than this.

  • Yo

    I prefer under 4″.  The last thing I want is to carry some clunky big screen in my pocket.  If my focus was 3.7″ it would be perfect.

    • Anonymous

      you make it too easy, but I don’t want to get banned…

  • OMG55

    While I understand that these devices are to be release in Europe…..This is never racking to wait and be patient with Christmas just around the corner. I’m in America and would love to buy myself an early Christmas present fromme-to-me (A new phone feature…ha ha)……All I want for Christmas is a new Nokia device with FFC camera & at least 4″ screen althought that 3.8 look pretty good.

  • Kenie343

    To everyone hating on the 710, you are surely not part of the target audience for this product… I’m sure if you could you would ask Nokia to make a phone just for you. If you do not like it, don’t buy it! Don’t come here and trash the damn thing… I know many people who are already considering this device…

    • Joe_HTH

      They look kind of dated, like Nokia 1997… maybe the target audience is middle age cougars feeling nostalgic :(

  • Kenie343

    That’s the thing techies do not get. Everyone is not into technology like we are!!! In fact, Im ready to bet that the majority of the people are not techies!

    • Seth_p

      What’s a browser?

    • Nathaniel Warner

      a browser is a turtle-like creature with spikes on its back who is a constant antagonist in the Mario series by Nintendo. :D