Nokia Lumia 710 passes FCC tests, hints at U.S. launch

By Tom Warren, on 28th Oct 11 6:15 pm with 29 Comments

Nokia Lumia 710 on FCC

Nokia’s Lumia 710 has passed FCC testing and could be about to launch on a U.S. network.

The device has passed testing at the FCC and appears to be heading to T-Mobile. WPCentral reports that the device has been passed on the T-Mobile-unique 3G 1700 band, as well as 850 and 1900 GSM bands. This could indicate that T-Mobile is planning to stock the Lumia 710 in the coming months. Nokia introduced the Lumia 710 at its Nokia World event earlier this week. The Nokia Lumia 710 will ship as an affordable Windows Phone in white and black colors. The back of the device has replaceable covers that will match the colors of Windows Phone.

Nokia previously listed the Lumia 710 on its U.S. pages earlier this week. The device is marked as “coming soon” and the FCC tests could indicate that it’s nearly ready for U.S. markets.

  • 3.7-inch LCD ClearBlack Display
  • 1.4 GHz single-core processor
  • Exchangeable back covers
  • 5 MP camera, auto-focus, LED flash
  • Mobile user

    why just 710? Why not lumia 800?

    • Martin Stevens

      Presumably limited manufacturing capacity.

    • Anonymous

      Nokia will unveil the Lumia 800 equivalent at the 2012 CES.

    • Mohit Sachdeva

      I believe that they are going to pitch Nokia ACE against iPhone….and hence no Lumia 800 and only 710!

    • oolong2

      Yup.  It’s the only thing that makes sense.

      Nokia is well aware of the US smartphone market.  I beieve the Lumia was targeted towards Europeans who don’t care about front facing cameras.  While the ACE will be something targeted towards the US market.

      The N9 is more of a test/concept phone.  I doubt it will see the light of day in the US.

      It could be that Nokia is waiting for some updates in Tango or Appollo for NFC support before releasing something in the US.

    • No

      I would really like the see the Lumia 800 in the States. I want that phone something fierce! I do not however see myself owning the 710 – I want the better design, features, and specs of the Lumia 800. Curse you NOKIA!

  • Anonymous

    Oh sh…

  • Anonymous

    Perfect. If this is on T-Mobile then I know exactly what I’m getting my Mom for Christmas this year. :D

    • f t edwards

      I have the exact same idea for my mom! :) this phone looks like a great fit for her.

    • Ef Jay

      Mom or non-techie girlfriend, perfect gift! I’ll probably be getting one for someone as well. Be nice to have a Nokia in the family again.

  • Dusede

    Good job T-Mobile

  • OMG55

    This phone should target teens (preferrable for girls in commericals) Senarios:

    1. pre-teen/teenage girls looking in the mirror at the attire she’s going to where to school that day. She smiles as if to happy with it and suddenly she pull the Lumina 710 out of her back pocket and snaps a cover on the device that matches the color of her shirt.  (yellow, blue, pink, or white)….The smile even more as if her look has been completed.

    If it had a FCC, she would take a picture of her attire and send it to another friend with a WP7.

    2.  Second Commercial scenario: Two teenage girls are in a classroom sitting on different sides of the room; both receive a social networking post. (One using an iphone or an Android device). The teen using the WP7 reads the message right off of the tile without diving into an app (she replies quickly as we WP7 allows you too) and places the device back into her pocket.

    The student using on of the other devices, has to dive into an app to read/respond. Because it takes so much time, the teacher notices, goes over and takes that students phone and tells her that her parents can pick the phone up from the office……..The student using the WP7 simply smiles.

    • Anonymous

      “If it had a FCC”? Federal Communication Commission?

    • Dan

      I assumed it was a typo and OP meant FFC.

    • Austin Agli

      it means “front facing camera”…

    • Louis Sandiford

      Commercial 3: Two teenage girls making out in a room. One takes her top off, then looks directly at the camera and says: ‘you get all that?’

      The third girl, filming, doesn’t reply. Another camera pans to reveal she’s playing a game on the Nokia (which she should be using as a camera), instead of filming.

      The tagline – WP7 – better than sex.

    • Anonymous

      Microsoft needs to hire you right now

    • Lord Jem


    • Daniel Rivero Horie

      Too funny, man

    • Anonymous

      Wow. U guy rock. Where did all those ideas spring from

  • Anonymous

    Being a cheaper device, I’m not impressed with the 710 and even when the 800 comes to the US, it will be too small of a screen for my tastes.  But that’s okay Nokia, because you have a full year to come out with something to impress me.  In the meantime, the wife will be getting a Focus S.

  • JimmyFal

    T-Mobile could not answer the question I had which was, is this phone capable of WiFi calling? Which I often need in the event I have no signal at home. HD7 does NOT have this. Anyone know answer to that?

    • Anonymous

      According to TMobile no Windows Phone’s have wifi calling. I am in the same boat with the HD7.

  • Anonymous

    If they don’t release the Lumia 800 in the US, that would be an extreme failure. So many people want this phone, so missing such a big, new and undiscoverd (at least, for Nokia) market would be disappointing.

  • James Matthews

    I think that this device would be perfect for the T-Mobile/Walmart prepaid 4G plan.  Price it at $200 and I think this thing will sell.

    • Anonymous

      I’d buy at $200. I use T-Mobile prepaid just cause its a helluva deal and my phone use really doesn’t justify paying more each month. 

  • Anonymous

    i think Nokia wants to do the Apple style, the Nokia ace would go head to head with iPhone 5, like the iPhone5 a bigger screen,LTE so nokia wants do release the Ace with 4″ screen,LTE,NFC 1080p recording and the first windows phone 8 appollo phone, that would create a buzz and hype

  • Tyler Pease

    As long as I can have a phone with physical buttons I’d be happy. Don’t care about FFC, but I am tired of accidental button presses on my Focus. This 710 will do if it plays nicely with ATT’s 3G service. 

  • J. Williams

    Looks nice…