Nokia Lumia 710 T-Mobile user guide shows up, confirming December 14 launch

By Tom Warren, on 8th Dec 11 12:45 pm with 34 Comments

T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 710

Nokia and T-Mobile appear to be on the verge of launching the Lumia 710 device in the U.S. next week.

T-Mobile sent invitations to press and analysts on Wednesday, hinting at a Windows Phone announcement with Nokia. Tmonews reports that a user guide for a T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 710 has been discovered at the FCC website in the United States. The user guide clearly shows a Lumia 710 with T-Mobile branding, all but confirming the launch next week. Nokia’s Lumia 710 device recently passed testing at the FCC and appears to be heading to T-Mobile. The device has been passed on the T-Mobile-unique 3G 1700 band, as well as 850 and 1900 GSM bands. This could indicate that T-Mobile is planning to stock the Lumia 710 in the coming months. Nokia introduced the Lumia 710 at its Nokia World event in October. The Nokia Lumia 710 will ship as an affordable Windows Phone in white and black colors. The back of the device has replaceable covers that will match the colors of Windows Phone.

Nokia previously listed the Lumia 710 on its U.S. pages earlier this year. The device was marked as “coming soon” and the FCC tests could indicate that it’s nearly ready for U.S. markets. The Nokia Lumia 710 includes the following specifications:

  • 3.7-inch LCD ClearBlack Display
  • 1.4 GHz single-core processor
  • Exchangeable back covers
  • 5 MP camera, auto-focus, LED flash
  • Jubbin Grewal

    Anyone else find it interesting they’re launching the Lumia 710 in the USA before the Lumia 800? Where as the rest of the world has it the other way around?

    • Mr Lefleur

      No, not interesting just strange

    • Jubbin Grewal

      Strange.. Interesting.. same thing on the interwebs.

    • Mr Lefleur

      oh! Am thinking first impressions are everything so they need to launch the Lumia 800 first

    • Impartial

      They can’t launch the Lumia 800 in the US as the US has totally different consumer desire, they are adicted to specs over there, something that Lumia 800 is not, so they can’t launch a flagship device which is not an “Ace” device ;) 

    • Jubbin Grewal

      You must understand that half the country was begging for the N9 because it looks so sexy. A lot of people will look at design over specs, until they get to a store and probably some stupid AT&T rep tells them it doesn’t have 4G so it sucks (those average people not in the know).

    • Impartial

      Anyway it would have been confusing for consumers to launch a dead OS, would have been bad image.

      Exactly my point, sales reps transmit the desire for specs rather a desire for experience, which is where WP excels! Last night I was at a party and my Lumia stole the show, all iphone dudes where so annoyed that everyone loved a nokia-microsoft phone

    • Philip Gould

      But it’s art, so the US people will love it. And it may not have a quad core with RAID V storage and 16 Terrabytes of RAM and a Cold Fusion reactor to power it because it does not need it. It’s blisteringly quick as it is

    • Impartial

      i agree, I have the Lumia in my pocket and love it, but point still remains, this device is not enough for the US market, hence why they haven’t released it after doing the relevant market research

    • Hookem

      The only spec that matters to me is more storage. I WANT a 32GB device. I might buy a 16GB device, but the rest of the specs must be compelling. Yes, I can use my zune pass and stream, but sometimes 3g sucks and I just don’t want to deal with the skips/buffering.

    • Philip Gould

      Then go buy an Android or iPhone. none of the Windows Phones have more than 16Gb and as 32Gb is so important to you (I have litterally hundreds of tracks and apps on my Focus S and still have several gigs free) then it’s bye bye Windows Phone, hello bigger lardier more pedestrian phones :-)

    • OMG55

      Why does everyone keep ignoring the fact that basically now and in the near future cell phone will no be relying on internals storage due to the cloud. This has already began with skydrive & the cloud on xbox360 for gold members. Mr. Jobs also spoke about being able to make a cheaper version of the iphone (not a fan of it) because in the future they could save costs because of icloud storage coming online.

      So in short, all we really need to be worried about is camera MP, screen type, and processor (questionable if the OS runs as smoothy as WP7, but it can still play a role).


      Oh Yeah…..At some point, the only option for additional storage will be for you to purchase a monthly or yearly subscription for xMB of storage on the cloud, becasue for the big guns like Apple, Google, and MS it’s more profitable and generates a continued revenue stream for them to continue R&D of future products instead of relying solely on sales of the individual devices.

    • Entegy

      @5ae3a9c97394d2c91bbbce0f36ef9f91:disqus , yeah, try thinking outside of the US. I pay $25 for 512MB of data a month. Cloud services ain’t happening here just yet. Local storage all the way.

    • Seth_p

      Maybe we’ll be getting a ‘revised’ Lumia 800 so we can laugh at them Brits ;) /jp

    • Anonymous

      Not so much interesting more as annoying

    • Guest

      Perhaps they figure the 710 can compete better on a price/specs basis, whereas they know the 800, as is, lacks the necessary hardware to compete in the high end of the US market? Just a guess on my part.

    • Jon Keebler

      This isn’t a bad idea, they are testing the waters. If Nokia brings the 710 “which is not a bad device” and T-Mobile prices it under $49 on contract, I think it will sell very well.

  • Anonymous

    It’s very funny.  A lot of us here have been begging for Nokia Windows Phones.  Then they bring us the 710…  Oh well, guess we have to eat our veggies before we can get to the good stuff.

  • Anonymous

    710 and Radar on Tmo = Double Blah……

  • TheReal
  • ReturningToNokia

    T-Mobile IS NOT a PREMIER carrier!  So why on earth would Nokia release the Lumia 800 on T-Mobile?  The Lumia 710 is an entry level device, perfect for a low tier, small, #4 U.S. carrier like T-Mobile.  The Lumia 710 is a decent looking device, and will perform just as well as any other WP device – it will do OK being on T-Mobile.

    You want a high end, stylish Nokia WP device?  You will definitely need to switch to ATT or Verizon.

    • Ef Jay

      By your logic then tmo shouldn’t have any high end android phones either, should they? Or is android just that much better and only tmo realizes it and ATT are being played by stocking higher end wp7 phones?

      Guess tmo customers dont deserve to be able to get anything other than low end devices either, good argument.

    • Digger1985isanasshat

      His logic is looking at it from Nokia’s perspective, not the carriers. Learn how to read.

    • Ef Jay

      Really, Nokia figures Tmo is such a low rent carrier they are only deserving their lowest end phone but android OEM’s have no problem releasing high end phones for them? Well, good luck to them.

    • LWSJR

      Guest (come on, tell us your real name) T-Mobile has a ‘relationship’ with Nokia, but it’s not that serious!  The Astound….what’s to say, other than it probably sold some, but a big seller?  Probably not.

      And given T-Mobiles lack of WP support (I don’t consider only 2 WP store devices in the span of a year, support) why would Nokia have any confidence in this carrier to put a beauty like the Lumia 800 front and center of their phone line up?

      The Lumia 710 is the safer bet – an entry level phone, for the #4 carrier in the U.S. that isn’t the most supportive of WP.  Nokia may as well capitalize on their ‘relationship’ with T-Mobile by at least getting one device on U.S. soil as a stop gap until Nokia is ready to hit the U.S. with their top tier devices.

      Do we even know if there will be a T-Mobile for the remainder of 2012?  Thought so, and probably so did Nokia.

    • Guest

      That’s just Ef Jay in drag.

    • Anonymous

      just a possible idea, maybe T-mobile is small enough that Nokia figures they can keep up to the demand… I’m not saying this phone is going to sell HUGE numbers but with all the other countries its supplying maybe its resources can’t keep up to AT&T customer base. 2% of T-mobiles customers is WAY smaller than 2% of AT&Ts. 

    • Noel

      Why hate on T-Mobile, I was a verizon customer for years and just went to T-Mobile when WP7 DVP was launched. My monthly bill is about $20 less for exactly the same services. Maybe the network is not as good, but I have no evidence of that. In almost a year, I have had 1 dropped call. T-Mobile is the only national carrier that is competing on price and contract flexibility, premium phones would be a huge boost for them.  

  • Dagmar Schneitz

    How many pictures can 5MP cameras hold?

  • Karen Landrum Pellegrin

    Just a personal opinion held by both myself and my husband/partner. We’ve had android phones for over two years now and haaate it. The only reason we haven’t switched is because we’ve been patiently waiting for W7 phones to come out in our carrier…. and can I *tell* you how thrilled we are about this? Business is great now but business will be flipping *phenomenal* when i can have a great W7 phone to integrate with my pc/xbox/cloud services, etc. We’re Soooo excited!!

    • Anonymous

      I would have to agree.  I LOVE how customizable Android is but after spending 3 weeks adding widgets and shortcuts and active wallpaper, both my previous Android phones have become so unstable that they force close and auto reboot daily.  At first I was a fandroid but now I just want a phone that works.  I will not declare loyalty to any company. Once Verizon launches a keyboarded windows phone I’m there.  Once Android becomes more stable I will look again.

    • Sharpsone

      I’m doing all the things you want to do on WP7 and there’s no way i’ll ever switch to another Phone OS unless its something better from Microsoft. This is by far the best phone for integration of personal, business and entertainment.

  • Today I’m Grumpy

    I swear, If at&t (or whoever will get lumia 800) will put their logo on the front of the phone I’m buying 4s… why carriers do it is beyond me.