Nokia Lumia 800 breaks preorder records for Nokia devices at Orange UK

By Tom Warren, on 16th Nov 11 6:40 pm with 64 Comments

Nokia Lumia 800 on Orange UK

British carrier Orange announced on Wednesday that the Nokia Lumia 800 had broken all previous preorder records for Nokia devices.

The Lumia 800, which went on sale in the UK on Wednesday, has seen a phenomenal amount of interest from Orange UK customers. Preorders of the device have been higher than any other Nokia handset. 50% of preorders are from existing customers who are eligible for Nokia’s free Xbox 360 promotion. “As a result of the level of interest we’ve had in preorders, we’re really positive about the launch of the Nokia Lumia 800 which we believe will be really popular with our customers,” said an Orange spokesperson. “This is the largest interest we’ve had in a Nokia handset, including the huge-selling N95 and 5800 handsets, and our marketing campaign hasn’t kicked in yet.”

Orange plans to make the free Xbox 360 offer available to new customers soon too. Referring to Orange’s marketing campaign, an Orange spokesperson confirmed that the firm plans to “further promote the Xbox 360 offer to new customers signing up to the device.”

The Nokia Lumia 800 went on sale across the UK and some European markets. A number of stores in the UK opened early on Wednesday for potential customers. Nokia representatives handed out free chocolate and coffee to potential customers on London’s Oxford Street on Wednesday. Nokia’s Lumia 800 will be available on a range of contracts and carriers in the UK, starting at £26 per month.

  • Ef Jay

    Perfect time for Microsoft to release the Xbox Companion app for all those new Xbox owners.

    • Tom W

      Ha, indeed :) I don’t think that’s coming until the new dashboard is available to everyone unfortunately.

    • Anonymous

      I hope the app also integrates with Netflix.  In the videos they showed I think I only saw proof of it working with Zune Movies.

  • John Mccallum


    • Anonymous

      69 !

    • Jason Hughey

      Kobe 81!

    • John Mccallum

      Kobe 81 against 15 win raptors D: Jordan 63 against 67 win NBA champion Boston Celtics! Nuff said

    • Anonymous

      Kobe: 2 championships with Pau Gasol (sucks)

    • Chris Woelfel

      Ok. Wilt Chamberlain 100 points.

    • John Mccallum

      and he played against short white guys :$ and was a ball hog who took 63 field goals and 32 free throws in that game (more than most TEAMS do today)

  • Chris Woelfel

    I can see this type of stuff happening all around. All you need is a large group of people buying it and they will sell the phone to other users.

    • HeatherL

      I do not know, if we have to give away XBoxs to get people to preorder what we hope will be Nokia’s WP7 saving phone it seems like this is more about PR spin then any real success in sales.   

      I mean what say Apple was giving away iPad with every new 4S preorder… they would have millions of preorders in the first day.  Oh ya, they already did without giving way stuff’  :(

    • Louis Sandiford

      The Xbox isn’t ‘free’. You easily pay for it over the course of the contract.

      Anyway, it can be seen as part of the ‘ecosystem’ advertising. Most people already have a Windows PC, giving them the other 2 pieces just completes things.

    • Scout

      Yep, thats how things goes on. At this phase it is not about the Nokia Phones, it is all about the WP ecosystem against Apple and Android zerg clone army.

      There is Xbox vs. PS war going on, and Xbox is advancing.

      The only important thing here is, that Nokia & MS can and will do something this.

      Good job, the world needs more options. Without options and competition, there is no advance.

    • NoXbox

      iPhone does it today, via subsidized phones. 199 w/ contract and 649 w/o contract.

    • Chris Woelfel

      Does it matter? It gets the phone into people’s hands who are going to have to use the phone. No different than any other type of deal. They have deals like this all the time. Students can buy a PC now and get a free Xbox 360. No big deal.

    • Acftootsie12

      I agree. I think that is the goal, once they get it into people’s hands and they get used to using it, then they won’t want to switch. I know a lot of people who aren’t “tech saavy” as one would say and they don’t want to switch from an iPhone or a BlackBerry because they’re used to them and they don’t want to learn how to use something else. I think that for the average person, once they get the phone and they get used to using it, then they won’t want to switch to something else. So if a free Xbox gets people to buy it, then it can work to their favor in the long run. Besides, from Microsoft’s stand point, they got you using an Xbox whether you use the phone or not!

    • Anonymous

      Those deals you mention aren’t all the time because you saw them once this year. Heather has a point: MS needs to pay people or entice them to buy or give them a $300 Xbox. Of course they are going to see the highest pre-orders in only one brand. Notice the exclusivity. As a HD7 owner, I’m all for MS to force Metro down everyone’s throat to get publicity. I just spoke to someone the other day that didn’t even know MS had a new Windows Phone out, and how long after launch? I know this is a MS forum, as apparently even MS fans show extreme bias, but objectively the writing is on wall, or in the article. Whichever you prefer.

    • CG

      Apple has given away plenty of stuff for free or discounted during their time; getting people on board is always the most expensive part of marketing.

    • Guest

      IPhone 4S is off to a great start with more than 4 million sold in its first weekend and no products had to be given away

    • CG

      @Guest You know, I’m talking about the past, right? iPhone 4S is already waaaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond the stage when they need to do those expensive marketing things. The brand sells itself now, which is the reason why you put so much money into marketing in the first place.

    • Anonymous

      The xbox is paid for through the contract, but its win win for MS.. software attach is what MS is seeking, they want more xbox games sold and more wp7 apps sold. MS doesn’t make money on the hardware at all, apple does. If MS can push quality hardware out at unbelievable prices and make its money on the software, they will do just that.

  • Anonymous

    That’s unreal, of all the Nokia devices over the years!! Well done msft,

    when the Nokia 900 hits the states it’s going to be raining mangos

    • Anonymous

      No, it will be raining Tangos.

    • Anonymous

      Dancing tangos

    • Anonymous

      No, it will be raining Apollos.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds great but I’ll hold my excitement until we see actual sales numbers.  Hell I think I remember even the Zune HD selling out at certain stores when it was first released.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t agree with your “even”. Zune didn’t succeed only because there is no incentive to make it anymore. there are less and less people use MP3 players very day. The stinky media people like to use it to make a case. They are stupid. Had MP3 players reflected the future, you might see a different story, probably another XBox.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, I didn’t mean “even” to disparage the quality of the Zune HD.  That was a very nice and solid device and it should have been more successful.  The only real flaw with it was lack of access to the WP7 marketplace.  Unfortunately it couldn’t match the sales of the iPod Touch and it quickly hit the bargain bin and was discontinued.  I’m not celebrating that, I’m lamenting it.

    • Lewis McCrary

      I will certainly lament the day mine stops working. :(  Despite owning a WP7, I love my dedicated PMP.

    • Anonymous

      I understand you said. I don’t think a lot of people understand what I am saying:

      Zune didn’t succeed only because MSFT didn’t want it to be, because it is diminishing market. MSFT don’t want to put marketing effort on it. It was a mistake made before entering the market. People use Zune as msft’s product failure, they didn’t use their brains. (I don’t include you here)

      The same goes with the KIN phone.

    • Anonymous

      The Zune was NOT a failure by any means. It was a success. If there was no Zune then there would be no Zune Pass.  Microsoft needed the Zune music player to set up their online streaming music service.  Look at Google.  Google is trying to set their music service up right now. The Windows Phone already has a great music service in Zune Pass.  Now can I get some Like points for this one??

    • ReturningToNokia

      Orange said that the pre-orders were high, based on their historical data.  Why do you need to see sales numbers from Orange to be excited?   Or were you speaking generally about ‘Windows Phones’ in general, regardless of oem?  Still, not sure why you would get excited about seeing sales numbers, unless you actually own Microsoft, Nokia, Orange, Samsung, or HTC stock.

    • Anonymous

      Call me a fanboy, but I like Windows Phone and I want the platform to succeed and improve over time.  Therefore I want to see sales increase, regardless of the OEM.

    • Ioyt

      oh yeah i’m begging to all the people too, to let this amazing windows phone be the no, 1. i’ll give up my wife for this..

    • Anonymous

      @4b11b09cfcf2fb8d2dbf999a1576abda:disqus Well I’m not THAT much of a fan boy.  But I appreciate your enthusiasm.

    • Anonymous

      You don’t have to be a fanboy to wish a product success.

    • Guest

      let’s not forget that a free Xbox for 50% of them is a pretty nice incentive.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah why can’t we get that type of promotion here in the States?

    • Anonymous

      The free Xbox also helps expand the Xbox user base in Europe which Microsoft needs. I think this is a great cross promotion idea.

    • Lewis McCrary

      Excitement because we like to know we own phones that have a future in the mobile space.

  • Abhimanyu Jamwal

    time to get zune available worldwide and free, if nokia can do it, microsoft sure can….i dont see any reason why microsoft cannot make some great deals with xbox and zune for people who own a windows phone….may be a 6mnth xbox gold a/c or free zune for life w/o the downloads or the way nokia has….50 songs download play for one month…kind of stuff…..just make the phone and the os more attractive….

    • Anonymous

      If you are talking about free Zune pass for life then you are making unreasonable requests.

    • Louis Sandiford

      But and XBL Gold+ option including a Zune pass would be great. Even though it would have to cost more, it would definitely be something I’d be interested in.

      And of course, only in the current 1, 3, or 12 month options.

  • Anonymous

    I hope O2 is kicking themselves right now.

  • Sergio Gonzalez

    I’m going to France friday to get one of this… 

    • Guest

      Awesome. Could you grab me a pain au chocolat? I love those things. We’ll settle up on payment later ;-)

    • mike

      I even to sell my car to go to UK to get my Mango phone.

  • Kieran Kelly

    Hurry up O2!!!

  • Josh T.

    Seems odd, considering that Orange seem to be one of the most expensive if you want a lot of data usage. I’m interested in seeing how popular it is on Three.

    • Fludlyt

      Yeah it does seem odd, I think the free Xbox 360 must have done the trick. I’ll be picking this up on Three this week.

    • Candid Calum

      I pay Orange UK £35 a month for my HTC Mozart with 600 minutes, unlimited text, and unlimited data included. That, to me, is not expensive at all compared to other plans out there. Having said that, I’m considering switching networks to see if I receive a better service. If I’m given a deal as great as that Orange one, I’ll most likely switch.

    • Anonymous

      You will.

      I’ve been on Orange since launch and have basically travelled from Cornwall to Scotland during the last year in search of a reliable check-in (ok it was holidays firstly and then a signal secondly!).

      I unlocked the phone last month and threw a Three SIM in and the difference it has made is astonishing. I’ve travelled a fair amount in the last month (not the full length of the country though) and haven’t experienced a lack of signal when I’ve needed it.

      I picked a PAYG Lumia up from Three yesterday and got a £10 a month SIM. Job done. The phone is splendid and the missus is looking forward to playing Wordament on her ‘new’ Omnia 7.

  • Jason Hughey

    This is fantastic news for Nokia! 

  • JimmyFal

    “” 50% of preorders are from existing customers who are eligible for Nokia’s free Xbox 360 promotion. “”

    WHAT? I dare any of the U.S. carriers to do that! Verizon is disgusting me at this point. ATT is the only U.S. carrier doing their $#%-ing job this holiday season. T-Mobile where WERE you when I wanted the TITAN? WTF.

    • Guest

      I suspect that MS is the one picking up most of the tab here, and I doubt they want to do that in the US where they’re leading with Xbox. Giving away a device that they already lose money on at retail isn’t something you want to do often, but it makes a little more sense to assist Nokia on a new launch, particularly in Europe where Xbox is trailing PS3 in unit sales anyway.

  • Online Póker

    Oh please! This brick is going to tank once people get their hands on it. Perhaps they shouldn’t go so big on the first release ;-)

  • Jubbin Grewal

    Would be fantastic to see some cold hard numbers.

  • James

    “Preorders of the device have been higher than any other Nokia handset” – doesn’t really say much does it?

  • Martin

    Apparently Telekom in germany can’t ship Lumia 800 devices. Yesterday the service told us (business customer) that they can’t deliver the devices because they didn’t get any so far from Nokia.

  • Guest

    Congratulations. Nokia and WP is on a good way!

  • Tony Sanchez

    Not sure when it hits states but I would gladly trade my win7, win 8 capable, tablet for a Lumia :-].

  • Velipekka Hyvari

    I want to get one too!!!!!!!!!!!!! cheers nokia. finally some good news! :D