Nokia Lumia 800 goes on sale, crowds warmed by free coffee and chocolate

By Tom Warren, on 16th Nov 11 9:51 am with 46 Comments

Nokia’s first Windows Phone goes on sale across the UK and some European countries today.

The Nokia Lumia 800 is now available in black and a number of retailers in the UK opened early on Wednesday morning for potential customers. Oxford Street’s Three store opened at 8AM on Wednesday and by 9AM there were only nine handsets left according to a Nokia UK spokesperson. Nokia handed out free gifts, chocolate and coffee to those in the queue at the Three and Phones4U stores in Oxford Street. Any devices purchased between 8AM and 12PM on the Three network will get a £30 bill credit as part of the launch activities.

Nokia’s marketing for the Lumia 800 in the UK has been massive. The company has taken over websites, newspapers and TV screens in a massive advertising campaign. Nokia appears to be spending Microsoft’s £20 million ($31 million) of funding wisely to promote their new Windows Phone 7.5 devices. Nokia also took over Heathrow airport earlier this month with six giant screens. Nokia announced on Tuesday that it will host a one-off event which will see deadmau5 perform in front of London’s Millbank Tower. Nokia will project 4D images onto the tower and deadmau5 will run through a set of tunes on November 28. The gig will be free for all spectators and Londoners will be able to view the performance from the North and South sides of the River Thames.

London independent agency Inferno Group is behind Nokia’s launch campaign for its Windows Phones. The company is producing materials for Europe whilst Nokia searches for a U.S. marketing team in preparation for a launch in early 2012. Nokia is focused on an “Amazing Everyday” marketing effort. Nokia’s approach brings a cool feel to Windows Phone and will drive a strong awareness amongst smartphone customers this holiday season.

Nokia’s Lumia 800 will be available on a range of contracts and carriers in the UK, starting at £26 per month:

Nokia Lumia coffee

Image Credit: @bennuk

  • Joshua Rowe

    9 left. They probably only had like 30 to begin with. 

    I’m waiting for Apollo before getting a WP7, the Lumia is about a year out of date.

    • Anonymous

      why is it a year out of date? because it doesn’t have the latest and greatest hardware?

    • Dalgarven

      everything is out date by the time its released, but I cant keep hanging on for stuff thats still being drawn somewhere.

    • OddPattern

      Then you’ll be waiting for around a year to pass until you can get your hands on Apollo. Also, the Lumia 800 does well as a mid-to upper tier phone.

    • David Petrla

      Apple always strictly limits the number of available iPhones on the shelves for the launching day. They ALWAYS artificially create the shortage, in every one product launch. It’s their standard marketing cookbook. I’m not guessing, I know it for sure.

    • Carlos Ribeiro da Fonseca

      Even if that is true, a shop that isn’t actually the one doing the ads selling 21 phones in an hour is pretty good.

      OTOH, if they only had 10 to begin with… :)

    • LJ

      Not to mention that this hour was between 8am to 9am — not too bad!

  • Anonymous

    Nearly no marketing in Germany :/
    Only saw the amazing everyday campaign at the cologne main train station, that’s it.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah. And at the T-Mobile stores, they didn’t had Nokia Maps installed on the Lumia 800! It is one of the most important apps/services here because Bing isn’t really useful until it will drop out of beta in well, most likely around 2025. The displays at the Nokia stands had such a low resolution, it was impossible to read text on them. What are they thinking? Seriously!

  • Daniel Nordlund

    Nokia really screwed us neighboring Swedes on this one. No mention of a releasedate as of yet. It’s not even listed on any pricechecking sites = No Lumia this year.

    • Denis Jelec

      Sweden is Android, and perhaps even more of an Apple foothold. I do understand their moves…

    • salonerkeği

      What about Germany? Nokia’s been pretty strong here and I see no massive marketing.

    • Denis Jelec

      Don’t know, I don’t live there so I have no clue about the general situation.

    • Vlad_tepic

      Most stupid thing I heard. Sweden is 100% Apple.

    • Denis Jelec

      Right. Lovely comment, by the way; It simply incites the reply in the same manner, yet I will refrain. Please do provide me with data that suggests 100% market share of iPhone in here.

  • Pieter Kroon

    No marketing in the Netherlands either… the UK seems to get it all. Too bad the Lumia launches tomorrow in the Netherlands, one day later… how unfortunate XD

    • Anonymous

      I think I saw some Amazing Everyday ads today,  around De Boelelaan tramstop (if you live in A’dam) and a few other stops.. not too much though but its coming out from the 21st on Vodafone so maybe it might step 

    • Pieter Kroon

      Now that’s interesting… I live in Amsterdam.. and I take the bus and metro to Station RAI and South. So maybe I’ll see them then… I’m still waiting for TV commercials though ;-)

    • Anonymous

      I haven’t seen any tv ads either. If you take metro 51 or tram 5 heading towards Amstelveen you should see it at all the stops starting from VU.. Yesterday i saw only one , today there was more.. maybe they starting to roll out .. hopefully the TV ads will follow

  • Goko Smileski

    Does anyone have the list of Countries  where i can buy this beauty ?

    • Pieter Kroon

      The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands :)

  • Anonymous

    i’ve been trying to get my hands on the pink version for the lady..
    I’ve only seen and played with the black.

    • Anonymous

      That’s what she said.

  • Jubbin Grewal

    I can’t understand with Marketing Power like this how Nokia has been faili… oh right.. Symbian. Sorry Forgot, carry on Coffee man.

    • Anonymous

      People forget that Nokia still sells more Symbian smartphones than Apple sells iPhones. I know it is hard to believe.

    • Jubbin Grewal

      No it’s not that hard to believe. It’s countries like India (where I travel regularly to) where I’ve noticed that people buy symbian phones because they are so cheap.

       It’s still a failure in my eyes, no matter how well its selling. Windows Phone is a breath of fresh air for that company (although they were on the right track with MeeGo) 

    • Guest

      Yes, right in markets like India, Nokia suppliers are pretty much giving away the Symbain phones trying hard to rid themselves of excess inventory that Nokia dumped on them.   

      If anything we should be concern that a dying OS is outselling a WP7.

    • Kenneth Gordon

      Er, Guest, word to the wise. Vista that much ridiculed and despised and dying OS is at this moment being used by over 30 times the number of users of all versions of OSX put together. Yet OSX in some quarters is seen as success. Symbian may be now outmoded but it was an amazing succesfull product which had many features years before any of the current crop of phone operating systems.

  • Logannowak

    As a developer, this makes me happy.

    • Anonymous

      I’m just happy to see companies who are spending tons of money to launch a new platform in one of the crappiest economies known to my generation and probably that of my parents.  Competition is great, the fact MS is investing heavily in a still shady environment and Nokia is doing the same is great.

    • Lachlan C McLeod

      i agree.. consumers and developers win because these companies are wooing them to support their product..

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t be surprised if a huge amount of people thought this was the first release of Windows Phone and would be amazed if you told them it’d already been out for a year. Fair play for Nokia for reaching out to those types.

    • HeatherL

      “Oxford Street’s Three store opened at 8AM on Wednesday and by 9AM there were only nine handsets”   
      This makes me really sad, anyone knowing anything about marketing will see that when you report the number of phones left rather then the number sold it means you have not sold more then what you have left.   

      If this is Nokia being our last great hope for WP7 to have any success, we are in a great deal of trouble.   

    • David Petrla

      Not necessarily, but they would rather say “it was sold off by 10AM” if they could.

      This is still an uphill battle, you won’t sell millions of smartphones in the UK in a few weeks, the market is too small.

    • Carlos Ribeiro da Fonseca

      True, but this post went up *before* 10AM.

      News get around fast these days, what with those Intertube things, but not *that* fast.

    • Guest

      Have you noticed that EVERY SINGLE ONE of your comments has a negative theme?

    • HeatherL

      What I do know is that I have invest a good deal of time, money and passion in MS and WP7 as a result my comments are realistic and accurate to the fact that Ballmer has handled this important growing market poorly and if anyone who actually cares about the company will be honest rather then pretending what is happen with this good OS is anything but another example MS is not performing like it should.  And what push for something better.  

    • Guest


      Sorry, was that meant to be English?

  • Alex Wilks

    Got mine arriving from Phones4U today hopefuly; sadly they had to deliver it to my home address because my card’s not registered to my uni home. Either way, kinda really wanted the blue one but I think I’ll be charmed by it either way :)

    • OddPattern

      A few networks have said that they might be getting the blue model at the end of the month.

    • Alex Wilks

      Yeah I’d noticed that, but tbh I got tired of waiting to upgrade. A friend of mine might get a Lumia 800 too but wants the black one so hopefuly some sorta swap can be arranged in the future.

  • Alan Sylvain

    Picking mine up from the Vodafone store in Heathrow T5 tomorrow, excited :D

  • sheldon cooper

    i’d like to see some in-store pictures of people queuing for the lumia XD

    • Guest

      We all would but it is just not happening.  :(

    • Andrewbware

      really? were you in line?

  • Daniel Clark

    Why does the Carphonewarehouse site list O2 as one of the network for the Nokia Lumia 800? I thought O2 turned around and said no?