Nokia manager hints at Windows 8 tablet in 2012, new Lumia handsets

By Tom Warren, on 16th Nov 11 8:03 am with 13 Comments

Windows 8 Tablet at BUILD 2011

Nokia’s French general manager has reportedly hinted at a Nokia based Windows 8 tablet due next year.

Paul Amsellem, Nokia’s French general manager, briefly discussed Nokia’s Windows 8 tablet plans in an interview with French newspaper Les Echos on Tuesday. Amsellem mentions a June 2012 date for Nokia’s Windows 8 tablet. “In June 2012, we will have a tablet that runs on Windows 8,” said Amsellem. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has previously discussed the potential opportunity for a Windows 8 based tablet. In an interview earlier this month, Elop talked up the possibility of a Nokia Windows tablet in the works. “There’s a new tablet opportunity coming,” he said. “We see the opportunity. Unquestionably, that will change the dynamics” of the tablet market, he added. Nokia is rumored to be preparing its own tablet offerings. Reports earlier this year suggested that the Finnish handset maker may not opt for Microsoft’s software. However, Microsoft recently revealed its Windows 8 operating system which includes a Windows Phone interface, one that would attract customers of Nokia’s Lumia products.

Amsellem also discussed Nokia’s upcoming Lumia Windows Phones, which go on sale across Europe on Wednesday. He compares the Lumia 800 to a BMW 5 Series, noting that Nokia will have a 7 Series and a 3 Series to go compliment it. The 7 Series reference is likely the Nokia “ace” handset that has leaked several times over the past few months. The 3 Series is a reference to Nokia’s Lumia 710 device, a mid-range handset.

Nokia is understood to be preparing its U.S. Windows Phones for an announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show in early 2012. The Finnish handset maker is working with AT&T to launch its Nokia Lumia Windows Phone at CES 2012. Microsoft is planning to support Nokia’s re-entry into the U.S. market with a large presence at CES 2012. Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans have indicated to WinRumors that Nokia is in talks with several U.S. carriers to provide an LTE compatible handset as its first U.S. Windows Phone device. AT&T is expected to be the primary launch partner of any Nokia Windows Phone devices in the United States. Nokia is also in talks with other U.S. carriers to bring its Windows Phone devices to market on rival networks.

  • ahmed

    Guyz Nokia Windows 8 tablet Exclusive Pictures are here MUST VIEW. 

    • aSpicyTaco

      I’m pretty sure that’s the Sony tablet S with some weird humps on the bottom.

    • J A

      The Nokia tablets look interesting and perhaps weird in design but I would advise that most people will favor the having the Lumia 800 style as a larger tablet. That will be sexy and sleek and I would love the all black one.

    • Anonymous

      one of the pictures says “Tablet concept by Cameron McKinnon”…


  • Jubbin Grewal

    Can they like.. just announce the Lumia 900 already…

    • Anonymous

      And then like . . . give it to me for a birthday present in January?

    • Jubbin Grewal

      My birthday just passed so it’s too late for me. Maybe you’ll have better luck.

    • Anonymous

      I also have a Birthday in January and would like a Sprint version as my present.

  • Anonymous

    come out with 2 great designs, a corporate one and another consumer one. and watch the market get all confused. Then people will start to ask.. so why not Nokia??
    They are the only company that can make the most out of the Windows OS portfolio in my opinion because theres something so inferior about the others. Almost as if they are trying to play safe by building average hardware unlike the recent Apple portfolio of premium hardware which they can convincingly charge premium rate for.

    Build a premium Windows device and watch me spend my months salary on it all!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’d so buy a nokia tablet.

  • Owais_503

    i wish its on June 16.. its my birthday,

  • Anonymous

    So how far away are we from them being purcahsed. 

    Also hope they design the next xbox. 

  • Guest

    Exactly what MS needs: a new committed tablet OEM who can make more phone-like hardware devices AND already has relationships with carriers that might consider subsidizing the cost as part of a multi-year data plan, thereby giving MS and Nokia an answer to Scoble’s “how is MS going to compete against subsidized $199 Amazon Fires?”.