Nokia Maps leaked for unlocked non-Nokia Windows Phones

By Tom Warren, on 8th Nov 11 11:19 pm with 18 Comments

Nokia’s Windows Phone mapping application has leaked for all devices.

Users over at XDA-developers posted the raw XAP file of Nokia Maps on Tuesday, making it available for all Windows Phone devices. Nokia previously released its Maps app exclusively for its Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 devices on Monday. The application is now available for all Windows Phone devices, providing you’re using an unlocked device via Microsoft’s official developer registration or the ChevronWP7 labs tool.

Nokia Maps works in a similar way to Microsoft’s Bing local scout. Users can search for local directions and Nokia provides smart routes for walking, driving and public transport. The app will also surface places to see, eat and highlights of local areas. The navigation works step-by-step, similar to Microsoft’s own mapping equivalent. Users can also review locations and share them across their social networks. Locations can be pinned to the Home Screen for quick access to regular places of interest.

Nokia is expected to make its maps application available more broadly but for now it’s officially available on the Lumia 800 and 710 devices.

  • Windows Fan

    I want the gps app. Not this. I want voice guided directions.

    • Windows Fan

      Clarification: It says local direction. I want directions from point A to point B anywhere.

    • Kenneth Gordon

      I want, I want… tut, tut..

      Say ‘Please may I have’.

    • travelsko

      I think Nokia and wp7 are dead. No apps and no games you cant compare. Sorry MS

    • Adam The-Bicep Walker

      I guess you need more than 25000 apps on your phone ;)

  • Joe

    We need Nokia Drive, not Maps.

    • Anonymous

      Nokia Maps is much more needed in countries where Bing Maps doesn’t have useful content (almost everywhere in Europe). But a lot of Windows Phones in Europe shipped with a free navigation solution already (like Navigon).

    • Tom

      I don’t understand why there’s a difference between Bing Maps and Nokia Maps.

      Bing Maps licenses its data from Nokia anyway.  Were they just trying to save money?

    • Anonymous

      I never saw Nokia content on Bing Maps. They have other sources or as it is the case in Europe… no real sources at all.

      Nokia has a lot of content on the other hand. And they have bought Navtec.

    • YouHaveBeenWarned

      Then buy a Nokia device!

  • Tony Gorham

    not really leaked so much as pirated right?

  • travelsko

    I think Nokia and wp7 are dead. No apps and no games you cant compare. Sorry MS

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, everytime I go into the WP7 app store there’s no apps and no games, what’s with that? :S

    • S1lence

      I think you’re wrong.

      Die Zeit für Nokia und WP7 wird schon noch kommen…..

    • Guest

      Don’t bother with him, check his comment history.
      His life’s purpose is placing negative comments about WP7.

    • Anonymous

      lol how sad does your life have to be to create multiple twitter accounts to post shit about a platform you don’t use.
      Use whatever you like and move on with your life.

  • Anonymous

    Its stunts like this that make me fail to understand why Microsoft have allowed the chevron unlocked to exist.

  • S1lence

    just got it! Its awsome..much better than standard maps (I’m from vienna)!!