Nokia Music leaked for unlocked non-Nokia Windows Phones

By Tom Warren, on 9th Nov 11 3:02 pm with 18 Comments

Nokia Music

Nokia’s Windows Phone music application has leaked for all devices.

The latest Nokia Music leak follows a similar leak of Nokia Maps that allows non-Nokia Windows Phone to install the app. Users over at the smartphone gurus forum extracted the application from a Nokia Lumia device and managed to get it working on a rival HTC device (see video below). The Nokia Music v1.5​.0.0​. XAP file is available for download, raising questions over the legality of installing the leaked copy. The application is now available for all Windows Phone devices, providing you’re using an unlocked device via Microsoft’s official developer registration or the ChevronWP7 labs tool.

Nokia Music is another free out of the box application for the Lumia 800 and 710 devices. Nokia Music uses a Wi-Fi or 3G data connection to connect and stream thousands of free music tracks. The application works as an internet radio app, similar to services such as last FM. Nokia Music users can pick between different categories of music and have a selection of music streamed to their devices within seconds. The categories of music include rock, pop and classical and a variety of other genres.

Nokia Music is designed to be exclusively available on the company’s upcoming Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 Windows Phone devices.

  • Blake Pender

    Now we need Nokia Maps, then my life is sorted :-P

    • Anonymous

      guess your life is sorted
      nokia maps leaked yesterday :P

      maybe  you need nokia drive as well…maybe tomorrow, who knows ? :)

    • Anonymous

      Nokia Maps is already out… I think I read about that yesterdy

  • Anonymous

    the ChevronWP7 tool is out only for a few days now, and all the apps that made headlines so far have been pirated apps, not Homebrew.

    If this keeps up Microsoft will be forced to “shut it down”

    • Quentin Calvez

      They will soon enable encrypted Mango Apps and it will become way more difficult to install pirated Apps.

  • Dalgarven


  • YouHaveBeenWarned

    This is just shameful!  These losers aren’t pirating any other oem’s apps, or other apps at all;  just Nokia’s. 
    Jealousy, envy, and thievery – pretty much sums this up.

    • Sergio Gonzalez

      it makes sense, no other OEM makes such useful apps… and what did they get from developing these apps ? Piracy…

    • LWSJR

      Pirating is just bad, but why didn’t they pirate Navigon?  Why not pirate all of the other navigation apps in the Marketplace, or any app, for that matter? Instead, they target Nokia.

      They are simply Nokia haters, and thieves.

    • Sergio Gonzalez

      Don’t worry I completely agree, I was just pointing out that the only OEM that actually develop great apps and try to push WP7 is the only one who gets pirated… and that is sad…

    • Anonymous

      Not true, I’ve tested apps from both american and european OEM’s on my HD2. The only ones worth keeping are the ones from HTC and Nokia, though.

  • Anonymous

    Remember guys… anyone with a developer account can also install these apps on their phones… The Chevron WP7 tool isn’t what is allowing these .xaps to be extracted from Nokia phones… it just allows other users to install those .xap files to their phones.  The XDA guys are doing something more behind the scenes to get these XAPs out of the phones.

  • Anonymous

    Still. Good luck beating Nokia hardware, XDA.

    • Anonymous

      XDA does not condone piracy.

  • Anonymous

    Thieves …

  • Henry Edwards

    I hope Nokia drive is released that will be really cool.

  • Tony Gorham

    theft is theft – blogs need to call it theft not leaked. leaked sounds ok and just getting it early rather than stolen

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