Nokia preparing 12 Windows Phone devices for 2012?

By Tom Warren, on 19th Apr 11 2:00 pm with 20 Comments

Nokia's concept Windows Phones

Nokia is preparing as many as 12 Windows Phone devices, according to reports.

Russian site mobile-review has detailed Nokia’s strategy for Windows Phone devices. The site, renowned for its accurate Nokia information, claims that the company is working on four Windows Phone 7.5 launch devices with as many as 12 to follow throughout 2012. The claims are bold but the site does offer up information on the initial four devices that Nokia hopes to be released by the end of 2011 or early 2012.

Microsoft is expected to unveil a full chassis 2 hardware specification for Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango). Nokia has allegedly been working closely with Microsoft on the new chassis specification to ensure they are able to create cheaper Windows Phone devices for the mass market. Nokia’s Windows Phone devices are currently labelled with “W” (for Windows). The first handset is expected to be a variant of Nokia’s X7 device. The prototype is equipped with a WVGA display, Qualcomm QSD8250 chipset and 8MP camera. Mobile-review believes this is Nokia’s first Windows Phone device, set to launch in late 2011 or early 2012.

Nokia’s other three Windows Phone launch phones include:

  • A dual-core N8 variant with a 12MP camera
  • QWERTY touchscreen candy bar phone
  • Cheaper touchscreen device with less expensive body materials

Mobile-review expects Nokia to release as many as 12 Windows Phones during 2012. The site says the remaining 8 devices are still under consideration.

  • Ahmed Salem

    I believe Nokia should start show some leaks!! Market can not wait forever!!!

    • Stark


  • barrymoves


    Can’t wait to sack my POS HTC Mozart – won’t be buying a HTC again. Ever.

    • Sam

      Why? HTC Mozart is very good IMO.

    • barrymoves

      Don’t get me wrong, it’s an OK phone now (as in, post NoDo – that I had to force by installing a generic Euro ROM), but prior to NoDo it was utter garbage. In terms of XBL games, the Mozart crashes and lags more than say a Samsung Omnia – ever second comment/rating mentions it. It might even improve some more when HTC push out the driver updates for the Mozart, but I won’t be sorry to see the back of it when I eventually upgrade to a Nokia.

  • Michiel Papp

    Interesting little snippet of information.

  • Manish

    The other 8 are still under construction . Does it mean that 4 are made and may be under testing?

  • CG

    N8 dual core with WP7… mmm… My (nocturnal) dreams will become very repetitive henceforth.

  • Vortecbr

    The battle begins now!

  • Oime

    You get hungry just by reading this info but.. , 2012 so long can’t wait *_*

  • GP007

    I expect at least 2 Nokia devices this holiday though. Even if they’re just respun versions of current Nokia hardware but with WP7 instead of Symbian.

  • tiredofwaiting

    Any chance ANY of them will show up at Verizon???? I’m SICK of waiting for WP7 to show up at Verizon. SICK!

  • Ef Jay

    With Nokia’s pentaband radio at last we will have the choice of a real unlocked, world phone. Cant come soon enough.

  • ReturningToNokia

    By QWERTY touchscreen candybar phone – is this what would be similar to their E6 style of phone or Blackberry?

    • Griffin Coulter

      yes i would imagine so

  • Jesseisfts

    Cheaper? :( I want a Nokia with a SAMOLED display F*ck WVGA! Quality over quantity MS :P

    • Adrian Clark

      WVGA refers to the resolution of 800×480. Screen resolutions are set by Microsoft in the base platform standard and there are only 2, of which 1 (WVGA) has been released so far. All Windows Phone devices are WVGA.

      The screen technology underneath could be SAMOLED, S-LCD or whatever else.

    • Jesseisfts

      Maybe i should do my research before i get crazy…. Thanks for the info tho :D

  • Mike Wen

    If this is true, Nokia stock is really attractive right now.