Nokia reveals new Windows Phone 7 device concept

By Tom Warren, on 13th Feb 11 5:52 pm with 23 Comments

Nokia said on Sunday that the leaked concept images of its first Windows Phone 7 device were genuine.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop revealed at Mobile World Congress that Nokia would like to produce a Windows Phone 7 device into the market by the end of 2011. Devices are not currently ready to be shown publicly but Nokia confirmed leaked images of a concept device were genuine and supplied an additional photo.

Microsoft and Nokia both announced a strategic partnership on Friday allowing Nokia to create a range of Windows Phone 7 devices. The announcement came days after Nokia CEO Stephen Elop issued a 1,300 word internal memo to the company’s employees recently spelling. Elop admitted throughout the memo that competitors are doing better and that Nokia’s current ecosystem is a “burning platform”.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer also confirmed on Friday that both companies have been working on a Nokia Windows Phone 7. Microsoft and Nokia have both reached out to chip providers and Ballmer claims the company’s will share more information “over the next weeks and months.” Nokia CEO Stephen Elop later confirmed that the company will be able to create a Windows Phone 7 quickly thanks to joint-engineering efforts.

Rumors of a Nokia Windows Phone 7 partnership were rife since Elop’s departure from Microsoft to Nokia in September, 2010. Speculation began when it was reported that Nokia was in talks with Microsoft to look at offering Windows Phone 7 devices. The talks were kick started by Nokia’s new management. Stephen Elop, ex-Microsoft employee, joined Nokia last year as the company’s CEO.

Update: Nokia has now released the full image, see below.

Official Windows Phone 7 Nokia concept

  • Anonymous

    good because they look bloody amazing =)

  • Naresh

    superb style ………….now the game starts

  • Rockwell

    Now thats what i call a Bloody Amazing Looking Phone :)

  • Davidmlafleur

    Better be coming to mobile please with a cherry on top damn

  • Joel

    Can’t wait to buy one of those bad boys!

  • Wourelia

    By the end of 2011… I can´t wait that long!
    I liked the ones in the leaked images better though.

  • Simon Stark

    The model in the leaked image is better. And they’ve confirmed that it’s real. What a beautiful news. I’m buying that phone as soon as it comes out!

  • Anonymous

    Leaked ones were much better

  • Manson Cooke

    They don’t have front facing cameras though? :(

  • superflou

    Wow, sheep.

  • Ted

    it looks nice, but i’ll stick with my 1201 thanks :)

  • Manish

    Great desparately waiting. I like something like N8 running wp7

  • Allan R

    @Manson Cooke:
    Nokia Phones with front facing cameras were in existence since the dawn of time, so it totally likely that they have one from day one released of a powered Nokia wp7. However, as good as the pictures were, I will still choose Android over these devices. However, I may prefer to develop apps for Win Phone 7 because MS offers excellent and friendly development tools even for beginners.

  • Anonymous

    Nice to see that Finland is finally gonna get WP7 phones too. Also, with the arrival of the WP7 marketplace, i’m pretty sure that this will also seep into the improvement of services on the XBox360 and other microsoft products.

  • Zorro

    Err, releasing/leaking this early means that the “Shenzhen ecosystem” will have shipped these shapes for several months already. Didn’t Elop say earlier that Nokia is going to change the way they release their products?

  • SuNcO
  • microkia

    Agree with those saying the models in the leaked photos where a lot better. I want one! Cannot wait to late 2011 arghh

  • Scott2010

    These may be the best looking phones on or off the market!

  • USB 3G Viettel

    Elop has completely betrayed Nokia. This is a big win for Microsoft and a massive loss for Nokia.

  • Reach2ramesh007

    I am always wait for nokia. in this time it’s with Microsoft means amazing. i am waiting for product…….

  • Musib022

    it’s toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long…. i want one but early….

  • Marko Šjor
  • Richeymeister

    One leak I saw said yes….mentions video calling which means front camera.