Nokia teases new Windows Phone in TV adverts

By Tom Warren, on 23rd Oct 11 8:41 am with 50 Comments

Nokia has started to air a number of new teaser adverts for its upcoming Windows Phone devices.

The first commercials aired on UK national television over the weekend during ad breaks for X-Factor. The short teaser segments appeared in-between regular commercials and hint at Nokia’s new Windows Phone. MyNokiaBlog managed to capture each teaser and notes that you can see the Windows buttons of the device and an LED. The brightly colored tiles match recently leaked marketing material for Nokia’s 800 Windows Phone, known previously as the SeaRay.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Windows Phone president Andy Lees both revealed this week that Nokia plans to unveil its Windows Phone offerings at Nokia World next week. Final press shots of Nokia’s 800 Windows Phone leaked on Wednesday and reveal that the company is planning blue, pink and black variants of its “Searay” device. A number of different codenames and specification lists have emerged over the past few weeks, none of them yet confirmed. Nokia appears to be preparing at least two Windows Phone devices, to be made available in select markets in November.

  • Ronit Kumar

    NOKIA FTW!!!

    • Anonymous

      I never know what FTW means ?

    • Sent from my toilet

      For The Windows…… duh.

    • Anonymous

      Like i said i didnt know what it meant. you could easily finish the sentence without “duh” . However thanks 

    • Anonymous


    • Abiddine

      sent from your mac toilet to troll the windows websites?

    • EpidemikE

      It means “For the win!” Jamreal.

    • McAkins Online

      Stop confusing the guy ;-), officially @jamreal, it means “For the Way”, or in lay man’s lingo, “All the way!”. These are the internet jargons that eventually becomes ingrained that they make into Dictionaries.

    • Anonymous
    • Seth_p

      fap fap fap

    • klix

      Google for the Windows :D

    • ama neden

      For the Windows, hahaha
      thats nice of being a smartass, smartass of liveside

    • notePAD

      @jamreal, next time, search here for acronyms, and don’t border to ask at comments sections. Some smartass might just try to be too smart…

    • Anonymous

      As it happens FTW isn’t an acronym but I expect it’s explained on that site.

    • Hassan Ali

      It menas for the win

    • Impartial

      It means For The World, it is usually used when something is so good that everyone in the world should benefit from what it is spoken about.

    • Zaksousa23

      it means for the win

  • Anonymous

    The build quality looks amazing

  • Sent from my toilet

    I’m excited for all the new Windows Phone handsets, but Nokia sure has a lot of hype to live up to.

  • mark reese

    that phone looks thick

    • Anonymous

      Thickness is 7.2-12.4mm. There’s tons of reviews of the Nokia 800/SeaRay shell…. Just read any of the N9 reviews.
      It’s made of single piece of polycarbone. There’s not inch of flat surface as the body curves everywhere. Very pleasent to hold in your hand.

    • Lewis McCrary

      “Very pleasent to hold in your hand.” <- That's what she said! XD

      I couldn't resist. :)

    • ama neden

      assfaced invasion . im out of here

  • Adam Paris

    Well when i look at the N9 reviews, every blog saids that the build quality is unrivaled. Even the iPhone 4S has to take its hats off for Nokia. So the Nokia 800 will be superb!

    All i know is that soon this baby will be mine :D

    • Anonymous

      The N9 is beautiful, but I think it is a 3.7″ screen. Are they going to make the same design in a 4″+  screen.

    • Jairo Luciano Alves

      ymcpa, in fact the N9 has a 3.9” amoled screen. Likely the SeaRay will have the same screen.

  • kkim

    that video make the phone more Thicker

  • David Smillie

    Very clever advertising from Nokia/Microsoft………..looks very slick :)

  • Anonymous

    I’m conflicted about Nokia’a upcoming WP devices…

    The N9 is probably the best looking phone in the market right now, and I’m sure the 800 will look equally beautiful, and the camera will be equally great, but overall I dont get that wow factor from any of their leaked WP devices…

    hopefully Nokia has a few more exciting WP devices coming soon

  • Anonymous

    Sexy. I have a feeling nokias advertising is going to rock.

  • Pedro Roque

    This is pure tech porn!

  • Wizard

    Can anyone let me know which Nokia phone is featured in the below advert.

    • Anonymous

      i hope that’s the nokia ace, another beautiful hardware..

    • Anonymous

      Its just a mockup but wouldn’t be suprised to see this as it has appeared in some Nokia press shots when the Nokia – Microst partnership was initically annouced

    • Viipottaja

      May well be just a concept. I have seen ;(quite a while ago already) a picture of the same design with Symbian on the screen.

  • Blake Pender
  • janespoon

    I just want people to be honest and sincere, acknowledge that it is Dual Core and 4G, which now applies. And do not try to invent falsehoods about all it takes is 3G. It’s just ridiculous

    • Anonymous

      Its not dual core or 4G. wp7 os does not currently support these features. 
      Sea ray will have specs resembling that of the Focus S. 1.4 single core processor and 3G tech. 

  • Anonymous

    Very nice. I wonder when we will finally start seeing some Windows Phone advertisements in the US.

  • Matt Baldwin

    Check out Engadget’s review of the N9 to get really excited: .

  • Anonymous

    Nokia N9 – Windows Phone Mango version 

  • HoHoHo

    The Nokia 800 will have similar hardware design and specs as the Meego-powered Nokia N9.

    That said, it remains to be seen if the inclusion of Nokia will help to boost WP7′s market share, to reach double digits % market share and build the coveted ‘third ecosystem’ which Stephen Elop (and Steve Ballmer) lusted after.

    Many Nokia loyalists have already defected to iOS or Android since the ‘burning platform’ saga. Those that didn’t defect chose to stay on with the Symbian phones or bought the N9 to spite Microsoft.

    Of course, some are looking forward to the first Nokia-Windows phones. But they are not the majority, I’ll be honest about that.

    I wish Microsoft/Nokia good luck. Because competition is always a good thing.

    We shall see how the holiday sales measure up.

    (Damn, it’s not yet November and already I’m in a Christmas-sy mood… LOL.)

  • ama neden

    Microsoft’s commercials were perfect too, they were more suitable to product

  • Touré HENRY

    I recognize all the key elements of the N9 design, but I saw the windows button… I’m buying that phone off contract the minute it is available !

  • warex3D

    My next smarthphone!

  • Colin Bell

    FTW stands for ‘For the win’

  • Shazam

    Finally MS can have a somewhat complete eco system ( control software and hardware). I checked out the review of N9 and it sounds like a winner. Lets hope the original p.o.s WP7 marketing team doesn’t get involved with marketing this new Awesomeness :)

    Nokia please have decent price w/out the contract.

  • Christopher Garner

    Looks like an N9 with Windows Phone 7.5. If that ends up being true…SOLD. 

  • Peter Rimmer

    It does look very slick however am I the only one in thinking the phone looks huge from the angles?