Nokia granted exclusive customization rights to Windows Phone 7

By Tom Warren, on 11th Feb 11 2:40 pm with 12 Comments

Nokia + Microsoft

Nokia has confirmed its unique relationship and partnership with Microsoft is even more closer than that of its rivals.

Speaking during an analyst briefing on Friday, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop detailed what Nokia can and can’t do with Windows Phone 7. Pocket-lint was part of the briefing and has posted a full transcript of Elop’s words:

“We have established a relationship with Microsoft that allows Nokia to jointly drive the future of Windows Phone 7. To jointly define the language, functions and customizations that you’ll see in the future of Windows Phone 7. To have unique access to and the ability to do unique differentiating things relative to Android around software design, chipset support, and display configuration. And, of course, to ensure that it is competitive to Android and Apple.

At the same time we have to make sure we can differentiate within the Windows Phone ecosystem. Nokia has exclusive technologies – one example is our camera technology that you see on the N8 – and, because of this unique relationship with Microsoft, contribute capabilities like that to a Nokia Windows Phone 7 phone that you will not see on any other Windows Phone device.

We have the ability to do customizations and extensions to the software environment that are unique and therefore differentiate. It’s very important to understand this is not a standard OEM agreement. Microsoft is placing a big bet on us.”

Elop also said that Nokia has the ability to change every part of the Windows Phone user interface. However, Elop says changing the UI could be the “worst possible thing we do.” Instead the company will tread carefully. “We will resist the temptation to customize simply for the sake of customizing.”

Microsoft famously locked out other device manufacturers from customizing the UI of Windows Phone 7, allowing them to create application hubs instead. It’s not immediately clear what changes Nokia will implement for its Windows Phone 7 devices. Nokia and Microsoft confirmed on Friday that they are currently working on building devices but that they would share more information in the coming weeks and months.

  • GP007

    The other OEMs don’t bring the same sorta software/services to the table that this Nokia deal does, if you make just a basic OEM licensing deal then you have no real say as we’ve seen. Nokia is offering MS access to Nokias stuff as the tradeoff, it goes both ways in this deal, so it makes sense that they’d get another level of access others do not.

  • Aaron Delgadillo

    Nokia and MS Courier… :-)

  • Anonymous

    So today is a Nokia day at Winrumors, Well Nokia and Microsoft…

    • Anonymous

      and you didn’t expect it to be otherwise? come on, motnhs of rumors adn its true :)

  • JohnCz

    I’m curious what they mean by differentiating…”display configuration”. hardware?

    • ThePro

      Maybe something like retina display, you need to modify the pixel size on the os, otherwise stuff will look small by default

    • GP007

      Well they bring up the camera tech for starters, and the rest might be some Nokia specific deep OS hooks that other OEMs can’t do? Maybe Nokia can add a 3rd column of tiles for all we know, or just theme the tiles so they don’t look as flat and have more pop? Only time will tell.

  • Oime

    Nokia hardware with Microsoft software , simply perfect. I feel a rapid ++ for WP7 ;P

  • Simmo3D

    I really hope that Nokia does NOT customize or adjust the Windows Phone UI in anyway. One of the things that drew me to WP7 was because its the same exact platform across all phones. Microsoft should have kept the UI restrictions in place with Nokia, but allowed Nokia to add extra Hubs/Apps like the other phone manufacturers. Too much has been agreed making HTC, Samsung, LG etc maybe a little annoyed.

  • Cool Shanker

    no one want windows phone os and still million of people love symbian thay will cut thamselve from nokia and move to android for sure

    what they should do is to start a own firm for develop game and applications which can produce one primium game and applicatiion eavry month for symbian and improve their processor and ram

    i can bet symbian is most powerful os ever symbian just need a better hardware and uniquke resolution display so that developer could continue development for it without any tension

    iphone is successful only for its gaming correct if i wrong

  • Gary Rimmer

    Simmo3D >> “Too much has been agreed making HTC, Samsung, LG etc maybe a little annoyed” Very valid but these manufacturers also install other OS’s on their devices, unlike Nokia who may keep WP7 exclusively??

  • Marko Šjor

    Hmm its all good.

    I just looked at the first look of design and its awesome!
    saw it on the link below