Nokia unveils Batman Dark Knight Rises limited edition Lumia 800

By Tom Warren, on 14th Dec 11 1:22 pm with 16 Comments

Batman Lumia 800

Nokia unveiled a limited edition Lumia 800 on Wednesday.

The latest Lumia 800 features a laser-etched Batman logo on the rear of the device. Nokia is producing just 40 of the handsets as part of a special promotion for the new Batman Dark Knight Rises film, due out next year. Chris Davies at SlashGear spotted the device after Jon Choo posted pictures to Twitter on Wednesday. The limited edition device appears to be a normal black variant of Nokia’s popular Lumia 800 device with a special batman logo. Nokia has not announced plans to bring the device to market outside of the 40 handsets.

The Dark Knight Rises, due in cinemas next summer, is the third in a series of Batman films. Christian Bale, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman are all part of the cast for the film which is set eight years after The Dark Knight.  The producers of the film held a special press event at London’s IMAX theatre on Wednesday to air the first six minutes of the new film.

Image/video credit: Jon Choo

  • Anonymous

    it would have been cool if they had given you a special custom color theme for the tiles like dark gray or something you can’t get in windows phone….btw the fact you don’t have a 1980′s color picker for the tiles in windows phone in 2011 is absolutely inexcusable.

    • Tom W

      Yeah I’d love to see a color picker too. Hopefully with Tango/Apollo :)

    • Simon Paul

      They do that for a reason. Because there are only certain colors values they can use that will still make the UI effective. Plus, that tile color is used as the accent color throughout the OS like in the calendar. If someone could pick any color they want, the result could lead to a UI that is hard to see/read.

      While customization is a good thing, there needs to be limits so people don’t hinder the UI. Microsoft knows what they are doing.

    • Anonymous

      that’s entirely not true. if you think blue is ok, there are thousands shades of blue that are just as effective. why can’t I change it? why force me to their particular RGB value? stupid.

      your accents color is also an invalid argument. they could easily display a preview so that you see the accent color is close to the color you have and even warning you about it shoudlnt’ be hard.

      besides what’s worse, letting the user pick their colors or having the user avoid your phone platform because they feel they can’t change anything.

    • Orca

      Simon, this isn’t like changing your language to something you can’t decipher (like Japanese for me) and not being able to figure out how to change it back. All MS would have to do is give you one blank accent color to meddle with, in addition to keeping the originals. Then if I pick a truly bad accent color, I can always change it back. Trust me, there are more than 10 colors that work with this UI. I’m currently running a customized blue and it is totally legible.

  • Zyjko_888


    • Conscientiadivinus


  • Helio Gastao

    Put the apple logo and name it “Steve’s limited edition” it will sell very fast!

  • Thom McKiernan

    Very cool, looks like Nokia know how to generate a buzz!

    This makes me think either Microsoft or Nokia should bring out a custom etching service, kind of like the Zune originals site. Just looking at the art created for that ( makes me drool.

  • Anonymous

    The batman logo is basically invisible, and on top of that, you’ll cover it with your hand most of the time :/

    Still cool idea. Batman uses a Windows Phone!

  • Lewis McCrary

    So for the final TRON movie (come on they left it WIDE open) they should have a Nokia limited edition phone for that too.  After all, Sam Flynn uses a Nokia to bust into ENCOM and hack the system. :D

    • TroyGates

      Would stand in line for a Tron themed Nokia phone.

  • Fadzai Chamba

    I call dibs on one of them at least. 

  • Andy_bernards

    Is anyone else from the US still as upset as I am that this phone still hasn’t been launched here??

  • Anonymous

    … i want this…so bad…but i’m waiting for the lumia 900…i don’t think i’ve ever had this feeling before in my life…. sadness.(

  • Dalgarven

    Its not the first time a Nokia was used in a Batman film, in the last one a Nokia 5800 was used. Which co-incidentally was my previous phone. Now I am using a 800 its now in the next one, perhaps?