Nokia unveils Lumia 800 Windows Phone

By Tom Warren, on 26th Oct 11 8:48 am with 81 Comments

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop took to the stage at Nokia World in London on Wednesday to reveal Nokia’s first Windows Phone.

The Nokia Lumia 800, codenamed Searay, is Nokia’s first entry into an increasingly busy Windows Phone market. Elop revealed the device to the world on Wednesday. Elop described the Lumia as “the first real Windows Phone” before unveiling the specifics of the Lumia 800. The Lumia 800 includes a curved 3.7-inch ClearBlack LCD display and will be available in black, cyan or magenta colors. The Lumia 800 also features a 8-megapixel camera that includes an f2.2 aperture, and is designed for low-light environments. Nokia described the camera as one that’s for “ordinary people, under ordinary circumstances.”

Nokia has invested heavily in navigation, music and sports. Nokia’s Lumia 800 will include full voice guided turn-by-turn navigation with Nokia Drive. The Nokia Drive application includes an optimized horizontal view and will allow users to navigate whilst in their cars or on the go. Nokia’s Music application is an easy way for users to discover new artists and music. The headline feature is mix radio that provides pre-setup mixes of full length music for Nokia Windows Phone users.

Nokia Lumia 800

  • Anonymous

    Looks great, I hope the N900 looks just as good and comes soon.

  • Dgdh


    • AlienSix

      It seems that Nokia only wants to make phone for girls, both this one and the 710 are “chick” phones.  Nokia where are your phones for MEN!

  • JAG

    @windowsphone tweeted We’re watching the #NokiaWorld webcast from Are you?

  • Anonymous

    I want one ASAP. Hook me up!

  • Tuxplorer

    Can anyone please confirm if Lumia 800 uses the Segoe WP font or the Nokia Pure font? This is a dealbreaker for me. Please confirm.

    • Fluff

      It looked Segoe WP but I’m still waiting to see proper images of it or see it confirmed elsewhere.

    • Anonymous

      You cant tell them apart and yet its a deal breaker???

    • Seth_p

      I’m positive it’s Segoe – Microsoft invested a lot in the design language, I don’t think they’d give Nokia “that” much flexibility for change.

    • Lewis McCrary

      Yeah, after a second look it is segoe. Just looked weird on the video.

  • Tim Fangon

    I want. :)

  • Lwiky

    It does not have front-face camera, right?

    • Seth_p


    • Guest

      look at the upper left corner of the red phone

    • Seth_p

      Proximity sensor

    • StoryFirst

      No front facing camera.

  • BlazeGaj

    Watching the live show and the phone looks great. Nkia maps is really good.

  • Scooter224

    Thats it? No flagship phone? It took them 1 year to port WP7 to an existing N9 phone. LOL I really want WP 7.5 but not with lousy devices like the Lumia 800 or 710. Shame on you Nokia!

    • Guest

      its not a port, its only the same design

    • Scooter224

      i know, just wanted to show, that there is no new design or new features on this phone.

    • Anonymous

      in fact, it has less features, as the n9 had a ff camera./

    • Seth_p

      I think they stuck with a good design and ran with it. Plus, there’s quite a bit of time for their teams to swap platforms, testing, rolling out good marketing strategies and so forth. I’d presume we’ll see some great work moving towards WP8.

    • Joyette Scantlebury

      Actually, it makes more sense than you would think. If you read any of the Nokia handset reviews, you would realise that the devices themselves get great reviews, they fall down in the software department.

      By reusing/repurposing their handset designs, this will do two things: 1, give the reviewers a chance to compare the two Nokia devices and determine if they made the right choice in choosing WP7 has their new platform and 2, all of those Nokia customers who bought the phones can make that determination themselves.

      Plus, Windows Phone needs to have some mid to low range devices because as of now, it doesn’t compete in those price points.

      And as for the MS/Nokia deal, it was only announced in Februrary.

    • Ricardo Dawkins

      No. There is less than 8 months between Feb and Oct. But anyway both phones are lame, underpowered and pretty bare compared to a Focus S or Titan. I can wait until Barcelona for a true flagship phone from NOKIA. Heck, even these phones top at 16GB w/o microsd. Lame!

  • Michal Gurník

    for the people of future: i was on wp7 before it was cool :D

    • Cod3rror

      Hi, I’m from the future, WP7 is still not cool.

    • Michiel Papp

      Was it ever not cool?

      Look let’s face it this is a good mobile os. The phone’s look different then all the rest. The smartphone market has been dominated by colorles designs for months now. It’s getting boring. These look fun new and fresh. Wp7 adds to that.

      If you say wp7 is uncool then you should see the 16 year old boy on the bus next to me eyeing my htc trophy 7. (yes he had an iphone)

    • Michal Gurník

      i’m studying informatics in slovakia and the people at school really hate microsoft stuff (though they don’t want to switch from windows to linux), so you can understand it’s not the environment where you’d expect wp7 to be successful…
      and still, i’ve shown wp7 to some friends there and they’ve been all impressed.. i’ve heard nothing negative about it… so i suppose it’s cool not only to me - people just need to try it :-)

    • Cloud

      Hey, Im a 16 year old boy and I LOVE my WP7, Android is too fragmentated and iPhone, please.

    • George Bakos

      ….so there are still trolls in the future….. that sucks………

    • Anonymous

      amazing XD!

    • Seth_p

      Define “cool,” this is merely subjective. Unless your metric is market % that deems a product cool.

    • Lewis McCrary

      WP7 is awesome.  These phones….. meh.  :)

      (stateside here so that adds to my disgruntlement!)

    • Anonymous

      Hi, I’m from the future, you never grow up and are still a tool.

    • MSfan

      I thought Elop stated they were no longer going to Brand the phones with names but numbers only… this guy does not instill confidence when the future of WP7 is in his hands:(

    • J A

      Nokia’s devices (with all its hardware lackings) are first generation Windows Phones all over again!

  • BucksterMcgee

    So, no front facing camera? only 3.7 inch screen? and nothing til 2012? Where is that damn Samsung Focus S to fix my disappointment??

    • Nonono

      front facing cam is overeater. No one really does face talks. I think this phone looks great and it will take wp7 forward. 

    • Seth_p

      But… bu… who am i gonna dirty cam to?

    • BucksterMcgee

      Yar, that’s cool for you, but I specifically need a front facing camera, so no deal for me. Also, I want a screen that is 4+ inches. Other than that the phone looks ok, definitely unique, but subpar for a lot of the specs I’m looking for.

      I would try to wait until 2012 to see what they “might” have for the US launch, but I need a mango phone now, so as soon as the Samsun Focus S is available it will be mine. And again, I’m disappointed by the whole annoucement today, but from the leaks I already expected as much.

      I will say at least it looks like they are going in the right direction, and it very well may be that I get a Nokia Windows Phone down the line. That all said, I bet there will be lots of people that want one of these devices, especially outside of the US, and hopefully that will bring more attention to WP7.5 and that is a good thing.

    • Guest

      Skype ?!?!?!??

    • Mobile user

      May be you dont, There are lots of people like me, who use FFC for many reasons.
      The main killer is no US release for holidays. I think thy shot themselves in the foot. HTC or Samsung here I come.

    • Nonono

      Well Obv I am big into phones, its why I am looking here. I talk to people about phones all day and very, very rarely do people tell me they use face talk. 

      Just saying. Most people want it, but end up not using it.  

    • Analyze

      Ppl may not use FFC, but they still want to have it… it is what they want and not what they use that dictate their purchasing decisions.  I can understand no NFC but no FFC is a mistake IMO. 

    • JimmyFal

      I’m with Buster Mcgee. bigger screen, and FF camera. Then it really will be the FIRST REAL Windows phone. Nice entry but, once you go big,  you never go back, and FF is the future, and the future is supposed to be NOW, NOT in the future.

    • Anonymous

      Only 5% of users ever will use the FF camera. It’s just not relevant.

    • Anonymous

      Not picking on you at all, but I hear so much about 3.7″ screens being ‘too small’ and needing a bigger screen… Do you guys have enormous pockets or something? I wouldn’t want a phone any bigger than the Optimus 7!

    • BucksterMcgee

      Picking on? ha.

      First as for being “too small” it really comes down to preference on screen size, which for me is viewing size and touch control size.

      My Samsung focus with it’s 4 inch screen is about as small as I ever want for screen size. Any smaller and when I do things like playing games, reading text, or watching a movie/video become annoyingly too small, and to compensate I tend to pull the phone closer to my face, which is silly. Also, smaller than 4 inch it becomes harder to hit UI controls like the keyboards or other buttons; not impossible just more difficult, which is something I don’t enjoy.

      Frankly screens as small as the iphone’s 3.5 inch screen are maddening to me as my thumb and fingers covers up so much of the screen. 3.7 inch screens are just as bad as the 3.5.

      So, for me (and others) a larger screen is just better. Obviously there are extremes, but in most cases the larger screen is more preferable, and there are few cases were that is not true.

      Secondly, you suggest that we must have “enormous pockets” and that you wouldn’t want your phone any larger than your Optimus 7, well that’s interesting as the Samsung Focus S with a 4.3 inch screen is actually much smaller than your Optimus 7.

      Here’s some math:

      The Optimus 7 is actually 37% thicker than the Focus S and 16% thicker than the original Focus. Over a third thicker for the Focus S!

      While the Focus S has a 4.3 inch screen compared to the Optimus 7′s 3.7, they are almost identical in height (same as with the original Focus with it’s 4 inch screen).

      The Focus S with it’s larger screen is 10% wider than the Optimus 7, but the Optimus 7 actually takes up 21.86% more space in your pocket than the Focus S and 8.3% more space than the original Focus.

      To make matters worse the Optimus 7 is 31.5% heavier than the Focus and a whopping 42% heavier than the Focus S! Getting dangerously close to the Focus S weighing half as much as the Optimus 7, yet having a larger screen.

      So how much larger is that 4.3 inch screen? Well it’s about 35.4% larger than the 3.7 inch screen on the Optimus 7 while being significantly smaller and lighter in every measurement expect for being a bit wider. The focus which is actually smaller and lighter than the Optimus as well has 17.3% more space than the Optimus 7. And just becuase I was interested in figuring it out, the HTC Titan’s 4.7 inch screen has 62% more screen space than the Optimus 7′s 3.7 inch screen.


      So, you say we must have enormous pockets? Actually no, these devices are actually much smaller than your Optimus 7, especially when it comes to pocket space and weight, despite have fairly larger screens to view.


      And on a side note to address someone who said that the smaller screen would have “higher pixel density”, higher pixel density was just Apple’s way of trying to make cider from rotten apples with their tiny 3.5 inch screen. What better way to say something that is small is a plus is buy saying it has higher pixel density! Brilliant! When really, unless you have dramatically higher pixel counts to go with it, it is just marketing.

      More pixels are nice and Windows Phone will see a chassis spec with higher resolutions down the road, but to say it’s a plus just because your screen is so small, is just trying to cover up the real facts. Larger screens can been seen at a further distance, with better clarity than the same pixel resolution on a smaller screen. It’s as simple as that. Lets look at it this way, would you rather your desktop computer monitor be 1920 x 1200 and 13 inches across, or 1920 x 1200 and 24 inches accross? It’s pretty obvious that you would want the 24 inch screen. Of course a 4k screen at 24 inches would be nice, but that’s not what people are trying to suggest… it’s all about pixel density! -_-

  • Wizard

    I was watching it live on I did not see any mention of front facing camera during detailed explanation of Lumia 800, if it indeed does not have front facing camera, then its a let down by Nokia, the phone looks great though.

  • Anonymous

    This is the first Windows Phone that brings out the beauty of the OS. The OS pops on the Lumia 800. HTC and Samsung, that’s how you make a Windows Phone.

  • Anonymous

    I looked really close on the video footage and it looks like the “g” from Segoe and not the one from Nokia Pure we saw in the fake press shots. Thank god for that! I’m now rushing over to pre-order, the weather forecast is sunshine 800 all days :D

  • David Smillie
    full specs

    No front-facing camera……so wanted this to be my next phone……….but with Tango/skype right around the corner, Nokia have shot themselves in the foot!! Damn!

  • Anonymous

    Nokia deserves credit for getting the Lumia out the door in 8 months. No small feat. They showed a nice range of phones from 60 to 420 euros. Nokia is alive and well.

  • Pieter Kroon

    Can anyone enlighten me? Does the Nokia Lumia 800 use Gorilla Glass or not?

  • Antonio Raga

    These are the frist two Nokia WP7.5 devices. In the coming months, Nokia, will literally flood the market with other nice WP7.5 devices in all price flavours.

    • Anonymous

      and colors no doubt.

  • Anonymous

    What I love with this phone most, and what makes it so great is not the single specs, not the single apps.
    Its to me crystal clear now that Nokia is still great because they are going for the FULL experience as as a hole all across the board.
    From design to apps to specs it gives a unified solid through and through hole device and balancing the best for this mid section devices to give a solid experience.
    The important message the 800 Lumia sets are a clear message to all WP7 device makers that’s this is how to take the most out of Mango with current spec sheets from Microsoft.
    Mango is for midrange
    Tango for low range
    Apollo for high end.
    This gives us finally the clear picture how far along Windows Phone as a OS is.
    By this time next year Windows Phone and its OEM’s will have the full range that people are screaming for and will as a platform be fully mature.

  • Sent from my toilet


  • Anonymous

    Does a flagship device really need to be offered in such ugly colors?

    • Binlid1

      Can a flag ship device be called flagship when it is pre-Mango hardware (no FFC support – which we were led to believe all Mango-era phones would have to be ready for Skype/Lync)???
      I think not.Beatiful phone, and I am a Nokia fan! But I can’t buy these pre-Mango handicapped devices…

  • Eingoluq

    LCD? I thought it was AMOLED.

  • David Smillie

    Ok….I need some advice. Does the Nokia Lumia 800 NOT having a front facing camera a deal breaker? and with such great design, should the smaller screen size (though bigger than the iPhone 4S) be an issue too?

    Should I get the Nokia Lumia 800? Is the Samsung Focus S coming to the UK?

    • StoryFirst

      No Focus coming to the UK – USA only….and the front facing camera is a deal breaker if you wanted to Skype or Tango chat, video style. The point is, the phone is fine for now but in a year’s time, you will be disappointed….unlike say the Galaxy 2 which is good for three or four years easy! Plus a number of sites are reporting a poor camera as well…

  • Owais_503

    it looks awsome…

  • Anonymous

    Both ecstatic and disappointed to be honest. Small storage and no front facing camera, but a great rear camera, form factor and screen. Maybe I’ll wait for Nokia’s second round…

  • JimmyFal

    Something MIGHTY strange to me about not only waiting till 2012 to get my hands on one, but waiting even longer for a big screen, possibly higher resolution, and a FF camera? A little arrogant of Nokia to declare this the first real windows phone. Sorry, but Nokia needs to set that bar higher. I’ll be interested to see it but it kind of looks to me like they are dumping old inventory. Nice old inventory, but old none the less.

  • notePAD

    I give up! software ok, hardware so soo! Scandinavia no noo!

  • Tim Smith

    No front facing camera on these phones is just stupid. Makes no sense to remove a selling point when you’re trying to recover lost market share.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Segoe WP is indeed the font.  Good decision, Nokia.

  • Binlid1

    The only thing we learned today (as mostly everything was leaked) was confirmation that Nokia WindowsPhones will not support Skype/Lync.
    That might not be important for some but its a deal-breaker for me.Shame because the device looks fantastic…but Nokia handicapped it with this boneheaded move.The phone is simply not future proof – as in 3 months time when both Skype and Lync are available…Nokia WP7 owners are gonna feel left behind.
    What a shame.

    • Anonymous

      It just means they don’t have Lync/Skype right NOW. Be patient grasshopper.

    • Binlid1

      I would be happy to wait if there was any kind of hint of a release plan for FFC hardware and which markets it will be available in.In the absence of that I am buying a HTC Titan this weekend.

      Just think, MS said that most people’s WP7 experience would be on Nokia and it would win them over. But Nokia released pre-Mango hardware…so anyone who buys either of these 2 devices will feel really left behind when Skype/Lync launch their apps.
      Again, I’d be happy to wait until 2012 for Nokia if they hinted that this support would be coming…but they haven’t. Unless they do so tomorrow…I’m buying a Titan in 2011.

    • Graham R

      Of course 100% MS will add Lync and Skype they can only do so much in one year and the Skype deal was recently approved. This isn’t the old MS anymore rush product update they are actually taking their time to make sure these services are integrated to the best of their ability.

      I am going to take my guess when they debut Nokia in the US it will have Skype and Lync support with LTE, NFC, FFC all that good stuff.

      Remember this Nokia release is catered to the European market maybe those markets dont need LTE NFC FFC like how America needs it.

  • Touré HENRY

    Do want ! I’ve been holding on to an old HTC Desire (first gen that can’t go a whole day on a charge), just waiting for the second Generation of phones. 

    I really don’t care  about the front facing camera… I’m really not a video chat kind of person, but I still thinks that it’s dumb they left it out. They’re basically giving people an excuse not to buy the phone !! 
    Well at least they’ll get my hard earned moneyz :)

  • merri khu

    is this lumia 800 doesnt support skype???

  • Graham R

    People hating but this is the flagship WP phone IMO because the hardware design is nothing but excellence and the current application feature set will really benefit this phone e.g Zune, Live Games, Maps, Social, Bing plus it looks like a re-vamped Zune HD so I like! FFC no problem

  • Omran
  • StoryFirst

    I am struggling here. I want a Windows phone but the choice of 2nd gen phones are poor. The Titan has poor resolution for a screen that size and reviewers have said the readability of web text is average. There have been moans of call dropping as well. The Nokia Lumia 800 is actually an average phone and the lack of front facing camera (for a top end phone is very poor). Latest reviews indicate that the main 8MP camera is pretty poor as well when compared with the iPhone 4S or the Galaxy 2. The issue I have is this: a phone is not for Christmas but is for 24 months on contract. Does anyone here actually think the Lumia 800 will be respected in 12 months let alone 24? I made this mistake with the HTC Hero 24 months back and was left with a dud phone after 12. I am not willing to take the risk with the Lumia 800. And there seems to be no alternatives out there in terms of Windows phones…high end anyhow. Not at least until March April 2012….