Nokia Windows Phone devices expected to arrive in November

By Tom Warren, on 18th Oct 11 2:19 pm with 21 Comments

Nokia's concept Windows Phones

Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7.5 devices will launch in November, according to reports.

The Finnish smartphone maker is currently preparing to unveil its first Windows Phone devices at Nokia World in London next week. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop revealed last week that he was “reviewing final plans for #NokiaWorld … very excited about October 26th!,” in a twitter message on Thursday. Italian site iPhoneItalia claims the first Nokia Windows Phone device will be available in the country during November.

The dates line up with a large number of leaks indicating that Nokia is preparing 700 and 800 naming for its Windows Phones. The Nokia “Sea Ray” device looks like it will be marketed as the Nokia 800 in some markets. Marketing material leaked last week that depicted two adverts for Nokia Windows Phone devices. The first advert comes with the tag line “today the sun will rise and set. The rest is up for grabs.” The second advert features the tag line “take, tag, sort and share. All in a flash.” Both adverts demonstrate the social sharing aspects of Windows Phone 7.5.

Nokia appears to be preparing at least two Windows Phone devices. A number of different codenames and specification lists have emerged over the past few weeks, none of them yet confirmed. The Nokia 800 naming follows previous leaks that indicated Nokia could be planning a simple numbering system for its Windows Phone devices. Nokia is expected to unveil its first Windows Phone powered device at its Nokia World 2011 conference in London later this month. A number of Microsoft employees will also be speaking at Nokia World to detail the latest improvements with Windows Phone 7.5 and presumably some of Nokia’s software improvements. Nokia is believed to be preparing its “Sea Ray” device for the first official public unveiling, alongside another device codenamed the “Ace” or “Sabre”.

WinRumors will be reporting live from Nokia World 2011 to bring you the latest Windows Phone details, stay tuned.

  • Impartial

    sweet! Can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  • Avwageguy

    so when is it going to arrive in the US? specifically Verizon if they can get off their knees from android…..

    • Anonymous

      Verizon created the “Droid” brand.  They won’t be getting off their knees anytime soon — they have invested a lot of money into the Droid brand (even though Droids are made by different brands, have different GUIs, etc…; Droid is still their primary brand).

    • Tom W

      I’d expect at the same time. I don’t think they can really mess this up and offer them in Europe before the U.S. etc

    • Ef Jay

      All signs point to Q1 2012 for US availability, and probably later for VZW for the reason already stated, head firmly crammed up android’s YKW.

    • Tom W

      That’s true but I’m hoping they’re gonna be in tandem otherwise it could be another missed opportunity.

    • Anonymous

      Agree, I feel like all the leaks to date have suggested a European launch this year and a US launch sometime next year.  I hope Tom is right though, and we see some phones in the US soon, because I’m about to pull the plug and get my wife a Samsung Focus S.

      As for Verizon, yeah, dream on.  I almost bet they don’t have a single new WP model until Q2 2012.

    • Anonymous

      This is almost known. Nokia only have 800, 700 at the moment. Those phones will not going to US. I think Nokia will anounce 900 phone in MWC in Feb. Available in US in Mar 1. Those phones will be 2 core, LTE ready. I take a guess, there will be 500 phones at the same (tango, $300?). I don’t know, but my guess usually more right than wrong.

    • Pieter Kroon

      Well Tom, it is common knowledge that Nokia will release the first handsets in Q4 2011 for just France, Spain, Germany, the UK, Italy and the Netherlands. So the US will have to wait till Q1 2012, unless something has changed, but I very much doubt that. They seemed to even have trouble making this years’ 4th quarter in just these countries, so I would be really surprised if it was launched in the US at the same time.

  • Grannyville7989

    Can’t wait to upgrade from my Omnia 7 when my contract ends next year.

  • Zwiebeljupp

    i hope at least one of the phones will look like the concept…

  • OMG55

    If the phone in the picture above is release, I will be upgrading early depending on build and screen quality; my Samsung focus is a great device, so Nokia better bring it! I rember in the early days of cell phones, Nokia was tops and very reliable. Oh! and one more question, “Will cell carrier be offering first generation WP7 owner an upgrade option like they do for the iphone”???? Probably not, seem like their doing everything they can to keep WP7 from catching on.

  • Darren Adams

    Certainly something I’ll be wanting… the Windows Phone OS is fantastic, Nokia make excellent hardware, so it’s an exciting combination.

  • Candide Yams

    We should expect more than two models at Nokia World right?

    • Tom W

      No, I’d expect two initially.

    • Candide Yams

      Guess I’m was dreaming. Or at the very least maybe the CDMA/GSM variants of each? Unless they are wold phones…

  • Mark Gibbs

    Tom, if I buy the searay over “Seas” :) will it run on the us tmobile bands like the other nokia phones do ..?
    that would be awesome !!

  • Anonymous

    Wish the pink or blue ones in the picture would come to the US this fall.  I want to get my wife a new phone dammit and I know she doesn’t want the usual black slab.

  • s b k

    I think Nokia knows they have to have US Phones at this launch as well there is too much at stake and if they wait a few months a lot of people will forget and move on to the next 500 android phones that show up.

    I also think that MS knows they need all the carriers and I hope they made this point to the carriers so Sprint and Verizon users can get some love. I mean is it better to carry 10 average Android phones or a few high quality WP7 phones?

  • Nuaccount

    I really hope the concept phone is the actual phone. Very sleek looking. Also, they better release them in the US this year. I’m not going to wait until Jan or Feb for a Nokia WP7. I’ll just get the focus s.

  • DroidUser

    I hope MS fix all the crap bugs we are hearing about in Mango before they release the phone. Consumers should not be their testers. I hope Nokia releases a good product.