Nokia working on Lumia 800 software update to enable Internet Sharing

By Tom Warren, on 2nd Nov 11 9:32 pm with 10 Comments

Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia is planning to issue a software update to its Lumia 800 Windows Phone shortly.

The software update will enable the Internet Sharing feature of Windows Phone 7.5. Nokia’s Lumia 800 device does not currently support the feature out of the box but a Nokia spokesperson confirmed to WinRumors on Wednesday that the company is working “diligently” to change that:

“Microsoft takes very seriously meeting (and exceeding) the requirements outlined by agencies such as the FCC in the USA. They felt it was really important to fully address the concerns raised by recent FCC regulations before enabling this feature and are optimistic they can deliver on these requirements though a software update and are working diligently on that now.”

Nokia also took the opportunity to address concerns at the lack of NFC, dual-SIM and forward facing support on its Lumia 800 device:

“Our ambition is to create the best possible consumer experience, based on the capabilities of the platform and what we believe offers a genuine opportunity to bring value to Nokia users everyday. It is possible to cram a phone with features that users don’t want or use and the end result is a compromise somewhere else, in cost, size or absence of alternative features. For features not currently supported by Windows Phone such as NFC or dual SIM we are working with our partner Microsoft to determine the top priorities for future iterations of the platform.”

Nokia’s Lumia 800 device will be available in European markets on November 16. Nokia’s Lumia 800 is expected to be priced at £399 on various Pay As You Go (PAYG) packages in the UK. Orange will offer the Lumia on a range of packages and according to one source familiar with Orange’s plans, the Lumia 800 will be offered at £36 per month with either 900 minutes and unlimited texts and 250MB of data or 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of data. The device will be offered free on this contract.Existing Orange customers will also be offered a free Xbox console if they upgrade their current contract. The Nokia Lumia 800 will be available in the color black initially with Cyan and Magneta colors to follow shortly afterwards.

  • Alex Wilks

    Ah bless them. Was starting to feel a bit miffed that my sparkly new phone was gonna miss a major feature that even my Pre could manage.

    • Tony Gorham

      dued have you got the new Nokia? So jealous :(

    • Alex Wilks

      Not yet, got it on pre-order though.

  • Vlastimil Cerny

    I think it’s good decision. Why to pack to the phone too much features and gadgets which in the end are not used or rarely used by the customers but make the phone much more expensive or consuming more power. There are people who will be complaining that this is missing and that is missing, but frankly they will be always complaining. I remember how were people mad about Cut and Copy and when the feature was added they just found another reason for complains. To be honest, I have used Cut and Copy maybe three or four times in total since it was added…

    • Tony Gorham

      agreed I still havent used it yet

    • Anonymous

      True, but when I used it I was very glad it was there.

  • Sam

    Great to hear re tethering, I have an iPhone with front facing camera and I haven’t used it once, none of my friends have used this feature either, this isn’t to say people don’t but I get the feeling it is used in very low volumes.

  • Aaron Samuel Yong

    What a load of PR bull. What is there to think about with regards to FCC regulations when there are already Mango phones on sale in the US with internet sharing enabled? The Lumia phones were rushed, plain and simple. They obviously too existing hardware designs (the 710 is obviously a modified 603) and then deliberately excluded features so the team would have less things to worry about in prepping the phones for a 2011 release.

    This update better be sooner rather than later, because I can’t wait to have a cyan Lumia 800 in my hands.

  • Mina

    If Lumia was to support Dual-Sim. I’m sold. Day 1! And, may will be!

  • Jayb Online

    i always use front camera as a mirror :D

    i still love my WP7 though