Nokia’s first Lumia 800 software update begins to roll out

By Tom Warren, on 8th Dec 11 7:23 pm with 5 Comments

Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia has started to push one of two initial software updates for its Lumia 800 Windows phone.

The first update is now available and includes fixes for charging and audio quality amongst others. The update, that WinRumors reported on last  month, bumps the Windows Phone version to 7740. The update will improve battery life in some circumstances according to the company. Nokia flashed our Lumia 800 review device to the latest firmware recently and we can confirm that the British Airways, eBay, Ministry of Sound, Sky News and TripAdvisor applications are all baked into the ROM. The Windows Phone version is updated to 7.10.7740.16. The initial update will not include Nokia’s Internet Sharing update, due later. Nokia revealed on Thursday that the update also includes the following fixes:

  • Charging improvements
  • Voicemail notification improvement
  • Replying to mail improved for Microsoft Exchange 2003 users
  • Improved display switching in bright light
  • Improved audio quality

Nokia is also planning a second update for its Lumia 800. The second Windows Phone update will address further battery issues. A Nokia spokesperson revealed the second update in a forum posting last month. “We understand that some people have expressed concerns about battery life on the Nokia Lumia 800,” said Nokia spokesperson Michael Spillett. “A software update in early December will include improvements to power efficiency, while a second update in early January introduces further enhancements to battery life and battery charging.” Both updates will be made available via Microsoft’s Zune software.

The Nokia Lumia 800 went on sale across the UK and some European markets in November. Nokia representatives handed out free chocolate and coffee to potential customers on London’s Oxford Street on launch day. British operator Orange revealed on launch day that the Lumia 800 is the most popular Nokia preorder device to date for the firm. Despite early signs of positive sales, some analysts believe the firm will only ship between 500,000 and 1 million devices by the end of the year.

  • Guest2009

    Off topic: nice camera shot, do you make them yourself Tom?

    On topic: great to see that Nokia really goes for it, let’s hope that they will add NFC soon…  

  • Gamer

    Looking good overall, I just had a Lumia 800 from the launch event in Singapore. Build 7740 right out of the box.

  • Dalgarven

    I have noticed a difference in the battery life since the update. I would love to get a graphic equaliser, I use different headphones and plug it into my PC’s Audio system and so would like to be able to tweak the sound on the device itself.

  • Impartial

    I had 7740 from day one but I got another update last night that didn’t say what it does!

  • Kenneth Gordon

    My Lumia 800 wont switch on. According to the Nokia forums this is not new. It seems related to the wifi, which in mine was turned off. I tried to turn it on but it wouldnt, so I switched off the phone to restart it. That was an hour ago. Tried button pushing, charging and even warming it up.