Office 15: ‘Moorea’ tile-based UI demonstrated on video

By Tom Warren, on 22nd May 11 11:45 am with 8 Comments

Office 15 - Moorea

A new ‘Moorea’ Office 15 video appeared on the Internet on Sunday.

“Moorea” is a new application in Office 15 and appears to contain a Tile based UI. Roberto Branni posted a video of the new application in action on Sunday. The leaked build, version 15.0.2703.1000, contains the new “Moorea” application. Microsoft describes the app as “everything you need in one place” according to a splash screen. “Mooera” allows users to add documents, pictures and text into the app as tiles of content. Moorea is believed to be a new application that will act in a similar way to OneNote, featuring Microsoft’s Courier concept UI.

It’s unclear exactly what Moorea is and how Microsoft plans to implement it across Tablet and desktop devices. However, Microsoft’s Metro based UI for Outlook leaked fully recently, following the first Office 15 screenshots in early March. The early Outlook screenshots also revealed that Microsoft is implementing a Metro UI across its next Office product. The screenshots also reveal a more flattened user interface within Outlook. Microsoft’s Outlook UI no longer seems cluttered and provides users with direct access to their mail in a simple and yet familiar way. Microsoft’s Metro design language is an internal code name for a typography-based design languages created and used by the company. Microsoft originally started using Metro in Media Center and showcased a full version in the company’s Zune products. Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7, also features the Metro look and feel throughout. Microsoft has started to use the Metro UI on more of its web properties to produce a clean, fast and simple look.

It was recently revealed that Office 15 had reached the Milestone 2 phase of development. Little is known about the new features included in Office 15 but WinRumors understands Microsoft is planning an improved meeting system and OWA enhancements for the next generation of Office. The company is seeking to employ an Outlook software development engineer at its corporate headquarters in Redmond, Washington. “We are now going to take OWA to the next level and build the next generation clients for desktop and the latest mobile and slate devices,” said a recent the job listing. “The next generation client will include world class messaging, contacts, calendaring and social collaboration for both enterprise and cloud, and will use the latest in web technology.”

Microsoft is expected to deliver Office 15 in 2012.

  • Scott Davies

    Nice to see the WP7 menu bar brought over to W8

    • reviewdevs

      It’s not going to be there for long. So enjoy it while Microsoft builds the new, secret UI. 

  • GP007

    Hard to tell how you’d use that at this time but maybe when we get a beta and more of it is done they’ll show us what they have in mind for it. 

    • Anonymous

      Maybe could this be a nice replacement for my desktop quick notes :-)

  • Eingoluq

    Who ever did that video didn’t know what it was about either. LOL!
    He couldn’t get those buttons on the right to work. I’m thinking either multiple content can be added per square or multiple squares linked together. then a slide show would be possible. He didn’t include any documents either.. disappointing.

  • Anonymous

     should these be the live tiles from windows phone 7?

  • Obiwan007

    This is no way an official MS leak. Look at the  ”Metro” mainmenu alone. Its in caption letters. Thats against the “rules”… The fold-out menus are not Metro design language either.

    The icon for the app is the default visual studio windows application icone. Not even that was changed? I doubt MS would do an app where the default artwourk is still in this completely unfinished stage.

    Nice idea though. Someone had some nice ideas – hope he will create something usefull from it.

  • Isaac Barrett

    Interesting.  I think I could see myself using it for organization.