OneNote for iPhone updated to version 1.2, now available outside U.S.

By Tom Warren, on 26th Jul 11 8:01 am with 14 Comments

OneNote for iPhone version 1.2

Microsoft announced on Tuesday the availability of OneNote Mobile for iPhone version 1.2.

Microsoft originally released the application on Apple’s App Store in January. One of the early criticisms was the lack of availability outside the United States, Microsoft has now addressed this by making the app available in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. The latest update comes with additional features too:

  • Search – find text in notebooks, sections and pages
  • Pin recent notes – keep your favorite notes at the top of the Recently Viewed list
  • Sync shared notebooks – if others have shared their notebooks with you on SkyDrive, you can now sync them with your device and work on them together; just turn them on in the OneNote for iPhone Notebook Settings
  • Choose the notebooks that sync to your phone and appear on the Home screen – you’ll find this useful when you have SkyDrive notebooks that you don’t want to sync or view from your phone
  • Set image size for photos you insert – choose smaller image sizes for faster syncing or larger sizes for higher fidelity images
  • A new color scheme that gives the app a lighter look and feel

Microsoft UK Office Client Product Manager, Chris Adams, explained the UK delay to WinRumors in an interview on Monday. “Essentially it was the first time that we did an iOS app as part of the Office division,” he said. “We wanted to make sure that we got it right. There are a lot of things for us to kinda learn in this space, especially when you start distributing apps through third party marketplaces and all that kind of stuff as well. We got version 1 out there and we wanted to get an element of customer feedback before we extended it to extra markets.”

Adams refused to talk about additional Office apps on iPhone or iPad. ”I think you’ll see us looking at other form factors and other platforms as we kinda go forward as well,” he said. Microsoft’s Office team spent a lot of time ensuring that the iPhone experience for OneNote felt very native to iOS itself. “We actually spend more time on how we actually make it feel part of iPhone,” revealed Adams. “So we’ve actually spent time with our Mac team and spent time looking at how we can make it feel like a true iOS app.”

Choose a link below to download OneNote Mobile 1.2 for iPhone in your region:

  • doctorwhofan98

    UK Price?

    • Anonymous

      I believe it’s free in every country, at least it is in Australia.

    • Grannyville7989

      It’s free for the UK. I’ve just downloaded it on my mum’s iPad. Thought I might as well grab it while it’s free.

  • WixosTrix

    Wow, they really did a great job making it like an iOS app. 

  • Tommy2bago

    Free in Aus…limited time only…sweet

  • Grannyville7989

    Really would like a native OneNote app for OS X as well, please :)

  • Anonymous

    Look at that UI! Apple is just the BEST!

  • Guest

    lol who cares… there are so many great apps in the App Store already, many of them are free as well

  • Anonymous

    Where in the heck is the iPad version? It would be perfect. I would even pay for it!

  • Anonymous

    What the heck… It is looking like 9to5Mac around here

  • Michał Jakubowski

    They could make OneNote for Android :)

    • Grannyville7989

      I’m not an Android user but OneNote for Android would be grand :)

  • Drson

    hmm, only United States, Canada, United Kingdom ,Ireland, Australia and New Zealand?

  • Entegy

    Doesn’t support tables but otherwise, great. More platforms for my OneNote goodness to be spread around. :)