Ray Ozzie issues new memo: Dawn of a New Day

By Tom Warren, on 25th Oct 10 2:53 pm with Comments Off

Ray Ozzie, former Chief Software Architect at Microsoft, has penned a new memo, five years from his original and only months before he leaves the company.

Ozzie famously wrote a 5,000 word long memo in October 2005 entitled “The Internet Services Disruption“. His latest memo comes at a time when the software giant is struggling in the mobile space and is venturing into cloud based software and services. Described as the “Dawn of a New Day“, the memo was sent out to Ozzie’s direct reports and Microsoft’s Executive Staff.

In Ozzie’s latest memo he outlines Microsoft’s post-PC world with the latest and greatest gadgets, all connected to the Internet and cloud services. Ozzie praises the company for its efforts in Windows Live, Bing and Xbox but also criticizes the complexity of Windows and the execution of mobile experiences. “Certain of our competitors’ products and their rapid advancement & refinement of new usage scenarios have been quite noteworthy.  Our early and clear vision notwithstanding, their execution has surpassed our own in mobile experiences, in the seamless fusion of hardware & software & services, and in social networking & myriad new forms of internet-centric social interaction.”

The 3,500 word long memo is a worthy read for an insight into a true Microsoft visionary.

Thanks to Pradeep for the news tip