Rovio confirms Angry Birds is coming to Windows Phone 7

By Tom Warren, on 16th Feb 11 12:46 am with 7 Comments

Rovio has confirmed that Angry Birds is Windows Phone 7 bound according to reports.

“We’re working on it,” said Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka, when Pocket-lint asked him if and when Angry Birds will be available on Windows Phone 7. Microsoft’s legal team has been holding up a potential deal according to Vesterbacka. “Let’s just say, Microsoft has a lot of lawyers,” he said.

Microsoft originally ruffled the Angry Birds’ teams feathers when they accidentally posted an image suggesting an Angry Birds Windows Phone 7 app was on the cards. Rovio originally said ”Microsoft put the Angry Birds icon on their site without our permission.” Microsoft responded to the tweet claiming the image was a mockup, not meant to go live and that the Angry Birds icon was included by mistake.

Microsoft's Angry Birds mistake

The addition of Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7 is confirmation that the platform is slowly going mainstream. Angry Birds is one of the most popular iPhone apps and has recently been ported to Google’s Android OS. Rovio didn’t confirm an exact release date and it’s possible the company might be waiting for Microsoft’s Windows Phone “Mango” release in the second half of 2011. Mango will introduce improved multitasking and faster resume times for games like Angry Birds.

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer revealed on Monday that the Windows Phone 7 marketplace currently has over 8,000 applications and over 30,000 registered developers.

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  • Stefan R. G.

    in the mean time we have Chicks n Vixens :)

  • mike

    With WP7 a big focus for MS, seems to me Windows PC is becoming ‘back-burner. Don’t forget the PC platform, it’s ‘home base’!!!!!

    • GP007

      Well they aren’t, the WIn8 rumor about a app store should change all that, specially for gaming etc. Plus support for SL/XNA also helps since now you can make a true crossplatform mp game that works on the phone, tv and PC with the tools. Once MS kicks multitasking on for gaming then we can have true real-time multiplayer as well.

  • Anonymous

    Why would lawyers need to be involved? is MS Game Studios doing the publishing i guess?

  • astroX

    Wait, didn’t they had already said that on December? I’m pretty sure I read this on Neowin unless it is a dejá vù

  • Anonymous

    I thought Rovio ppl were a bunch of jerks when they made a scene about M$ assuming Angry Bird would come to WP7. Now I still think they are. I regret for buying a way-overpriced plush toy from them lol.