Samsung owners claim Windows Phone 7 update has “bricked” their devices

By Tom Warren, on 22nd Feb 11 9:50 am with 31 Comments

Windows Phone 7 update error

Microsoft’s first Windows Phone 7 update isn’t going so well for a number of Samsung Omnia owners.

WinRumors reader Tom Granville writes in to say he is experiencing major issues with his Samsung Omnia device after the update. “Basically, after plugging in my phone to receive the update, the process gets as far as stage 6 of 10 where the phone goes through the reboot process but the phone hangs on the ‘connect your phone to your PC’”, says Granville. The Zune client displays the following error:


An error prevented the restoration of your phone to its previous version.

Your phone can’t be used in its present condition and there are no restore points for it on this computer. The phone might restart and return to normal if you disconnect it. For further assistance, contact your mobile operator.”

Granville says every time he turns the device on he’s presented with a “Connect phone to PC” screen and the device fails to initialize. Hard resets and trying it on multiple machines have not helped, he’s stuck. Granville isn’t alone however. A quick scan of Twitter shows that the picture is mixed. A large number of the issues stem from the backup process and its failure but only a small number of users are reporting that devices no longer boot-up correctly. Will Cahill, Michel Angelo and Steve Frolleau all report Samsung backup issues whilst Alex Roebuck, Mikael Petersson, Phil Williams, Garsim and  Evan Bronstein all report non-functioning devices as a result of the update.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone support team is trying to answer users according to WPCentral. It appears the team may be struggling with the number of issues though. One user, Alex Roebuck, who claims his device is “bricked”, was simply asked to return his device to the store by Microsoft’s support team. Some speculate that the problem is due to different Samsung firmware versions. JI9 and JJ4 both experience issues whereas JK1 appears to be ok. Others speculate that the issue may be due to 64-bit versions of the Zune client. Microsoft’s PR team hasn’t officially recognized the issue at the time of writing but its support team has offered up a couple of things to try. Microsoft points us towards two KB articles:

If these don’t work for you and there’s no case on your device then you can try hard resetting your device with the volume down, camera and power buttons. If that still doesn’t work then please leave a comment below or contact Microsoft’s Windows Phone support team. We’ll update the story as soon as we know more.

Update: There’s an ongoing thread on Microsoft’s support forums regarding these issues. Microsoft has been in touch and will issue a statement shortly.

Update 2: A Microsoft spokesperson has confirmed the issue and says “We’re aware of this issue and are looking into these reports.”

Windows Phone 7 update - Connect to PC

  • Rockwell

    it looks like microsoft didnt test the patch before releasing it surprise surprise not …..

    • Michiel Papp

      Actually, microsoft is one of the best company’s in the world regarding patches. It’s easy flaming a company that has to calculate so many variables into their updates. Microsoft goes to great lenght’s testing their devices, but unlike apple, there os needs to run on multiple third party hardware.

      Imagine having to design a screw that fit’s in a hole. If you have only 1 drill to make the hole then your screw will always fit. If you have 20 screws then you need to make your screw fit all the different sizes of screws. Microsoft has the problem og needing to make a “1 size fits all” screw :)

      The article also clearly states that’s it’s a problem with the samsung firmware. I myself had my htc 7 update with no problems.

      So before you lob another insult at people who probably tested it for thousands of hours and crush another small part of their great accomplishements:
      Think before you write………..and don’t be a fanboy

    • Patrick Van

      its nice to see someone else is not jumping to conclusions. don’t you just love how the work “bricked” is being thrown around by every windows phone blogger just to get people to read and scare them.

    • Matthias Karl

      well, this is my second wp7 within a month, both phones had the same slow and painful death, starting with random restarts all day, then the final complete failure of memory? idk it shows 15.73MB of TOTAL memory, after preforming a soft reset it does NOT go through the initial set up process as it should, and it still reads 15.7MB of TOTAL memory available. Do you think im going to give this OS a third try? do you know how long i waited in that att store? yeah, im pissed off i have to go back to exchange this phone AGAIN – and they better not try to give me any static about “well we just exchanged a phone less then a month ago” im so pissed off because i actually like the OS but im not going to give them a third chance.

    • DaveK

      So….you’re saying there are a few loose screws at Microsoft?…

    • Simon

      It’s a software company… there are *always* a few loose screws…

    • GP007

      This is the first person who said they have a bricked phone. Other Omnia users say it just never starts, so they’re fine. And yet OTHERS say they updated their Omnia7 just fine. So if it’s the same phone, and it works for some and not for others it’s MS’s fault how? Sounds more like a Samsung problem to me.

    • Grannyville7989

      It will be hard to tell what the actual numbers are. Those who are having problems are going to scream louder than those who have had things run smoothly.

    • anon

      Yeah. MS pushes an update. Lots of phones are bricked – er, sorry – “never start”.

      And it’s a hardware problem. Yeah.

    • Matthias Karl

      I have been using samsung for years, my first cell phone was a samsung… never had any problems with samsung products, the device is functioning as it should, the software is NOT.

  • Grannyville7989

    This Granville chap sounds like a sound bloke. Oh I do hope that he gets his phone issues sorted.

  • Heroescertificados

    So, so many tests were performed… Nuances cannot always be accounted for.

  • Tom

    I’m having the exact same issue as described in the post.

  • Dbrandis

    No problems updating my Omnia 7 with 64-bit Zune. Took about 25 minutes.

    • Arvis

      I updated my Omnia 7, no problems and etc. It took me about 20 minutes too, maybe less

  • Patrick Van

    that does not mean the phone is Brick… where do people get there info about things. stop being quick to jump on something negative. A brick phone is unusable no matter what you do, usually it will not respond to any command and only display an error scream request a firmware/rom flash. If you can still hard/soft reset the phone this its not bricked

    • Tom W

      It appears the users phones are unusable no matter what they do and don’t respond to hard resets and simply say “please connect to PC”. You can sit there and argue the toss about the definition of “bricked” but at this point I’d say those who are experiencing these issues would find their device totally useless and bricked.

    • Anonymous

      My Omnia 7 is the definition of “bricked” currently. It will only boot to the “Connect to your PC” image, and when I do connect, Zune immediately reports the error in the image above. I have removed the battery, tried a hard reset, tried other USB ports, rebooted my PC, nothing works.

      I am a Windows Phone fan (and developer), but this is very poor. My carrier (T-Mobile UK) have not been much help. Apparently I am the first person to call with this issue. They said I should take my handset to a store and they will send it away to their technical team. In the meantime, they will lend me a “basic” phone. Not much use as I don’t use my Omnia 7 for calls.

  • Manish

    This is natural. WHen such updates are being rolled out for many devices, few will get affected. It is also not mentioned whether all Samsung omnia devices are getting affected or few of them only. Secondly when only samsung omnia are faciing problems,then there may be some problem related to Samsung hardware.

  • JeepGuy

    Does this seem to only be affecting people in countries other than the USA? Also…Im noticing a lot of them are “unbranded” phones… Havent seen a whole lot of AT&T users from the US saying they have issues. Then again…maybe we arent getting the patch Ive yet to recieve a notification.

  • rj

    (at least in the Netherlands) the MSFT employees have Samsung phones, so this might have effected some of their own staff. As a very content owner I experienced no problems with my unbranded, bootloader phone.

  • Carlos

    Samsung? Updates going wrong? Is *anyone* surprised?

  • Anonymous

    This is an odd one. It only affects Omnias and not the Samsung Focus. The weird part isthat it only affects a subset of Omnias.

  • Juan

    Did it died?

  • Pedromorgan

    can i just clarify a point?
    Do you have to connect the phone to zune to find out if there is a microsoft update?

    I am on vodafone and i was expecting an update flag or an update prompt in the marketplace.


    • Grannyville7989

      I think the phone has the ability to tell you within the settings. It will say an update is available and will be applied with you connect your phone to your PC.

  • JonathanMarston

    Could this be caused by people setting up their phones for tethering through the diagnostics menu? Maybe the modem driver is interfering with the update process somehow…

  • Nicolas

    my Samsung Omnia 7 (i8700) got stuck after the update (running Zune on Win 7 64bits)
    - soft reset or battery removal was not working
    - phone format (volume down + power + camera button) was not working
    - Zune reinstallation and trial from XP 32bit was not working
    ultimately, I got it solved by flashing the Firmware to JK1 (via

  • fivedave2000

    just updated my omnia 7 in australia. no problem at all and got it updated in less than 10 minutes… smooth as… and i notice something peculiar about the phone, the screen when placed on a mattres as responsive as when you’re holding it with your hand. This was not the case before… hmmh… omnia screen fix in this update??

  • Omnia 7

    I have had a Samsung Omnia 7 for about a month. When I tried to update it it says restoration error and i tried removing the battery but nothing is working a sign comes up with a wp7 and a usb cable with a computer. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!! error code c101002e PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  • vikrant gaikwad

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