Samsung VP joins Microsoft as general manager of Windows Phone team

By Tom Warren, on 7th Nov 11 9:42 pm with 31 Comments

Samsung Focus Windows Phone

Samsung’s vice president of consumer and enterprise services, Gavin Kim, has left the company to join Microsoft’s Windows Phone team.

Kim leaves Samsung to join Microsoft and work closely on the Windows Phone platform. BGR exclusively broke the news on Monday and managed to speak to Kim about his departure. “I will be responsible to help set the future direction for the Windows Phone platform and to accelerate Microsoft’s trajectory to win the hearts and minds of consumers, carriers, device manufacturers, developers and partners,” Kim told BGR. “In my experience, there is an already fervent base of Windows Phone supporters out there and they all get it. They are passionate, and already very vocal about it … so, it is really my new job to make sure we reflect that message clearly in our product and marketing collaborations with all of our partners to create more Windows Phone believers.”

Kim’s departure comes just weeks after Samsung and Microsoft signed an Android patent deal. Microsoft will receive royalties from Samsung’s mobile phones and tablets running Android. Microsoft and Samsung have also agreed to develop and market Windows Phone further. The deal confirmed rumors from July that Microsoft was attempting to chase Android patents from Samsung. The software giant was allegedly demanding that Samsung pay $15 for each Android smartphone handset it manufactures. Reports suggested that the payment would lower to $10 per device in exchange for a closer alliance with Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform.

Microsoft and AT&T unveiled Samsung’s new Windows Phone 7.5 devices at a giant Windows Phone display in New York City on Monday. The Samsung Focus S and Samsung Focus Flash are both available immediately in the U.S. priced competitively.

  • Noe Brito


    • travelsko

      KIN for the win.

      I think Nokia and wp7 are dead. No apps and no games you cant compare. Sorry MS

      I stay with my Iphone

  • Jason Hughey

    Wow!  That was a nice move Microsoft.  The relationship between Microsoft and Samsung should get very cozy now.

    • Anonymous

      unless Samsung recents Gavin for leaving them…

      I think it works better when it’s the other way around, like the guy from Microsoft leaving to work in Nokia, and now look at their relationship :)

  • EduardoMLD

    Like if you think Windows Phone is the future Android! Like if you love Windows Phone!

    • Stark

      Youtube syndrome?

    • Anonymous

      Hell no! I wouldn’t like Windows Phone to be the future Android, because we all know Windows Phone is way ahead of android and so much better!

  • McAkins Online

    Another proof for you right their that Windows Phone owns the future!

  • OMG55


  • Anonymous

    Got to get the right people solid move

  • Anonymous

    Microsoft + Samsung > Apple

    • Hoyoung Won

      anything in humanity > apple

    • Camsone

      Lol. What alternate universe do you live in? hahaha

  • OMG55

    yeah, I guess we helped convinced him to leave Samsung after we started griping about Samsung not offering 32GB version of the focus S without expandable memory. Although 16GB of memory will do for me, I still say that manufacturers should at least put devices comparable to the devices they put out for competing platforms. I know WP7 runs smooth with single core, but that does not excuse the fact that they have not put equal specs or advertisement out for WP7 ( and dont tell me to go to their youtube channels; normal consumers don’t do this); they rely on commercials. I hope this improves MS relationship with Samsung. Somehow I suspect Samsung knew this was coming when Winrumors released the article that Samsung committed to spend more money advertising WP7 yet MS would be giving them millions to do so. Maybe some of those millions were to get Mr. Kim. To win hearts & minds,….you have to advertise dont you???

    • Anonymous

      Well said

  • OMG55

    Not trying to cause a riot, but it would be ironic if we picked a few Apples from the tree.

    • Joyette Scantlebury

      They really need to steal some apples from the marketing department.

  • blackletter

    Apple iOS = the past
    Android = the present
    Windows Phone = the future

    Bet on it.

    • Guest

      LOL. Okay Steveb.

    • travelsko

      I think Nokia and wp7 are dead. No apps and no games you cant compare. Sorry MS

  • Ramanan

    I know I should be patient…but DARN!!!! I want new stuff all the time….from Samsung, Nokia and HTC…I want OEMs to show love and LUST for WP……waiting is such a pain!!! ….

    forever in love with WP…

  • Ramanan

    I don’t know where to post this but if ANYYYY OEM comes with this phone….with WP on it…it is game over! 

    Check out Compasses for Windows Phone 7 by ~YrOnimuS on @deviantART

  • Anonymous

    I’m smelling a Galaxy S III for WPM…

    Correction: thats SIV, V, VI…well VII…M+S=FTW..

    • Anonymous

      Galaxy will always be a trademark reserved for Android. It’s Wave for Bada. For WP platform, they have Omnia, Focus etc.,

      You don’t mess around with well-established brand names. Selling 30 million Galaxy with Android takes a lot of effort, I am sure they won’t disrupt that. 

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure once the WPm takes flight, Samsung will have to rethink that…

    • Anonymous

      Better leave this decision to Lee Kun-hee and Lee Jae-yong. Let them decide.

    • Anonymous

      KO sir…fingers crossed..!!

  • Joyette Scantlebury

    I have a question. Samsung makes Galaxy media players, is it possible that they could make a zune-like device? Basically, a windows phone without the phone. They already do it for Android but I am assuming that they would have to get Microsoft’s permission to do that.

    Or Nokia could do it since they have the ability to change the OS. Just a thought.

    • Anonymous

      that would make my dreams come true.

  • Jubbin Grewal

    Kim For The Win?

  • travelsko

    KIN for the Win