Samsung Windows Phone 7 update still failing for some users

By Tom Warren, on 4th Mar 11 9:37 am with 11 Comments

Windows Phone 7 update error code

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 update is still giving Samsung owners a headache.

Microsoft resumed its Windows Phone update push to Samsung devices just over 24 hours ago and more users are reporting issues as a result. A quick search on Twitter for error code 800705B4 yields a number results and Microsoft’s own support forum has a thread on the matter with 48 responses. Engadget reports that Microsoft’s own Windows Phone twitter account has confirmed the company is “aware of the error code are are looking into it right now.”

The software giant recently halted a small update for Samsung Windows Phone 7 devices due to a large number of issues. The issues stemmed from a seemingly minor software update issued on Monday last week, to ironically improve the Windows Phone update system for future releases. WinRumors readers began reporting issues late on Monday with their Samsung Omnia 7 devices. The issues ranged from users not able to complete the update, leaving their phones in a frozen state, to users rebooting their devices after a failed update to find that their phones were unusable. Samsung Focus users were also affected but it appears there’s less cases of “bricked” problems with that particular model. Microsoft removed the update for Samsung phones and has now rectified that particular issue.

Microsoft’s latest support nightmare is separate to the restoration errors of last week. The company appears to have fixed those issues but a number of users are still reporting that the update does not fully complete and fails with error code 800705B4. WinRumors has reached out to Microsoft for comment but at the time of writing has not yet received a response.

  • WP7 user

    I am still waiting for the update for my HTC Mozart :-( !!!

    • Future Iconia Owner

      It was hinted that there was a problem with the samsung firmware rather then a problem with the update itself. Samsung however has a bad track reckord regarding resposibillity (my personal view). So they let microsoft work a way around instead of actually fixing their stuff. It can’t really be the update itself since only samsung devices are affected.

      Bad press for Samsung……except MS is taking the blame like a pro :p

  • Shane Nokes

    I’d be willing to bet you this is the 5% of users mentioned who didn’t have enough space on their systems to proceed with the update. This update can’t fix things that are out of MS control like storage space on the PC.

    • Anonymous

      but why this happens only with samsung?

    • JeepGuy

      I wasnt saying there was an excuse for only Samsung phones being effected. I was just commenting on the conditions the way that I understood them. Samsung phones seemed to have the issue with the storage thing. No clue why its just them. Hopefully it gets figured out. Not everyone had the issue….and Im hoping Im in the majority! haha.

    • Richard Edmonds

      You’re a lousy gambler then. This update failed for me and I had around 5GB of space free – go figure.

    • JeepGuy

      Yeah but 5GB is less than 8GB that the phone can hold… Thats the way I was taking that you needed enough free space, to recieve the amount of data IF the phone was full. Didnt matter if it was actually full or not. You had one device saying “Hey I can take 5 GB until Im full (which would be horrible by the way)”. And another device saying “Ok…but my capacity is 8 GB…so….there’s a chance you will run out of room.”….then everything stops. I try to NEVER fill my system disks past 50% if I can help it. I use external, or slave drives to fill to the top.

      Again..that was just my understanding of the issue regarding space… But this new problem looks different unfortunatly. Im starting to wish I waited for the Nokia. Ive always had good luck with Samsung, but if this is in fact Samsung’s issues, Im getting very irritated. ATT better offer a trade in program to take back this POS and give me a deal on a Nokia before my upgrade time hahaha.

  • Manish

    Throw Samsung phones. I never purchase Samsung phones. Always go with Nokia. THey are great. Now Nokia + MS, never look anywhere.

  • Daniel Hartshorn

    What Samsung needs to do is release a new firmware update to address this issue and pronto or people are going to go to LG and HTC

  • Richard Lee

    The saddest part about all this is the level of support and responsibility that Microsoft, Samsung, and the carriers are giving or not giving. There is one guy on Twitter right now (@james_rave), who has a bricked Samsung w/ this 2nd update. Microsoft Support on Twitter tells him to take it back to the carrier for exchange, and the carrier refuses b/c they have not been told of a global problem or recall by Samsung. So his only recourse is to contact Samsung, which will him a long time to exchange.

    Godspeed to all Samsung WP7 owners.

  • Ocxers

    What’s wrong with WP7?