Satya Nadella appointed as Bob Muglia replacement for Server and Tools

By Tom Warren, on 9th Feb 11 4:57 pm with 2 Comments

Satya Nadella - Image credit Flickr (Andy Beal)

Microsoft announced on Wednesday Bob Muglia’s replacement to head up its Server and Tools Business.

Satya Nadella, who was the senior vice president for engineering in the Online Services Division, is a 19-year Microsoft veteran. He has previously been involved in Microsoft’s Bing search engine and the all important Bing-Yahoo search alliance. Steve Ballmer has appointed Nadella to run Microsoft’s Server and Tools Division, previously run by Bob Muglia.

Muglia’s departure comes at a time when Microsoft’s Server and Tools business has been performing well. The division has grown well over the past few years and made $5.5 billion in operating profit in fiscal 2010. His departure is the fourth top Microsoft executive to quit in the company in just a year.

Nadella will now be responsible for Microsoft’s infrastructure software, developer tools, and cloud platform, including products such as Windows Server, SQL Server, Visual Studio, System Center and the Windows Azure Platform.

“We’re already making strong traction across our Server and Tools Business by embracing cloud services,” Ballmer said in a statement. “Satya has deep experience in both our server business and online services, which will help accelerate our momentum while setting the course to deliver the cloud computing scenarios of the future.”

Steve Ballmer sent an employee-wide email on Wednesday along with a similar email from Satya Nadella.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting.. don’t know much about this dude but it sounds like MS is very happy with their bing strategy they they want to do the same thing for this group… Wonder if this means Bing is bigger/better than even what the market is giving it credit for

  • GP007

    Bing seems to be on a nice update cycle it seems so maybe this is going to brush off on Server & Tools now, MS does need to move quicker.