Second campus tour video demonstrates Microsoft’s research technology behind Kinect

By Tom Warren, on 10th Dec 10 4:10 pm with 1 Comment

Channel 9 has posted their latest Microsoft Campus Tour.

Microsoft’s Channel 9 team is currently releasing a number of video tours of the software makers campus. The first, a week ago, highlighted Microsoft’s Xbox building. This time it’s Microsoft Research. Microsoft Research General Manager Kevin Schofield explains that the team has been in building 99 for about three years.

The tour focuses primarily on Microsoft’s sound and hardware testing labs. Microsoft shows off its Anechoic chamber for audio research. The software giant tests a large number of microphone and sound devices in the chamber. The Anechoic chamber is the perfect environment for measuring the acoustics of devices. The chamber is completely silent and if a human stays in the chamber for longer than a few minutes then they will start to hear their own heartbeat.

Microsoft also shows off a phrase game in the video. The game allows people to raise their hands and answer the questions with their voice. The game shows how quiz games could be made for Microsoft’s Kinect.

Channel 9 is planning to release two more tours of the Microsoft Research building in the coming weeks. The software giant is posting the videos as part of a series of Microsoft Campus Tours. Be sure to keep an eye on the campus tours mini-site for more information.

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