Silverlight 5 beta now available to download

By Tom Warren, on 13th Apr 11 5:13 pm with 4 Comments

Microsoft announced the first beta of Silverlight 5 on Wednesday.

Silverlight 5 beta includes new capabilities such as Hardware Video Decode, for enhanced video quality and performance, and “Trickplay,” which provides variable-rate video playback with audio pitch correction. Silverlight 5 beta also offers a new Microsoft XNA-based interface for delivering 3-D visualizations within applications, along with a host of new features for developers.

  • XAML Debugging with breakpoints for binding debugging
  • Implicit data templates for easy UI reuse
  • Double (and multi) click support
  • GPU-accelerated XNA-compatible 3D and immediate-mode 2D API
  • Low-latency sound effects and WAV support
  • Real operating system windows and multi-display support
  • Significant performance improvements, fixes and much more

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  • Anonymous

    Quick, everyone with an Nvidia ion chipst or AMD APU chipset load this up, watch netflix and let me know if its accelerated :)

  • Daniel Hartshorn

    Downloading it now… any news abour Silverlight for Xbox

  • Silverlight Developers

    Siverlight 5 introduced many new features and its improve silverlight developer productivity so download and try it out today.Thanks for the post

  • Eric Jones

    Currently no Mac support for Silverlight 5 3D.

    According to Aaron Oneal at Mix11 Microsoft is not prepared to discuss Mac support for Silverlight 5 3D at this time.