Skype updated to bring Facebook video calls onboard

By Tom Warren, on 17th Nov 11 5:49 pm with 8 Comments

Skype announced on Thursday that it has updated its Windows and Mac clients to provide Facebook video calling.

The new feature allows Facebook Skype users to initiate video calls from within Skype to other Facebook users. The video calling feature will only work Facebook-to-Facebook for now and requires users to download a new beta version of Skype. “This new development in the Skype-Facebook partnership is the latest example of how Skype is removing communication barriers and making it easier to connect with friends, family and business colleagues,” said Skype’s Rick Osterloh in a blog post on Thursday. Skype has also updated its Windows and Mac clients to include video rendering. The feature provides a smoother video experience for Mac users and group sharing users on Windows.

Facebook announced a video calling service earlier this year, powered by Microsoft’s Skype service. The service allows Facebook users to simply call a friend from a button at the top of an existing chat window. Facebook’s latest video feature sees Microsoft’s Skype service integrated fully into Facebook. Skype and Facebook users can also exchange chat messages using the Skype service. Microsoft has been working closely with Facebook for its Windows Phone, Hotmail, Bing and Windows Live integration. Facebook’s messaging system also uses Microsoft’s Office Web Apps suite. Facebook users can also view Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents in their browser.

Microsoft is now expected to deliver its Windows Phone 7.5 Skype application in the coming weeks. The company previously introduced the Skype app during MIX 2011 earlier this year. Joe Belfiore, who oversees Windows Phone Program Management, introduced a number of new developer related enhancements in Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. “We’re excited to see Skype come to the platform this fall when all these additional enhancements are available,” said Belfiore at the time. The application should be one of the first to take advantage of Microsoft’s new forward facing camera support.

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  • Anonymous

    When wp7 gets Skype integration and the Nokia 900 arrives. MSFT will have me celebrating big time.

  • Emi Cyberschreiber

    i already installed it, i dont have facebook though, so i will just use it because i dont mind using betas. its still nice to know i can use this feature if i reactive my facebook account.

    it would be nice to see how wp7 can get this kind of video chat with facebook and skype and maybe wlm integrated. hmm maybe next update!

  • J A

    Well, this might be one of the many differentiators between Skype for Windows and WP and other platforms such as iPhone and Android, etc.

  • Anonymous

    Facebook integration with Skype is nothing short of half assed and useless at this point… It can be best described as a laughable response to Google +’s Hangout feature.

  • Anonymous

    Microsoft is definitely waiting for “Chatter” to be released on Windows 8 beta, before they launch ‘Chatter’ on Windows Phone Tango.

  • Jubbin Grewal

    I called someone from Facebook.. the quality was quite poor. Disappointing really. (Despite my webcam being HD)

  • Jairo Luciano Alves

    I dont understand why is it that Skype website has barely no mention to Microsoft and it is so flooded with macs…. Really dont understand. Anyone?