Sony Ericsson CEO claims Windows Phone ‘isn’t as good’ as Android

By Tom Warren, on 3rd Oct 11 11:17 am with 58 Comments

Sony Ericsson’s chief executive officer has revealed he feels Windows Phone “isn’t as good” as Android.

Sony Ericsson CEO Bert Nordberg made his feelings clear in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, published on Monday. The Next Web notes that Nordberg responded to a question on Sony Ericsson’s rivals willingness to adopt other phone operating systems. “At this point I wouldn’t feel comfortable investing in a platform that isn’t as good as the one that we currently use,” said Nordberg. “Therefore we have remained with Android, but I am quite curious about Windows Phone.”

Sony Ericsson had originally promised to unveil a Windows Phone handset in 2011. The company revealed in October 2010 that it was planning to launch Windows Phone 7 devices this year. Microsoft also named Sony Ericsson as a launch partner when it first unveiled Windows Phone 7 at Mobile World Congress in early 2010. At the time of writing, Sony Ericsson has yet to announce any plans for a Windows Phone 7 device. It has since been reported that the pair could not reach an agreement around Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE integration in its operating system. Microsoft curiously registered the and domain names recently. Both domains were registered to Microsoft through Corporation Service Company (CSC), a corporate identity protection firm.

A number of images of prototype Sony Ericsson Windows Phone 7 devices emerged earlier this year. Sony Ericsson had originally planned to launch a 4″ screen device featuring a QWERTY slide-out keyboard. The project was subsequently scrapped but recent rumors suggest that Sony Ericsson may be planning a Windows Phone 7 device later this year. The leaked device, featured below, could hint at Sony’s possible form factor for a future Windows Phone device. Sony Ericsson is a join venture between Sony’s main consumer electronics company and the Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson.

Sony Ericsson Windows Phone 7 device concept

  • Anonymous

    Not surprising the Sony CEO would say this given the battle Microsoft & Sony are involved in on the console marketplace.

    • Impartial

      agree, they probably just don’t want any xbox stuff in their phones… which is fine, they just need to put their PSN and Qriocity stuff to replace it and end of story!

    • J A

      Makes no sense. They either take it all or nothing. MS will not and should not remove Xbox Live from the UX just because of Sony. Sony is not needed for WP to make an impact especially when there are tons of better companies vying to carry WP and who do not have any conflict of interest with anything on the OS. And the bad businessmen they are is making their boss come out to say such stupid comments about WP when he could have just said they are still evaluating or be vague as possible. As soon as I read the subject of thid article, I already knew it had something to do with the Xbox Live integratio, no two way around it. WP is correctly not as good, it is actually way better than Android and anything else on the market. Sony Ericsson phones are not on anyone’s top of the list anyway, so not having Sony on board is no biggie in any way.
      Bottomline is they have to decide if the PC business will also conflict too since it will also have Xbox Live baked in. My guess is they will quit carrying Windows altogether and just be an Android-only business since it does not crry any gaming platform that will compete with them. Its Sony’s loss, no matter how you cut it.

    • Sarah_gilbert

      They will have to pay Microsoft anyways because of Android, with or without Windows Phone :)

  • Anonymous

    Keep diggin’ that grave, SE.
    The more shit they talk about Windows Phone, the funnier it’s going to be should they have to back-pedal.

    • Ef Jay

      Good point. Always fun to watch these clueless CEO’s eat humble pie!

    • Joe05

      With the news Sprint agrees to buys 30.5M iPhones from Apple for $20B suggest that may SE is not alone in there observation of the WP7 phones :(

  • Abdulla AlKhanin

    will i don’t thinks Sony “ericsson” as good as nokia,samsung and htc.

    • Anonymous

      Honestly, I don’t think any of us will care that we have lost Sony Ericsson as a potential OEM.  They have done enough damage to Android’s reputation, we don’t need them.

  • Bas Koene

    I got to agree, but hey, WP7 just started.

    • Anonymous

      You could say that before mango. Now they are definitely better than android in functionality. They just need to grow that app market now and do some marketing.  

  • Anonymous

    Of course Windows Phone is not as good, its actually way ahead and better than Android.

    On WP7:
    - UX is awesome and immersive(actually not only an app launcher, its delightful and polished).
    - Marketplace is not a garbage and feel trustable
    - Great gaming experiences
    - Incredible performance and optimized OS

    • Anonymous

      Most importantly does the WP7 phone have MS Office and Outlook integration? I think this is a big plus which no one ever seems to talk about.  

    • Vinay

      Obviously this is a comment which odd to come in, As Sony has its own eys on its Playstation and Games with Playstation making it to Android VM platform, and so if Xbox Competition is a way to deffer by saying not as great as the green robot.

      Its just a catch up game not to allow some one to make way. Its all how each one percives, the art is in the eyes of the beholder.

  • Michal Gurník

    i would really like to see whether sony would allow SE to produce a phone with xbox live. and of course-it’ll be funny when sony will start making vaio with windows 8 and xbox live :)

    i used to be a SE fanboy (and hated nokia) but since i’ve seen and owned the xperia phones, which are really screwed up, i’m looking forward to see the nokia stuff this christmas :)

    • Thierry Vos

      Yeah! I can’t wait to get my hands on the Nokia Ace handset which has been rumored. Kick-ass specs and probably a whole lot better experience than any one of those Android Xperia phones…

    • Michal Gurník

      i can’t decide between ace and sea ray :D

  • Thierry Vos

    Kind of funny coming from SONY as they produce the worst Android handsets out there. I’m the unhappy owner of their “Flagship” phone Xperia X10, just over a year old, which they treat as their dinghy… I have absolutely no sympathy left for a company I once admired…

    Remember those red/yellow devices back in the day called: “My First Sony”?, well this is definitely: “My LAST Sony”. Better yet: I’m banishing ALL SONY devices from my house. Even the bed-side alarmclock is going out the door!

    • Anonymous

      I like a lot of people with Android phones but I don’t know a single Sony/Ericsson owner. On a side note, it is funny how many of my friends are unhappy with their Android phones.  Too many annoying bugs.

    • Thierry Vos

      Yep, same here. I’ve had an HTC Hero, which is now stuck on Android 2.1, briefly had a Samsung Galaxy S, which is supposed to be the best Android device out there and the Sony Ericsson. They all have their flaws. Spontaneous reboots whenever they feel like it. Shutdown when battery still indicates 10%, random loss of 3G connectivity. Apps that don’t work. I can’t even play a normal MP3 on my Sony Ericsson Xperia without it stuttering as soon as I launch just 1 other app. It’s ridiculous.. Can’t wait to get my hands on a decent WP7 device.

  • Impartial

    Microsoft should reply back to them and say. Sony due to all the crapware you put into your Vaio lappies I going to ban you guys from windows and good luck trying to sell your shit with ubuntu or chrome…

    I hate companies that think their consumers are dumb. SE! consumers are aware of ecosystems, and yours combined with MS would be quick ass!

    SE is just scared of putting xbox into their phones, which if that is the concern they should just put cryocity and PSN on the OS to replace the XBOX bit of WP7.5

  • Anonymous

    Not as good? Maybe for the carriers’ and manufacturers’ mutual love of bloatware and value-detracting customizations.

    • Chris

      Stock android looks like dog shit. HTC sense or nothing for me.

    • Thierry Vos

      But the trouble with HTC Sense is exactly that. HTC is lazy with updates and some phones don’t even support the updates within a year of being launched. My HTC Hero quickly went garbage bin due to Sense holding back the update to 2.2 or 2.3. Then I got a Sony X10, which was even worse! Android 1.6 to begin with and only after begging from the community have they now done (a very very lousy) update to 2.3.3. Still the phone doesn’t perform. I actually hate typing on there as the keyboard lags too often and too much. Actually everything does… I am hardly online anymore in Public Transport just because I get so pissed off with the performance that I wait to get home to do Facebook on my PC.. :-S

    • Allah himself

      and thats why… WP7 FTW! :)

  • Nasser

    On behalf of all WP fans – I thank you for not putting WP os on your crappy devices.
    you know what – We have Samsung, HTC, Asus, ZTE and (smiling) NOKIA. I think we are good so far.

  • J

    I know of several people using Andriod on various models of phones who have no end of problems with them. The common problem is messages disappear without warning.
    My girlfriends HTC Desire took 4 days of forum searching to find out why she was unable to connect to the market place (many difference fixes btw).

    Wait til Mango gets fully released and sold by providers (to the consumer), then it’ll be rocking :D

  • Chris

    Well its true. Though iOS is best if you want a Malware and worry free experience.

    • WP7Owner

      I call b.s. here, Windows Phone isn’t the Windows that you are familiar with and it’s very locked down. Malware doesn’t come a mile from it..

  • GP007

    Coming from a phone maker who’s dead last in the world with sales, I think he should STFU.  How’s that xperia play selling for you?  Not at all I bet.

    • yahoo

      How’s Nokia selling btw?

    • JustPassingThru

      much better actually than SE.. It’s the least picked-up phone that uses Android here, and Nokia still heads feature phones actually.

    • Test1ngi23

      Well Nokia’s feature phones aren’t the ones running WP7 now are they?

    • JustPassingThru

      @Test1ngi23 Yep, but they still sell hot while SE feat phone are also on the sharp decline.. the question is: “How’s Nokia selling btw?” — I answered it. plain and simple. WP7-running Nokia phones have not yet been released, only peabrains would make an on-sale comparison against yet an unexistent product in terms of sales…. Read first before you comment. Avoid being ludicrous such as you. LOSER!

  • Jeff Kibuule

    Translation: Microsoft won’t let us put our shitty UI on it.

  • Manish

    What a rubbish.  The CEO of the company making huge loss and having less than 2% market share can be expected to speak like this only

  • Lewis McCrary

    It all boils down to them not wanting to see the word XBOX in a UI on a phone with the Sony logo on it.

  • Robert Wade

    Ah, yes, and when’s the last time I forked over money for a Sony product?   Hmmm….oh, yeah, that’s right, THE WALKMAN.  In my world, Sony is SO irrelevant.

    • Anonymous

      Yes. How did they ever lose the Walkman market to Apple?? Sony also used to dominate in the TV market too. Sony has the worst management.

    • Anonymous

       It was due (in my opinion) to their unwillingness to bend; everything had to be a proprietary Sony product/accessory/inputs/standard. Other (better distributed standards) did them in! And rightly so in my opinion.
      Look at what they are doing/din with the PS3 and the hacker. Even if you have no clue or interest in his expoits, their method for going after him was a PR disaster, which led to an even greater (not supported) hacking disaster that cost them dearly.

      Whom ever you are, an excess of pride will get you in the end, sooner or later! (Mark my Words!!)

    • Anonymous

      What surprised me the most is how the PS3 has not been able to crush the 360 in sales.  The PS3 has more exclusive titles, more processing power, a bluray drive, and no RDD hardware problem. Even with all these advantages the PS3 just can’t seem to outsell the 360. 

  • John Lueders

    The story broke on the Wall Street Journal.  The Wall Street Journal loves posting negative Microsoft news.  The Wall Street Journal and its sister companies, AllThingsD, are so pro-Apple that it doesn’t feel like honest journalism.  This site is ‘WinRumors’ and you know what you are getting…news about Microsoft…and everyone reading it is mostly pro-Microsoft.  WinRumors does not smear Apple though.  AllThingsD is more like a pro-Apple site but it does smear Microsoft or at least oftentimes puts them in a non flattering light.  Just throwing this out there, maybe some of you feel the same way.  I read AllThingsD, engadget, gizmodo, macrumors and winrumors…now it is winrumors (I am a Microsoft Dev), macrumors, and engadget…I know what I am getting from these sites.

    • Thierry Vos

      You are so right! Journalism was supposed to be: “getting an objective view of the facts”. Everything is biased now and you can’t even get a normal piece of news anywhere anymore. You really need to be careful of what you read and what your sources are. Always double checking. Look at the time wasted with that…

    • John Lueders

      Everyone who has a voice has an ‘angle’.  I just got tired of a big company like Wall Street Journal to have such an obvious slant to their writing.  Sometimes they trickle in a positive ‘Mango is cool’ article and I know that Ina Fried wrote some positive stuff but they wrote almost with an ulterior motive (it felt).  I do go to MacRumors, but they do not offend me, because they are lovers of Apple and that is all good.  This site is great because Tom constantly posts about Microsoft stuff and that is awesome as well…it has turned into my goto site for Microsoft stuff…which I think must be big for Tom (so well done Tom if you read this).  There is almost a humility to this page because it is from an individual with a clear intention.  I will write about Microsoft whenever I hear anything (rumor or not).  I guess this is nothing new…one always has to be discerning of the information one acquires.  I am just looking forward to more release information on Microsoft products.  I have Windows Developer Preview on my Asus Slate…looking forward to the Beta and beyond.  I have a windows based software company so it definitely behooves me for Microsoft to continue to do well in the business and consumer space.  All the best!

  • JustPassingThru

    I agree WP7 is not as good as Android, coz It’s wayy much better!

  • JimmyFal

    Will be interesting to see how many run with the headline “not as good”. I wonder if they are going to let Mossberg review the phone over there, or maybe Walt is tired of getting ragged on for his leniency and outright bias toward all things Apple.

  • Anonymous

    Funny coming from a guy whose devices are not as good as anyone else’s.

  • Anonymous

    Sony makes the worse Android devices.  Good luck with that “Strategy” Sony. Oh and by the way if you are taking the iPhone seriously the PS Vita would be a world class carrier independent phone and gaming device. Let see how being “that other device you need to carry” works out for you guys.  

  • Syrious

    sure, have fun communicating through outlook, lync, other various MS services on your android device.

  • Johnson Tran

    I don’t the company that makes XPERIAs and that dreadful skin can say that.

  • Anonymous

    If I was an OEM I would probably make the same claim.  Having an open open open open system like Android makes it easier on OEMs to customize and brand the way the want.  This was the old WindowsMobile model.  The problem is that you can be too open.  This openness was part of the demise of the old WinMo.  It became a mess, every OEM eventually had their own branch of the source code, etc…  Android could be headed down the same path.

    Microsoft is doing a good job finding the balance between this openess and the extreme closed system approach that Apple takes. I just hop they don’t give Nokia too much power and ruin this balance.

  • Allah himself

    that guy should go suck himself while stuffing an experia up his a55.

    basically sony create crap phones, all their android phones are way behind their HTC contemporaries when it comes to software updates, timescape is crap, the build quality is crap. the thing that gets me is sonys lack of ability to keep their android phones running the latest software. typical sony.

    ok i’m bitter cos i worked for them, but still! fools.

    i wish ericsson never entered into a JV with sony. classic ericsson handsets like the t28 will never be forgotten.

  • N8baws


  • Anonymous

    I think he meant Windows Phone is not “as good as Android” in terms of how many bugs and viruses Android has.

  • CG

    I had high hopes at the CEBIT in Hannover last spring, but after testing a number of SE Xperias I couldn’t understand what the hype was about. Even the goddamned Xperia Play was lagging DURING the games, something that is just NOT acceptable for a phone that has Playstation-buttons on them. I was freaking disappointed and wanted to cry.

  • Stark

    He’s just saying that because SE can’t get WP.

  • Abhinay Potluri

    May b he is pissed off that XBOX is doing better than PS3 recently

  • Anonymous

    Well SE, that stupid move just costed you many fans… Enjoy your Android, but dont come crying later to WP.