Spotify app for Windows Phone 7.5 available today

By Tom Warren, on 7th Nov 11 3:54 pm with 31 Comments

Spotify for Windows Phone

Microsoft announced on Monday the availability of Spotify for Windows Phone 7.5.

Andy Lees, President of Microsoft’s Mobile Communications Business, announced Spotify for Windows Phone 7.5 at a special “backstage” Windows Phone event in New York City. The application will be made available today in the Windows Phone marketplace. Spotify is a multi-platform application which provides access to a free and legal barrage of online music. It’s a streaming music player which has a similar feel to iTunes. Through it a user can get links to a large number of albums and tracks. Spotify use a peer-to-peer network along with streaming servers to provide their music.

The Windows Phone app is free to download but will require a Spotify Premium account, priced at £9.99 a month. Spotify is available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, France, Spain, United States and in the UK. Versions are available for Mac users with OS X 10.4 or later, Windows XP users or later and it can also be run using the application Wine if you have a Linux based system such as Ubuntu.

  • Thomas Bundgaard

    Also available in Denmark! :)

  • CG

    Sweden, please take the extra €60/year I don’t have so I can has this on my Omnia 7 too!

  • Anonymous

    I’d be interested if they didn’t require a premium membership.

  • Anonymous

    About bloody time, Spotify!

  • Anonymous

    Quite impressive of MS to promote a rival service.

    • Lapa

      Like in “real” ecosystems, apparently competing species can coexist. Just that the more adaptive species win…

  • Robert Sundström

    Finally! I have been waiting for a long time now and I was wondering when they would release it. This will definitely boost the WP7 phone sales in Europe. It will hopefully make a big impression here in Sweden and among the core-users.

    Zune Pass is not available here and I suspect that the collaboration between Microsoft and Spotify is possibly the reason why and how to solve the lack of an equivalent subscribtion service.

  • Rebbe

    Hope they bring something new to the spotify mobile experience! Integration with Zune music store? Remeber when they annonced that they would have a partnership in 2010: 

  • Dagmar Schneitz

    I knew there was a catch to Spotify. And the 9.95 a month, for Americans, that will probably be 17 dollars a month is that catch.

    • Anonymous

      Nope, it’s $9.99 a month. Americans can get it cheaper :D

    • Anonymous

      yeah, but why, since we have the Zune pass..  or are there features Spotify offers that Zune doesn’t?

    • Anonymous

      Well you can’t use zune pass on desktop if you have a mac :D

    • David Berard

      It’s actually $9.99 US as well.  I’ve been paying for the premium version since it launched in the US and Spotify was actually the last reason I had for not switching from my iPhone to a WP7 phone.  Looks like I’ll be getting that Focus S this weekend after all.

  • Vectovox

    Yes!! Been waiting for this day! Perfect since my unlimited subscription ended… today! :D

  • Matt Baldwin

    Curious how this stacks up to Zune.  Spotify is doing it right getting their service on every platform.  Wish Microsoft would bring Zune to the rest of the world.

    • Candid Calum

      Spotify isn’t very good compared to Zune. Spotify doesn’t even have Metallica and Oasis in its catalog, but Zune has them in the Marketplace. Zune also provides a much better user experience on both the desktop and mobile devices (artist pictures on both, and the beautiful gradients and other effects on the desktop). The only problem is . . . Microsoft allowed Zune to get behind on social networking integration, which is the one feature I’ve been waiting for for years. Microsoft weren’t an initial partner for Facebook Music, and it doesn’t appear that such integration is on the horizon :( Due to that, for the time being, I am trying out Spotify :/ After using Zune, I hate the incomparable user experience of Spotify, but I have to use Spotify (or one of the other many Facebook Music partners) if I’d like my listens automatically published to my Facebook Timeline.

  • Anonymous

    -1 from the list of “must have apps” people are spouting about Windows Phone’s Market lacking…

  • Kieran Kelly

    Eventually now just hurry up Skype!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m a Zune Pass fan already, so no thanks, but I will say I think this high-profile app launch will hopefully convince other developers to start making apps for Windows Phone.

  • Anonymous

    What does Spotify do better then Zune Pass?

    • Anonymous

      Larger catalogue, better regionalisation. 

    • Candid Calum

      Spotify may have a larger catalogue, but that doesn’t mean it’s a better catalogue. Both Metallica and Oasis (two of the biggest bands in the world) are not featured in Spotify’s catalogue, but they’re available on the Zune Marketplace.

  • Bryan

    That’s Joe Belfiore, not Andy.

  • Fludlyt

    I’m very happy about this! My phone has been hardly used to play music because I’m a addict meaning every song needs to be scrobbled. Good thing with Spotify is that it’s standard for their apps to come with scrobbling built in. Just waiting for confirmation. :)

  • blackletter

    No thank you Spotify. Will PANDORA RADIO please release a WP7.5 application soon? Pandora is the only music application I care about.

    • Robert Wade

      Even though I do access Pandora on my Blueray player and from my desktop, I find that I can only stand to listen to it for an hour or two because it’s horrible about repeating and you have very few times it will let you skip a song.  I keep going back to Zune.  Spotify is just laughable, in my opinion, compared to Zune.  It’s definitely not worth switch from the free version to the premium if I already have Zune.  #NonEvent

  • David Smillie

    Where is it in the marketplace??

  • tylerdurham

    Anybody see it in the marketplace?

    • JustAPhoneUser

      Not I…. 

  • Peter Haynes

    For anyone thats unsure about the app theirs a 7 day premium trial so you can try it out! (in the UK at least)

  • Vectovox

    For anyone who can’t find it in the marketplace yet, try the link provided form spotify’s blog: