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Office 365 infographic

Infographic: Who uses Microsoft’s cloud services

29th Nov 11 8:30 pm with 21 Comments

Microsoft released a new infographic on Tuesday to highlight its vast amount of cloud customers. The infographic includes highlights on how Microsoft’s cloud services help businesses. Thanks to Microsoft’s cloud, businesses can fly 222 million … read more


Infographic: Microsoft vs Apple

23rd Jun 11 10:01 am with 44 Comments

Microsoft vs Apple is perhaps the greatest rivalry in the technology industry. One blogger has decided to create a massive infographic to chart all the battles between each company. Microsoft started off when Bill Gates … read more


Infographic: Evolution of Email

5th May 11 7:03 pm with 9 Comments

Microsoft has released a new infographic, detailing the evolution of Email. The info-graphic details all the major points in the history of email dating from as far ago as 1965. Microsoft released the info-graphic as part of a new … read more


Infographic: Microsoft by the numbers

14th Apr 11 9:54 am with 17 Comments

Microsoft has created its very own infographic to demonstrate some of stats from its top consumer products. The stats were all part of Joe Belfiore’s MIX11 keynote on Wednesday and include 7 licences of Windows … read more


Infographic: The history of Microsoft

25th Jan 11 5:45 pm with 2 Comments

Professional computer training specialists Train Signal have created an interesting infographic based on Microsoft’s history. Train Signal posted the image on their blog recently. If you’re interested in the history of Windows then check out … read more