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Bing: We do not copy Google’s results

1st Feb 11 5:44 pm with 10 Comments

Microsoft has denied reports that it is copying Google’s search results. Google sensationally claimed, via Search Engine Land, that the software giant had tweaked its ranking algorithm to copy Google’s results. Microsoft originally issued the … read more


Bing introduces fresh new image search

24th Jan 11 5:31 pm with 8 Comments

Microsoft announced on Monday that it has tweaked its Bing image search. Bing now features an image landing page which includes some of the most popular image searches on Bing. The landing page assembles the … read more


Bing updated to improve movie search feature

23rd Nov 10 5:10 pm with Comments Off

Microsoft said on Tuesday that it has updated Bing Movies to improve the way users search for films. The feature update, available this week, will introduce a redesigned Bing Movies interface. Microsoft is set to … read more