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An update on WinRumors

5th Jan 12 10:15 am with 98 Comments

It has been less than a month since I announced my move to The Verge. At the time I warned that posts here would be less frequent, and that has certainly been true over the … read more


Moving to The Verge

13th Dec 11 8:44 pm with 252 Comments

As you know from reading WinRumors over the past year, the site has grown way beyond my imagination and has amassed a loyal and engaged community. You may or may not know that I don’t … read more


Celebrating a year of WinRumors

24th Oct 11 12:12 pm with 81 Comments

WinRumors celebrates its first birthday this week. I launched WinRumors to the public on Sunday October 24 stating that “I hope the blog will be informative, up-to-date with Microsoft news and rumors, and prove helpful … read more


Welcome to WinRumors 2.0

26th Sep 11 11:14 pm with 77 Comments

This is WinRumors 2.0. Less than a month ago we introduced WinRumors Metro to the collection of desktop and mobile sites at WinRumors, today I am pleased to introduce WinRumors 2.0. As promised, the site … read more

Microsoft Touch Mouse

WinRumors giveaway: Microsoft Touch Mouse #bldwinner

12th Sep 11 3:19 pm with 34 Comments

It’s time for another giveaway at WinRumors to coincide with Microsoft’s BUILD conference this week. We’re giving away Microsoft’s Touch Mouse this week. Microsoft started selling the Touch Mouse recently, exclusively for Windows 7. The mouse includes … read more


Welcome to WinRumors Metro

31st Aug 11 11:13 pm with 144 Comments

Over the next few weeks we’re making some changes at WinRumors. The site will undergo several tweaks to bring it into line with Microsoft’s Metro style guidelines. The first of those changes is the launch … read more