Taiwan PC manufacturers excluded from Windows 8 development program

By Tom Warren, on 25th May 11 1:17 pm with 8 Comments

Several Taiwan based PC manufacturers have complained that Microsoft has excluded them from Windows 8 development.

The software giant has reportedly talked with Nvidia, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Intel and AMD to seek their participation in a special Integrated Development Program for Windows 8. DigiTimes reports that Microsoft has asked each Integrated Circuit (IC) vendor to invite two PC manufacturers for development and testing. The testing is for developing Windows 8 based tablet and slate PCs.

Taiwan-based PC manufacturers, some with long-term partnerships with Microsoft, have complained that they have been excluded from the special development program. The companies have complained to the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) in Taiwan to seek government involvement. DigiTimes explains that the IC vendors are reluctant to only invite two PC manufacturers into the program.

Microsoft is currently finalizing the last Milestone pre-beta versions of Windows 8. The company is widely expected to unveil a Windows 8 developer or beta version at its developers conference in September. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer promised Windows 8 PCs, slates and tablets in 2012 during a speech earlier this week. Windows chief, Steven Sinofsky, is also talking at the All Things Digital D9 conference next week. WinRumors revealed earlier this week that Sinofsky plans to show demo a “technology preview” version of Windows 8 which may include the first glimpse at Microsoft’s tablet user interface.

  • GP007

    Maybe because leaks tend to come from that part of the world and or Russia?

    • http://twitter.com/mcakins McAkins Online

      Was thinking the same, our peers from that part of the world understanding something else about IP, and I ain’t talking of your network address.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=11814278 Chris Woelfel

    I just want to see the tablet UI.

  • TryllZ

    based on rumours and my inner-feelings, it’ll be similiar to Metro, like in WP7…waiting for UI here too…

  • Anonymous

    Well, it sounds to me like it is The chipset manufacturers that they should complain about, the only asian competitor I can think of to the companies who Microsoft picked is VIA.

  • Paul Glyn Hughes

    This is probably due to leaks coming out from them in the past…

  • Syrious

    not to mention the root of all the cyber attacks on the US this year were traced back to Taiwan.

  • Anonymous

    Taiwan PC is cheaper than other PC.