Take a tour of Microsoft’s Cloud data centers [video]

By Tom Warren, on 8th Aug 11 3:01 pm with 19 Comments

Ever wondered how Microsoft’s vast infrastructure works? Wonder no more.

Microsoft has put together a 10 minute video that details a number of its data centers used for services like Hotmail, Xbox LIVE and Bing. The company also explains how the centers are powered and cooled. If you have a spare 10 minutes then it’s worth seeing how services that you take for granted are powered on a daily basis.

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  • Jarsu

    VERY interesting !!!!!!!! Microsfot must do more videos like this, to show his TRUE POWER.

    The video is very serious, and very informative.

    • Anonymous

      So that’s all Darth Vadar needed to do was some videos to show the “FULL POWER” of the Death star. :)

    • Anonymous

      lol darth vader… ive always thought that microsoft needs to but out an ad campaign that ends with “Come to the Dark Side” it would be so bad ass and hilarious

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000678662470 Vincent Haakmat

    Nice… Are there any job openings available? :)

  • Benjy91

    Secure, Private, Trusted Cloud. Until the US Government use the words “Patriot Act”

  • http://adamhaider.com Adam Haider

    Interesting information but video looks and sounds like it was created decades ago. No wonder people find Microsoft boring.

    • Anonymous

      yeah because data centers should have parties, clowns, electro music and obviously because its aimed to 13 years old people who want something between their naruto tv show.

      now seriously, your comment its a bit *silly*. Since this video suppose to be informative, not to unbore people. its not a video for everyone, you know, some people find history channel boring, or animal planet boring. because these kind of informative stuff its not for everyone ;)

      i have talked to alot of people with xbox and kinect and even with a pc for gaming with a ps3 as console and they dont think microsoft is boring ;) just saying. maybe your friends aren’t cool enough to think microsft is not boring. :P

    • http://adamhaider.com Adam Haider

      “yeah because data centers should have parties, clowns, electro music ” Now who is being silly? You’re reactionary comment is unnecessary. I was merely pointing out from a branding and marketing viewpoint that Microsoft is sending mixed messages with it’s style of video.

      Nothing elaborate but more congruency with the rest of their PR videos would be nice to communicate the message that their a fresh innovative brand not the old underdog that innovates slowly. This is what the voice and video pace creates in my mind. Sorry but this is an opinion based on experience and a reflection of what millions of people are thinking.

      I love what Microsoft are doing but no one can deny that they fail miserably at marketing in creating simple and easy to understand videos that communicate a subtle message like Apple has been employing for years.

    • awesome

      “millions of people are thinking”…. what people? a kind of you nerd? 

    • Anonymous

      Millions don’t care about MSFT datacenters. Believe me, MSFT will hire Madison Avenue for slick, new WP7 ads.

    • Kuku

      You are stupid Sir. No offence, go watch MTV.

  • http://www.facebook.com/travisbrowny Travis Brown

    Watching this video makes me want to work in a field relating to servers/data centers. This may not be the place to ask but I might as well give it a shot; anyone know what type of books/certifications would be great to get your foot at least half-way into the door? This is surely impulse, but I’m curious.

    • http://twitter.com/goofbox Ramanan

      Look for job postings for an operations related role for a descent size organization; it will help you get your foot in the door and also provide the exposure to what is really out there. I would suggest working at a bank or government data center for starters to get the best exposure. That’s my two cents, please ask for advise from others as well.

  • Firballs

    Nerd Gasim

  • Michael

    Truly interresteing, normally people thinks Google is all about cloud and the leader in this space. But when you think about it MS been doing cloud for a long time an now they are expanding this with their Business Services.

    Both the class 3 and 4 datacenters are very impressive

  • TryllZ

    Its a biut boring because it talking to the point, again, nt for everyone..but truly informative…M$ for ever

  • http://www.facebook.com/iTylerNAllen Tyler Allen

    This was very interesting, you really have to appreciate what Microsoft has been doing over the years with their server side stuff. They are really leaders in this field, and I have to say the G3 and G4 datacenters were amazing. :)

  • Guest

    This is truly interesting, and begins to show the scope and scale of Microsofts product offerings and expertise.   While most consumer are familiar with Microsofts Desktop OS’s (like XP, Vista and Windows 7); they dont know about Microsofts offerings in the server space, systems management or programming tools and languages.  I think this is what makes Microsoft such a force in the IT industry – other so-called leaders in this segment don’t have nearly the scale or scope that Microsoft does.  

    This is also one of the reasons I find it so easy to ignore the Mac fanboys.