Three new Bing Facebook commercials released

By Tom Warren, on 17th Aug 11 3:00 pm with 21 Comments

Microsoft has issued three new Bing commercials this week.

The adverts focus on Microsoft’s Facebook “like” integration inside Bing. Microsoft enabled a broad Facebook “like” feature in May allowing Bing users to receive personalised search results based on recommendations from their Facebook friends. The feature allows users to narrow down their search choices based on what their friends like. Microsoft’s latest commercials celebrate the feature in 30-second slots. The software maker previously released a number of Facebook Bing commercials but as Long Zheng points out, the new commercials feel more social and polished.

Microsoft’s Bing “decision engine” has been making inroads in the U.S. market during 2011. Bing held onto 14.4% of market share during July, over 30% if you take Yahoo’s Bing-powered queries into account. Bing has been focusing on a number of mobile improvements recently. The search engine is widely expected to unveil a number of desktop improvements in the coming months. External testing of a new Bing interface, equipped with live titles, began in late July. The interface is believed to be HTML5 powered and features a Metro style look a and feel. The software giant first announced its HTML5 version of Bing at the original beta launch of Internet Explorer 9 in September. Bing’s HTML5 version will include smooth animations to allow users to jump backwards in their search history. Bing will also introduce small, hovering windows as you scroll down the screen to keep navigation tabs in view and enable animated pictures and automatically generated slideshows so users can visually explore a search query.

  • JonWayne

    Now they just need to enable this feature world-wide… The same problem as usual…

    • President Baltar


    • Arturo Ryes

      Microsoft has always been too US-centric, and I am getting tired of that…

    • Jinge

      Many people would agree, the others don’t know it ^^

    • Andrew Seymour

      Really though? I agree a lot of their products are US-centric but, they are a US company. UK got Windows Phone 7 first so, we do get some things.

    • Anonymous

      Microsoft isn’t a US company, it’s a world wide company. Sure it has it’s HQ in the US, but they have customers and offices all over the world.

      They just need to sit down with some partners. If Bing partnered with Gule Sider in Norway they would be able to offer many of the things they offer in the US here aswell.

    • Glenn Jacobsen

      Gule Sider my friend is a horrible service, why would bing ever team up with them?, being a norwegian citizen myself I find Bing Horrible. In fact Google is best in nearly all area search everywhere except the US where bing wins in things like Local searches.

    • Glenn Jacobsen

      Gule Sider my friend is a horrible service, why would bing ever team up with them?, being a norwegian citizen myself I find Bing Horrible. In fact Google is best in nearly all area search everywhere except the US where bing wins in things like Local searches.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t care about their services, what I do want though is their mass amount of data on norwegian companies. A partnership with Gule Sider combines with a partnership with and their excisting partnership with Facebook could turn Bing into a massive force for norwegian moneyspenders without too much work from Bing.

      As for Bing vs Google I use Bing as my main search engine, and I can’t remember the last time I had to look to Google for anything.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not getting tired of that. I just don’t use Bing and there isn’t a
      chance to do it.

      The difference between Google’s local results and Bing’s
      US-Centric is huge and extremely logical the people outside of US not
      using it.

      It’s simple and they certainly know it. Don’t know if they wanna do something about. Seems they don’t.

  • J A

    Its not as easy as just doing that, if your country/region has no much online content there still will be no much use. In the US, almost everything has information online and continues to rapidly develop because everyone wants to be found/dicovered but this is not the case for my other regions.

    • President Baltar

      Of course but this is the kind of service that can improve and raise content being shared and directly influence quantity and quality wich in return generates more and more traffic on/via bing.

      I for one understand the importance of concentrating to pirmary markets (US, UK etc.) in wave 1 but MS services have a bad rep among secondaries and for a good reason: the lack of services, features or even the complete service often pushes customers to other, more refined services of other providers wich is a bad thing cause they tend to stuck with them and not easily convinced to revert/try out new things – even more so when the new service is in the state of infancy. Not too many people likes to experience the maturation of a service then go and attend on a nother one’s.

      With WP7 this tendency seems to end so i hope that other services get more attention too couse of course everything is interconnected now :)

    • Arturo Ryes

      Not entirely true. There other regions like that as well. The internet “boom” is world-wide nowadays.

  • Justfortherecord

    Always liked the Bing commercials they are so true.

  • Gamer

    Ok, I am sick of this. Even for Windows Phone in Singapore, we ONLY have limited functionality.
    Bing here? Still beta. ptf.

    • Jackson Loh

      Agree!! Singapore is the first to get the phone but everything here is BETA!! or features left out..even apps..

  • Jimmy Fallon

    Putting that photo on the screen was a major league good decision on someones part. A friend of mine was commenting the other day about how much he liked the “Bing Product”. He sees it power a lot of things on Iphone, and he’s a photog. Most people don’t really have an allegience to Google it’s just the only thing they knew at the time. This is all good. I switched to Bing as soon as the results kept pointing me where I needed to go. It still has a really hard time finding any new .com’s that I create. Google is way ahead of them in many departments, the key is the people that don’t care and don’t know.

  • Avatar Roku

    Is being a 20-something hipster a requirement for using Bing now? :(

  • C Brown

    I think microsoft is losing the US market to apple and losing much of the worldwide market due to lack of support. In Australia I am the largest zealot for WP7 but I can only argue so much when the deliverables (Zune Pass, Bing, Marketplace) are excluding us. Our population is like 25 million MS could cater to us in like a weeks worth of data they have for NY!!

  • Crmoore

    Great discussion everyone!

  • Drewcos

    Simple feedback.  Those are some darn good commercials… keep it up Qi and team