UFC coverage coming to Xbox LIVE on December 1

By Tom Warren, on 7th Oct 11 9:11 pm with 6 Comments

UFC Xbox game

Microsoft revealed on Friday that it plans to offer coverage of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) from December 1.

Xbox LIVE users will be able to purchase pay-per-view live HD events and stream on-demand video content to their Xbox 360 consoles. The Ultimate Fight Center will be made available on December 1 and provide Xbox users with access to fighters stats and records and fight predictions with other Xbox LIVE members. Xbox LIVE users will be treated to the first live pay-per-view fight, UFC 140, on December 10.

The UFC center will also provide access to weigh-ins, interviews, event previews and press conferences. Kinect users will be able to navigate through the interface using gestures or voice. Microsoft announced its UFC support over at Major Nelson’s blog on Friday.

  • Live and On-Demand Video– Event previews, UFC Countdown, press conferences, weigh-ins, interviews, workouts, highlights, and more, together for the first time on your big screen.
  • Streaming HD Quality in 720p – UFC fans demand stunning HD viewing, and Xbox LIVE brings the most premium streaming HD to the big screen.
  • Pay-Per-View with Ease – The biggest pay-per-view fights available to all Xbox LIVE members in HD and SD pricing options. Purchase directly with your credit card, Microsoft Points not required.
  • Interactive Fight Card with Predictions – Size up the fighters with the tale of the tape and view their past fight results. Predict upcoming fights, compare results with friends for points and bragging rights, and see where you stand against them on the leaderboard, all accessible while watching the fight so you’ll never have to leave the excitement of the Octagon.
  • Control the action with Kinect – Focus on the fight instead of looking for the remote. Navigate through the video content, bring up the Interactive Fight Card, or play, pause, and rewind that big punch, kick or submission…all with the magic of Kinect.
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    Is that MS getting pounded by Apple, or MS getting pounded by Google?

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      97% marketshare…

    • http://twitter.com/LachlanCMcLeod Lachlan C McLeod


      Microsoft – $69.94 billion
      Apple – $65.23 billion
      Google -  $29.321 billion

      I dont know why people dont see that different companies transistion between OS’s and Structures at different times.. Microsoft is still on top and will be awesome to see the competition once the transistion away from windows XP finally comes..  Kind of like how Apple trasistioned to iOS (Mac is only 12% of their OS now, iOS is the rest) ..

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    • Emi Cyberschreiber

      oh god… this world is better thanks to idiots like you. /s
      specially when its only a picture from UFC game, and an article about Microsoft offering UFC coverage…. but idiots like you will say whatever crap that comes from that thing people would call brain that has nothing to do with the article.

      BUT oh yeah you are those idiots who think they are sooooooo funny :) right i get it! now i understand!… or well maybe its because you are just an idiot, or a troll? or maybe both? maybe someone who needs a life.

    • J A

      MS can never get pounded by any of those rookies you mentioned, they have the best minds and businessmen. Hopefully OEMs will deliver better hardware. And yes, you are an idiot…just saying.