Verizon to launch Windows Phone 7 device in late March

By Tom Warren, on 25th Feb 11 1:00 pm with 23 Comments

Verizon is scheduled to launch its first Windows Phone 7 device in late March WinRumors has learned.

Verizon officials may be planning to announce the device as soon as Monday February 28 according to people familiar with the company’s plans. Verizon will introduce the HTC 7 Trophy as its first Windows Phone 7 device for $200 on a two-year contract. Verizon’s CDMA rival Sprint announced their first Windows Phone 7 device on Thursday, the HTC Arrive will launch on March 20 priced at $200. WinRumors understands Verizon’s offering will arrive in late March around the same time as Sprint.

Both Verizon and Sprint devices will ship with Microsoft’s “NoDo” update. “NoDo” is Microsoft’s first platform update and will include the highly anticipated copy and paste feature. Windows Phone 7 copy and paste has been demonstrated recently in full thanks to an unlocked emulator. Microsoft’s first update will also improve application start-up and resume times.

“NoDo”, the codename for Microsoft’s first Windows Phone 7 update, has been ready for some time. The software giant RTM’d the update in December and has been busy preparing the Zune client software and Marketplace to handle the updated software. WinRumors understands the update has been delayed a number of times due to concerns from operators and device manufacturers.

Microsoft said in September that no CDMA versions of Windows Phone 7 devices would be available until 2011. Microsoft Senior product manager Greg Sullivan said the company had to make trade-offs. “Even Microsoft doesn’t have unlimited resources. We had to prioritize doing fewer things, really, really well”, Sullivan said in an interview with CNET. The software giant made an active choice earlier in the year to delay CDMA versions of Windows Phone 7 but confirmed the decision in mid-September.


  • Manish


  • Steve

    Hope your “sources” are GOOD ! Cause.. this is HUGE ! at least for me :)

  • Ef Jay

    Sabotage from within. Verizon will probably do everything they can to kill WP7, just like they did with the KIn while they pander to android and apple. Cant think of any other reason for them carrying WP7 after the comments from their meathead CTO.

    • Just Visiting

      @Ef Jay…Disclaimer: I will be getting a NOKIA branded WP7 device. About Verizon: Since they are getting the HTC Trophy, I really don’t Verizon has to do anything to sabotage sales of this device on their network – the HTC Trophy is the most drab device I have ever seen. The HTC Mozart looks better than the Trophy! Sure, there will be Verizon customers that will buy it just because it will have WP7, but HTC nor Verizon could even give me this phone. Hopefully, Verizon will get a more eye catching WP7 device later in the year.

    • thed

      Agreed. I’m fed up with Verizon’s consistent trashing of WP7. And now that CDMA is imminent, we get the most underwhelming device of the bunch. I would’ve left Verizon a while ago to get a WP7 if my contract wasn’t up. I may stick with Verizon if they get some nicer devices later on but I’ll never sign a contract with them again.

    • Brian

      Agree. I am wanting WP7 on VZW but wont stoop to get WP7 on VZW with Trophy….such a bad phone when others of much higher quality are out all across the pond…..whens the next WP7 on VZW going to announce…….BIG PASS on THIS ONE…..
      Got to be 4″ screen, 1gb RAM/ROM before I will take a VZW WP7

  • GP007

    I hope we still get the NoDo update in EARLY March and not late when Sprint and Verizon decide to release phones.

  • Anonymous

    Why do Sprint and Verizon only have slider phones? I want to to see a keyboard-less phone or at least the Dell Venue Pro with bottom slider.

  • Michael Sanchez

    Here is hoping this is true. WP7 needs to be on every carrier in the US.

  • Paul

    @Frankwick, the Verizon WP7 is not a slider. It’ll be the HTC Trophy.

  • Steve

    Trophy is not a querty. 7 Pro is (Sprint) Also. .the phones will ship WITH nodo already installed since it contains the CDMA support.
    ;) I just hope its true ! Zune pass ! FINALLY !

  • Boe_d

    I don’t get why both Sprint and Verizon picked crap phones for their WP7 models. The EVO came out about a year ago and it has a 4.3″ screen is relatively slim and had a 1500mah battery.

    I would expect by this time we’d have a 1.2 ghz processor or dual core
    4.3″ screen
    1500-1800 mah battery
    11mm THIN design
    BT 3.0

    • GP007

      WE’ll get newer phones later once MS has the Manga update ready since it’s such a big one.

    • Brian

      Agree that VZW needs a better WP7 to offer than this one……at least they are going to offer one. Wonder if VZW will tell sales people to push Android over WP7… they seem to be doing with everything else in there stores…..(oh maybe with the exception of the iPhone)

    • Webguy

      Yes I am dissapointed by these tired old also rans…
      I was waiting to get my WP7 on Sprint but they only offer a dated, fat relic with sliding keyboard.

      I would get the Focus but my company only pays for the phone if it is Sprint :(

      So I continut to be a miserable Evo user.

  • Anonymous

    Amazing, Windows7 is just cool like that. Wish I could run Windows7 on my iPhone4.

  • Kathleen

    Is this the only Windows phone that Verizon is going to have??

    • MLyons10

      That’s what I’m wondering. Seems like they would want to have more devices, and considering Verizon’s longstanding relationship with Samsung, you would think that they would have a Samsung handset on the way as well… I have been waiting for WP7 on Verizon for quite some time, but I wouldn’t get this phone… Not a chance. I’m really underwhelmed by this and find it hard to believe that after all this waiting, this is what Verizon comes up with…

  • DavidinCT

    I hope Verizon gets more than one model. The Trophy is a low end phone… but, Windows Phone 7 runs flawless on any model. Only way I would look at this phone is if it was for a 1 year contract only.

  • person

    i would never get a windows 7 phone on any carrier

  • Hotdogs

    Please be true, please be true, please be true…

  • guest

    Any new rumors when Verizon will announce? I assume they are not going to do it today.

  • MARK