Verizon Windows Phone 7 HTC Trophy confirmed for early 2011

By Tom Warren, on 15th Nov 10 7:59 pm with 2 Comments

Verizon is distributing promotional material promising Microsoft employees the HTC Trophy on Windows Phone 7 in early 2011.

A brochure, supplied to Microsoft employees, was leaked to gadget blog Engadget today. The material details the availability of the HTC Trophy for $199.99 at launch in “early 2011.”

Microsoft previously promised CDMA support for Windows Phone 7 in the first half of 2011. Microsoft Senior product manager Greg Sullivan told CNET news that the company had to make some trade-offs. “Even Microsoft doesn’t have unlimited resources. We had to prioritize doing fewer things, really, really well”, Sullivan said. The software giant made an active choice earlier in the year to delay CDMA versions of Windows Phone 7 but confirmed the decision a month before the launch. For the worldwide market, the vast majority of phones are GSM phones, so we focused on GSM first and then plan to deliver an update that will have great CDMA support in the first half of 2011,” Sullivan said.

Microsoft confirmed last week that it now has 13,000 registered Windows Phone 7 developers. Windows Phone 7 users now have access to around 2,000 apps and games in the Marketplace and the software giant is approving new apps each day. Microsoft isn’t confirming exact device sales just yet but early estimates from market research analysts suggest around 250,000 devices have been sold in Europe and 40,000 on U.S. launch day.

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  • GP007

    I’m thinking that MS might actually be past the 500,000 mark for WP7 devices sold by now. But just like they did with Kinect, once they hit 1 million they’ll let everyone know I’m sure.

    • Tom W

      Yeah I think they’ll be out with official statistics after Christmas.