Verizon’s HTC Trophy Windows Phone to launch March 24?

By Tom Warren, on 11th Mar 11 7:23 pm with 18 Comments

Verizon’s Windows Phone is likely to launch on March 24 according to reports.

WPCentral posted a leaked vendor email with confirmation details on a March 24 launch date for Verizon’s HTC Trophy device. Verizon will introduce the HTC 7 Trophy as its first Windows Phone 7 device for $200 on a two-year contract. Verizon’s CDMA rival Sprint announced their first Windows Phone 7 device last month, the HTC Arrive will launch on March 20 priced at $200. WinRumors previously revealed that Verizon’s offering will arrive in late March around the same time as Sprint.

Both Verizon and Sprint devices will ship with Microsoft’s “NoDo” update. “NoDo” is Microsoft’s first platform update and will include the highly anticipated copy and paste feature. Windows Phone 7 copy and paste has been demonstrated recently in full thanks to an unlocked emulator. Microsoft’s first update will also improve application start-up and resume times.

Verizon recently posted support articles referencing Microsoft’s own fixes for known Windows Phone 7 issues. Verizons’s HTC 7 Trophy Windows Phone device was spotted in the wild in late February. Further photos leaked earlier this month following confirmation that the device includes all of Verizon’s branding, even a “My Verizon Mobile” application.

“NoDo”, the codename for Microsoft’s first Windows Phone 7 update, has been ready for some time. The software giant RTM’d the update in December and has been busy preparing the Zune client software and Marketplace to handle the updated software. WinRumors understands the update has been delayed a number of times due to concerns from operators and device manufacturers. Microsoft recently revealed that the “NoDo” update will launch in the latter part of March.

Microsoft said in September that no CDMA versions of Windows Phone 7 devices would be available until 2011. Microsoft Senior product manager Greg Sullivan said the company had to make trade-offs. “Even Microsoft doesn’t have unlimited resources. We had to prioritize doing fewer things, really, really well”, Sullivan said in an interview with CNET. The software giant made an active choice earlier in the year to delay CDMA versions of Windows Phone 7 but confirmed the decision in mid-September.

Verizon HTC 7 Trophy -


    Gimme a 1500+mAh battery and 16gb storage and Im good to go!

  • Brandon

    biggest mistake here, only 8gb of storage, and it’s NOT user-expandable. i’ll be passing, though i really thought i’d be getting the first wp7 to hit vzw.

    • Jay

      Read comment above. It is 16gb and expandable…

  • GP007

    On the bright side it seems $200 is the average price now, makes you wonder how low a Nokia phone could go for? As for the storage, I dunno, Apple still sells 8GB modeles of it’s phone as well along with the bigger one.

    At this point I wonder which OEM will be first with a 32GB WP7 device, the focus is a big hit so it could be Samsung. Otherwise probably Nokia later this year with WP7.5.

    • Brandon

      co-worker already has his focus running on a 32gb SD card. just gotta get the right card. that’s why i don’t care about how much it comes with, but more the fact that you CAN’T expand it. make the battery not-swappable and call Apple.

  • Anonymous

    Hallelujah. I’ve been waiting for this for a loooooong time. My current VZW phone (an antique LG flip that I inherited from my wife) just broke today. I kid you not. It’s like it was waiting on this news to die. 3/24 can’t get here soon enough.

    • anglirich

      That is really funny; hopefully mine will melt away by end of my contract next month!

    • Anonymous

      Mine broke as well and guess what? It’s the 25th and those tits at Verizon still haven’t released a phone. They REALLY want people to use their locked out Android or last Gen iPhone devices.

      If their network wasn’t solid they’d lose customers in droves. All they learned from the iPhone is they can force people to purchase an option they don’t want and lead them on until they finally get around to releasing the device their customers demand.

      My gut tells me these “leaks” have been a VZW stunt to keep us fence sitters on their network while they twiddle their damn thumbs. If I wasn’t locked into Verizon because of my wife I’d be GONE from their network a year ago.

  • Species Zero

    Remember everyone, the Verizon HTC Trophy has 16GB storage – not 8GB
    Look closely at the poster in this article:

  • DavidinCT

    1500 mah available for around $45 on line (I too question the 1300mah batter)…and it has been said in many places that it comes with a 16gb MicroSD built in. The UK version only came with 8. This has been confirmed with Verizon (Hint ! Look up the Microsoft Verizon employee promo poster ! ! ! !).

    Winrumors also said the 28th of March too, remember? We’ll see as we get closer, Waiting for an official press statement on it to confirm. The document shown says “Subject to change”, so it can change at any moment with out any official statement from Verizon, it’s just a rumor, sad to say

  • PZ

    T-minus 10 DAYS!!! (i hope)

  • Piratelooksat40

    Any update on this?? This is the only place I have seen the March 24th Date.

    • PZ

      Yea, I want an update on this too…. will it be available in 8 days????

    • Dachevracr

      I can’t find anything and I’ve been looking hopefully we will here something at CITA. Unless tom have you heard a anything else

    • PZ

      Looked all over the place… NOTHING ANYWHERE!
      so tired of waiting already!
      I’m tied to Verizon, because that is what my company uses…

    • Dachevracr

      Me to so I want to get rid of this Droid so I can get wp7 anything else please. Update on Verizon getting these phones. Hopefully not to much longer

  • Anonymous

    EPIC FAIL AGAIN VERIZON! If I didn’t HAVE to have their service I wouldn’t. Locked down devices and ALWAYS last to get the latest devices (making them the OLDEST devices by the time they do release).

  • Lee Connell

    Still no WP7, I didn’t want to wait anymore, I went and got the HTC Thunderbolt and have been happy with it so far.