Windows 8: Additional Windows Store details leak

By Tom Warren, on 2nd May 11 7:14 pm with 11 Comments

Further details of Microsoft’s Windows Store leaked on Monday.

Microsoft’s Windows Store will support trial and full edition downloads according to reports. Windows8italia posted details on Windows Store references discovered in build 7955 of Windows 8. Details of Microsoft’s Windows Store leaked over the weekend, the store is said to contain a new logo. The app store will likely be HTML5 based and deliver applications straight to the users desktops from Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. Applications from Microsoft’s Windows Store will sync across any Windows Live linked PCs, allowing users to roam apps and settings across multiple desktops and laptops. Microsoft’s Windows Store will support the following;

  • Will support the purchase of goods and services directly within applications .
  • You can install applications trial and then decide whether to switch to full version .
  • Users can rate and review applications. Each comment will be reviewed in turn by other users.
  • Users can send reports of problems to application developers.
  • It will obviously look for possible applications and filter the results by price or category.
  • For each application will be available on:
  • Minimum System Requirements
  • End User License
  • Feature requests (Webcam, GPS …)
  • Category and Description
  • Application functionality
  • Rating the content
  • Screenshot
  • Link to support forum
  • Types of supported architectures (x86, x64, ARM, or neutral)
  • List of enhancements in the latest versions ( change log )

Microsoft is understood to be creating the ability to sync Windows settings into the cloud. The software giant will allow desktop wallpapers, language profiles, applications settings and more to sync to the cloud. Microsoft’s Windows Store will also fit into the company’s “Online ID” to roam across multiple machines. Microsoft is currently building cloud settings sync integration into the next generation of Windows. Earlier this week, details of a control panel item for “Roaming Options” were discovered under User Accounts. Further evidence of Microsoft’s Online ID integration surfaced in the form of an out-of-box-experience (OOBE) dialog screen. The screen details the Windows account options setup screen that allows Windows 8 users to link their Online ID to the computer or simply create a local account.

Microsoft is currently working on various Windows 8 features and is expected to deliver an early copy to developers at its Windows Developer Conference (WDC) in September. Here’s a round-up of the latest Windows 8 news:

Windows Store details

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  • Mister Twister

    Windows marketplace is a much better name.

    • Nomad45

      Totally agree! Windows Marketplace remains consistent with the rest of their products.

  • Anonymous

    Please bring it to Windows 7 before Windows 8 launch

    • AlienSix

      Akin the Apple releasing the Mac app store for Snow leopard first?

  • Purpsquid

    Microsoft, continuing to steal ideas from Apple…

    • Adam Haider

      That’s absurd, they are merely embracing the direction technology is headed (App-based OS) as a marketplace or store has become essential for most things these days. If anything they are using Apple as inspiration. Does that mean they are ‘stealing’ their ideas…?

    • Grs_dev

      Are people ever gonna drop this whole stealing of ideas! It’s called doing business and competition! I don’t ever hear anyone complaining about McDonald’s stealing the burger idea from Burger King or vise versa! Grow up people…

    • Grs_dev

      @Purpsquid I bet you accuse your parents of stealing the idea of procreating you too!

  • Guest

    Don’t forget about the intigration of Games for Windows. That will probably be their forefront for the games portion of it.

  • anon

    what does this mean for developers? is it something we can take advantage of also?