Windows 8: History Vault user interface revealed

By Tom Warren, on 25th Apr 11 6:44 pm with 26 Comments

Windows 8 - History Vault

Microsoft is currently working on a new feature for Windows 8 named History Vault.

The feature will allow Windows 8 users to backup files and data automatically using the Shadow Copies function of Windows. The backup feature will include the ability to restore to a specific time or date on the system. Users will also be able to select files and restore them to different timestamps. WinRumors previously revealed the existence of the feature last month. Fresh screenshots are now emerging thanks to a recent leak of Windows 8 build 7955. The new screenshots show a special interface specifically designed for users to look back at previous files.

Apple’s Mac OS X currently includes a similar feature. Time Machine allows users to turn the clock back in time and retrieve data and files that have been previously edited or deleted. Microsoft’s History Vault is believed to be a rival to Apple’s Time Machine and will include similar functionality. Microsoft has had similar restore capabilities in Windows since Shadow Copies was introduced in Windows Vista. History Vault is set to expand on the underlying services and provide a full GUI for restore and editing purposes.

Thanks to WinRumors reader UltraWindows for the news tip

  • Ian Mitchell

    The new Explorer Navigation UI looks promising. Not so psyched about the folder view itself though. The timeline looks like it could work.

  • Vander09

    the new Explorer UI, if thats what it is, looks AMAZING

    • Anonymous

      Are you being sarcastic? If not, I would love to know what part of this looks amazing to you?

  • Rob Jansen

    Volume Shadow Copy was already in Server 2003 (at least SP2/R2) you could open it on the day you wanted to see that specific folder and you could browse those files like you would normally.

    This only enhances it with an nicer UI and also for home users.

    • Avatar X

      correct and it was also introduced to XP pro via SP2 for enterprise clients.

  • Andrew Stockdale

    Timeline view and the rest of the shell looks great, but the actual folder view is looking really rough there. It’s early days, though.

  • Sebastian Gorgon

    Starting to see more Metro, =)

  • Anonymous

    You guys really like the Explorer UI? Strange.

  • Anonymous

    The timeline is cool. Too bad there is no campy starfield simulation.

  • Anonymous

    The timeline is cool. Too bad there is no campy starfield simulation.

  • Anonymous

    All I can say about backup is one thing: To The Cloud!

  • Anonymous

    All I can say about backup is one thing: To The Cloud!

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like some pretty good stuff dude.

  • Skysinof

    Look at all the wasted empty space! From a design point-of-view, this is a poorly designed interface (poor space utilization, margins do not line up, etc). Feature/functionality-wise, I think it’s amazing.

  • Joshua van den Hoonaard

    The new components of the UI looks promising.
    Especially the timeline shows that there is a Windows Phone 7 look coming up

  • Grandpa

    Oh come on. That’s the dumbest looking UI for an OS I’ve ever seen. I wish Google would put something out.

    • blackroseMD1


  • jimy

    I like the back and forward buttons, other buttons look ok but they need to make it fit in better with close/minimize

  • Sw

    So ugly.

  • Arnold Schwartz

    interface looks very old fashioned to me i would have hope windows 8 would blow away os x design wise.

    • blackroseMD1

      You have to remember that this is a very early build of Windows 8. Early builds of Win7 still looked like Vista. I’m sure there will be changes made along the way…

  • Ribeirao Preto

    Microsoft is always four steps behind Apple.

  • Avatar X

    So now we will have shadow copy and restore point or this will be used to replace and integrate the two? that is the question becuase currently all of them are present.

  • Anonymous

    looks terribly old fashioned to me. steroids

  • Zacjamal

    There’s a software called Genie Timeline that does the same now for Windows 7, it has an integrated view for files and shows versions of the files that you can restore and you can restore deleted files.

  • Stefano

    the UI is terrible, as usual by microzoff