Windows 8 nears beta stage, betta fish bootscreen leaks from build 7989

By Tom Warren, on 17th Jun 11 2:21 pm with 36 Comments

Windows 8 7989

Fresh screenshots from a Milestone 3 copy of Windows 8 leaked to the Internet on Friday.

The screenshots reveal the return of Microsoft’s betta fish in Windows 8. The software giant originally used the Siamese fighting fish back in the Windows 7 beta as a wallpaper. The fish turned into a mascot for Microsoft’s beta stages of Windows 7 and hints that the company is close to the beta phase for Windows 8. Screenshots of a new wallpaper also emerged along with rumors from the BetaArchive site that the 7989 build will leak fully to the usual FTP and file sharing sites. 7989.winmain.110421-1825 was built in April and demonstrates the company’s Milestone 3 phase of Windows 8.

Microsoft revealed its new Windows 8 user interface during the All Things Digital D9 conference recently. Windows chief Steven Sinofsky detailed the company’s future plans for Windows and revealed that the firm plans to speak more about Windows 8 at the BUILD conference in September. Windows 8 includes a new user interface which takes elements from the company’s Windows Phone 7 software. Microsoft will allow users to launch apps from a tile-based start screen, which replaces the traditional Windows Start menu. Applications include live tile notifications and fluid, natural switching between applications. Microsoft has also built in the ability to snap and resize an application to the side of the screen and multitask outside of the new touch UI. The new applications will be web powered apps built using HTML5 and JavaScript, with full access to the power of the PC. Microsoft is positioning Internet Explorer 10 at the heart of the Windows 8 app experience.

Windows 8 bootscreen with Betta fish

  • doctorwhofan98

    I’ll get it in Beta straightaway. :-)

  • Frylockns86


  • Bas Koene

    Looks awesome. Can’t wait!

  • Bas Koene

    Looks awesome. Can’t wait!

  • Adamvmlv

    I’m quite happy with Windows 7 thanks. Windows 8 on a tablet excites me. On my PC it can wait till my PC kicks off and the new one comes with 8. I’m not that excited about it to try a beta.

    • Grannyville7989

      I had the same thoughts until it became apparent that you can sync your user account and settings between multiple computers. Now I’ve got a bunch of cash sitting by me ready and waiting to pay for Windows 8.

    • Guest

      Isn’t that a little premature given that almost nothing has been revealed about it except part of the UI?

  • Richard Gailey

    Really looking forward to the official Beta release. There’s a lot that I want to play with on this one.

  • GP007

    Nice, can’t see much new in these shots tbh, other than the beta login screen.  Well, looks more like the loading screen with the betafish instead of the windows flag to me.

  • A Fan

    For ARM-based tablets, how are they going to do public beta testing? Hand out a few hundred/thousand units like Google did with the Chrome laptop?

    • Guest

      Good question. Maybe we should volunteer ;-)

    • Frylockns86

      That is something I would sign up for!

    • Miguel Hurtado

      They will probably do that at BUILB. Some years ago they gave Tablet PCs so they could play with multitouch, sensors and stuff.

  • Anonymous

    How do I get this?

  • Crawl2

    um you need to fix your post tom. BA does not have this build and they are not the one leaking it.

    • Tom W

      I never said BA has the build. It simply states that there are rumors from BA that it will leak.

    • Tom W

      I never said BA has the build. It simply states that there are rumors from BA that it will leak.

  • Crawl2

    “….BetaArchive site that the 7989 build will leak fully to the usual FTP”

    It is not leaking from the usual (ba) http://ftp.  So, once again, you need to edit your post.

    • Guest

      He didn’t say it would. He said the rumors are coming from the BA site. Learn to read English.

    • Tom W

      Couldn’t have said it better myself :)

    • Anonymous

      Dear lord…Can you read?

    • bahd


  • Keno Butler

    Sweeet!!!!!!! woot!!

  • Crawl2

    the rumors are true, and it will not leak from BA. it will leak from win7vista

    • Anonymous

      How do you know? Do you have it?

  • Márton Vörös

    oh, dear Betta :D in the months of w7 beta testing i fell in love with u :D 

  • Thel Vadumee

    wort wort wort!

  • jbarcus81

    I can’t wait to taste this!!

  • Lol

    It will leak publically to BA soon however. No need to pay for VIP access just to download a build from Win7Vista!

  • soulman

    Windows 8 Build 7989 is now on BetaArchive! 

  • Mr W7v

    This build is out by not by BA or MDL. 

  • Anonymous

    ubuntu is better than the bloated window$

  • Mark Anthony

    download beta for sure…