Windows 8: Push Notifications, screenshot tool and new webcam app discovered

By Tom Warren, on 15th Apr 11 2:30 pm with 18 Comments

An early copy of Windows 8 leaked to the Internet this week and enthusiasts have been digging their way through the various new bits in Microsoft’s next-generation operating system.

Windows 8 build 7850.0.winmain_win8m1.100922-1508 contains a number of references to the following features:

  • Windows Push Notification Platform
  • Built-in screenshot snapping tool
  • Webcam Capture Application
  • Toasts and tiles
  • Create bootable USB Flash Devices

Users at the mydigitallife forums have been digging around the build and discovered that TWINUI.DLL.MUI contains references to a built-in screenshot snapping and sending feature. The new feature appears to allow users to simply snap desktop screenshots and easily send them to colleagues and friends. “This is a screenshot of what I’m doing right now,” is one of the references in part of the feature. The second feature discovered is the reference to a new “Webcam Capture Application.” The new application appears to use Microsoft’s Metro UI:

Windows 8 Webcam Capture

References to Windows Push Notifications have also been discovered in various DLLs:

  • wpnapps.dll “Windows Push Notification Apps”
  • wpncore.dll “Windows Push Notification Core”
  • wpnprv.dll “Windows Push Notification Platform Connection Provider”

It’s not yet clear how these notifications will work and whether they are restricted to Microsoft’s Tablet “immersive” user interface. There are also a number of references to toasts and tiles, indicating that Microsoft may be implementing a combination of pop-up toasts and tile based notifications in its push system.

Microsoft has also included CreateBootableUFD.exe which allows users to create bootable USB flash devices. The feature is separate to a recently discovered portable USB version of Windows, see more information here.

Windows 8 appears to include a number of new key features that may or may not make it to final copies. The software giant promised a range of features in Longhorn (Vista) but failed to deliver, it appears the company could be set to deliver a feature set worthy of Longhorn. Microsoft is expected to release an early beta copy of Windows 8 at its Windows Developer Conference in September later this year.

  • Sebastian Gorgon

    push notifications are for mobiles? no need for that on windows?

    • GP007

      Actually you’re forgetting the fact that Windows 8 will be on tablets, and yes, they are mobile devices.

    • Anonymous

      I would like push notifications on my laptop aswell, nice for email, facebook, twitter etc. If they can have a “people hub” in Windows 8 that would be amazing.

    • Stark

      Oh yeah. That would be awesome. Imagine it on a desktop background, blured backgound picture and columns on top of it. I can’t explain, but something like TweetDeck on desktop.

    • brian L

      i can see them being as handy on tablets as they might be on mobiles

    • the-hq

      Perhaps they will do something similar to WebOS: You can get a push-notification on your tablet when you receive a message on your WP7 phone.

    • sca2pula

      …I thought tablets were considered mobile devices?

  • Scott

    “(…) built-in screenshot snapping and sending feature.”

    SnippingTool.exe. Available since Windows Vista.

  • Guest

    You’ve got nothing to worry about, they have Sinofsky this time.

    • Mark

      Even Sinofsky will have a hard time rearchitecting Windows to run efficiently on a tablet and then making up what will by then be a three year head start by Apple and two plus year head start by Google.

    • Skysinof

      I’ve seen what Sinofsky has done with Windows 7, and I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I’ll reserve judgment till Microsoft officially announces Windows 8.

      One thing I’ve learned from Apple is, you don’t need the latest and greatest to pull customers in. Nor do you have to be the first to invent something. It’s about giving the user something that “just works”, regardless of technology.

  • BlackDown

    nice! growl for windows 8 by microsoft!