Windows 8 setup screenshot hints at forthcoming leak

By Tom Warren, on 27th Jan 11 11:20 pm with 16 Comments

Windows 8

A leaked screenshot of an upgrade edition of Windows 8 may hint at a forthcoming leak.

Notorious company insider Zukona unveiled screenshots of an upgrade copy of Windows 8 on Thursday. Although the screenshots only cover the setup process of Windows 8, they do confirm that copies of Microsoft’s next-generation Windows operating system have leaked to company outsiders. It’s not yet clear whether Ivan Zukonov (Zukona) plans to leak the copy of Windows 8 in his possession. Zukona has previously posted accurate screenshots of Internet Explorer 9, Windows 7 and other Microsoft products.

One interesting part of the screenshot is that Microsoft is listing the copyright date of Windows 8 as the year 2012. Some believe the software giant will release Windows 8 in 2013, I disagree howeverMicrosoft demonstrated build 6.2.7867.0.winmain_win8m1.101020-1800 at CES. The build was compiled in October 2010 and represents Microsoft’s early milestone 1 work. The software giant is currently midway through its milestone 2 cycle and the latest known build is 6.2.7917.0.winmain_win8m2.110125-1757. Microsoft is expected to announce a public beta of Windows 8 later this year.

Steve Ballmer has described the next release of Windows as the company’s “riskiest product bet”. It is understood that Microsoft will feature deep cloud integration into the future OS to realize its vision of “three screens and a cloud”. Microsoft is also building a dual-UI for Windows 8. One user interface will feature a tile-based look codenamed Mosh, specifically designed for Slate and Tablet devices. Microsoft’s second new UI is rumored to be codenamed “Wind” and feature a fully dynamic 3D interface. Microsoft is also working on a new application model codenamed “Jupiter”. The app store will provide access to new, Silverlight based “immersive” applications that are deployed as AppX packages (.appx), according to reports.

Windows 8 Setup - Zukona


    I already knew. Wind = Metro Improved.


    I already knew. Wind = Metro Improved.

    • Abhinav Kumar

      Actually Mosh is the one which is tiles-based. So Mosh = Metro improved.

  • Bender

    aaa my ass is on fire !!!

  • Anonymous

    Oooh, the butterflies are back. :D

    I also don’t think that Microsoft is going to release Windows 8 in January 2013. It’s just a crazy time to release it at since it would ruind the holiday season 2012 for Microsoft. I’m guessing fall 2012 or summer 2013

  • GP007

    Why leak something so early into development? This, if its real is probably not much different UI wise compared to win7 let alone feature wise.

  • Anonymous

    I know alot of people that are excited to see how the new UIs will look, and the picture in this article seems to be more the tease of a future leak.

  • Microsoft

    Microsoft is amazing!

    I must get Windows 8!

  • Joel

    How bout a wp8 leak? Wishful thinking I suppose!

  • Владимир Юнев

    Win8 RTM in 2012, Retail in 2013 I think

  • Bnlf

    this is the problem of microsoft. apple can hide everything and make a big show in denouncements. In the other hand everybody know what microsoft is going to announce lol.

    • Andy Topley

      Really? So when they announced Kinect (or as it was known then as Project Natal) in 2009, you knew about that before hand did you?

      Microsoft do leak stuff and Apple don’t (much), it 2 difference marketing strategies that both seem to work very well.

  • Calico

    don’t see reason of this excitement

    after Longhorn/Vista all NT’s are basicaly just a small update of previous
    nothing impressive

  • MikeK

    Where can I see these screenshots?

  • Jarrich Van de Voorde

    I hope Windows 8 is a big deal, otherwise Microsoft really is in some big trouble :O