Windows 8: Tips and Tricks for mouse/keyboard users

By Tom Warren, on 17th Sep 11 4:23 pm with 92 Comments

Windows 8 Start Screen

Microsoft’s new Metro interface is great for touch but how about keyboard and mouse users?

We’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help you along your Windows 8 way with your traditional desktop. Feel free to comment if you have more and we’ll update the post with a mention and your tip/trick.

  1. To unlock the lock screen, double tap on your mouse or hit any key on the keyboard instead of dragging to the top
  2. To bring up the “charms bar” (share, settings, shutdown, etc), hit the lower-left corner of the screen with the mouse – no clicking required or use winkey+c
  3. In any app, right click to bring up the “app bar” to see everything you can do
  4. To go back to the Start screen, simply use the Windows Key on your keyboard
  5. Bump your mouse against the left side of the screen to see a thumbnail of your most recently used app. Use the scroll wheel to see all open modern apps
  6. Modern apps don’t generally need to be closed — they are suspended when they’re not in view. If you really need to close them, use the task manager (via the tile or ctrl+shift+esc) to force quit
  7. To search for anything on your system like applications, setting, or files, simply start typing from the Start screen, and the search box will automatically pop up or use winkey+f
  8. Glance at your desktop by using Winkey+y
  9. Activate application settings charm by using winkey+i
  10. Project onto an external TV/monitor using winkey+p
  11. Use the page up and page down keys to move between tile groups on the Start Screen
  12. Bump your mouse to the left and grab an app, if you pull it towards the right and then bump it to the left it will cycle to the next app (Thanks Tom Servo)
  13. Pin/unpin tiles or remove apps by right clicking on tiles on the Start Screen (Thanks @FreddyFuentes)
  14. Activate Semantic Zoom in Metro apps by using Ctrl+ mouse scroll
  15. Switch the input language and keyboard layout with Winkey+Spacebar
  16. Show the desktop using Winkey+d
  17. Open the share charm with winkey+h
  18. Open the connect charm with winkey+k
  19. Lock your Windows 8 PC with winkey+l
  20. Lock screen rotation using winkey+o
  21. Cycle through apps using winkey+tab
  22. Switch between apps using alt+tab

Thanks to Greg for some of the tips above

  • Anonymous Switch apps, using the mouse to switch apps

    • rsgx

      That quick switching is so awesome.

      I must admit, as much as I love the Metro UI on my phone, it’s going to take some getting used to on a desktop.

      It is, however, going to be a dream on a tablet.

  • Anonymous

    Does it worth mentioning drag to top to unlock??

    • Anonymous

      Makes no sense to me since it is not a smartphone that a person is using.

  • Anonymous

    For enterprise, I think they need to delete the idea of metro style. Even for public use. The metro UI seems to be perfect for the one person use. But the PC has tremendous use in public places and enterpise. Putting the metro UI and keeping the tiles to see music, personal photos, facebook, tweet and RSS feed don’t make sense at all. I suspect Microsoft may be able to win the consumers from outside the enterprise, but I sense their market share to disappear in the enterpise sector after win 7 is gone. The destop app for enterprise doesn’t help. The PC is supposed to get job done in enterprise not sneaking into facebook, tweet and RSS feed. Personally, I like metro UI just to be on my tablet, not on my desktop PC and laptop. Or it would be nice if we could keep metro UI as an app instead of the main UI in the desktop and laptop while desktop OS as an app in the tablet. That would make sense to both parties with respective need. So, looks like a big bet. The success and failure are both 50-50.

    • Tuxplorer

      There will be Group Policy settings to remove Facebook ,Twitter etc from the Start Screen. The Start Screen can be fully locked down using Group Policy.

    • Anonymous

      I am getting a sense that WP7 and win8 is entirely burrowed from zune which was not that poplular despite being good. The metro UI on win8 is not different at all from the homescreen of zune on PC. Am I correct or it is just my illusion. Please let me know.

    • Grannyville7989

      The first elements of the Metro UI being used was in Windows Media Center, which predates the Zune Software.

    • Guest

      As far as I remember there was a research project called Windows 2001 or Windows 2002. I had a few screenshots but unfortunatelly don’t find them any more.
      Well. This version of Windows looked very Metro. They didn’t have any windows as the windows we know right now. They looked more like a web page. But I guess that was too much change for that time so they didn’t decide for that.

    • Guest

      My opinion is that Zune popularity has nothing to do with Metro.
      Zune low popularity was about the lack of software that iPod Touch had and the major problem here was that Microsoft is simply not popular at the consumers.

      There was Seth Godin and his Tribes mentioned at another post. Yes. This is what Microsoft needs and this is why Microsoft failed with his consumer products except Xbox. But Xbox was a completelly another thing I guess. Xbox wasn’t advertised as Microsoft Xbox and this is the key of success by my opinion. As soon as people hear Microsoft they just start bashing no matter they know anything about the product or not. Maybe it would be the best idea Microsoft would form another company that would be just for the consumer products.

    • Tuxplorer

      Metro UI is loved by most people. Zune didn’t get popularity for other reasons. Users LOVE WP7′s Metro UI, but it lacked features when it was released. Windows 8′s Metro UI is going to be a MASSIVE hit among customers.

    • Guest

      I think you’re right that consumers will find it appealing, especially on tablets. But having played around with the DP for a couple hours, I still have concerns about the non-touch user, particularly in the enterprise. One has to think that MS has thought this through in a lot of detail and we’re still early in the process. But right now it’s hard to get a good sense of how that will work and I have way more questions than answers. Unless there’s some radical change, many enterprises are going to want to boot straight to classic, which I expect MS will facilitate even though it’s not exposed in the DP currently. That makes me wonder if the Metro UI in that scenario should exist as a sidebar a la Vista (or double height taskbar), where it can be activated as/if needed. The risk obviously is that like the sidebar it will be considered a niche offering and fail to gain critical user or developer mass. But the risk of forcing Metro is that it’ll just annoy people on their way to invoking the classic desktop, particularly if you have to toggle back and forth to do things like in the current DP, with the associated time wasted and jarring UI differences. I think there’s going to still be a lot there for enterprise users (fast boot, better performance, enhanced security, environment wide spell check, etc, etc, etc, but the UI implementation is going to be key. Done well it will be no problem. Done poorly a lot of enterprises are going to stick with W7 or in a few cases even explore other alternatives. 

    • Anonymous

      I would think that during the installation process the user will be asked which UI mode they prefer to start up in. Either Metro or Aero. Also I see the ability of IT administrator to force that setting remotely. Basically in the office, people will not have a choice, it’s up to the management which UI they will use.

    • Guest

      As currently implemented, the desktop start bar is crippled. If they’re going to allow a choice of UI startup, they’ll need to restore that functionality back to what it is in W7.

    • Guest

      Reporters are talking about tablets&smartphone eating pc’s enterprise market share. Personally I don’t think tablet and smartphone are suitable for work. But people other than pro MS guys are all talking about “no pc at all in future”.

      May be several years later win7 style pc users are like command line users today – cool and good at technology, but not majority any more.

    • Anonymous

      My Opinion (based on being a ‘Pro PC’ User) is that there will always be PCs. Its not the definition of a PC that will change, just what its actual Form-factor will be!

      Consider, (and this is something some people have already been posting about in different manners on different blogs), I’m already looking forward to refined versions of the different Tablets/UMPCs/Portables released in yesteryear. NOW they will finally fulfill the destiny they were initially envisioned for!

      Additionally, if Microsoft play their design/marketing cards right, they could re-imagine the X-box as a fully featured [essential] home entertainment accessory, similiar and as ubiquitious as a DVD player or Cable/Satellite box!

      The Future is Great, The Future is Windows 8!

    • Anonymous

      the tiles don’t have to be for twitter and facebook, they are just an amalgamation of widgets and icons in a standardized package.  Instead of twitter and facebook, companies might have active tiles for company news feeds, Email and messages, quick links to active projects or other business related things.  Look at WP7 tiles have a great many uses not just for social networking.

  • Tom Servo

    Actually, if you’ve started dragging an app from the edge and it’s the wrong one, keep the mouse button down and bump that edge to switch to the next app, if you don’t like using the mouse wheel. It’s probably a touch gesture, but works with the mouse.

  • Freddy Fuentes

    to pin/unpin right click on the tile, use a wheel mouse to scroll in the Metro UI

  • Jimmy Fallon

    Thanks, been waiting for this, I didn’t  have time to go through the build videos to figure some stuff out. I am using Win 8 as my primary OS on both my laptop and desktop now. I have run in to a problem with multiple screens on the desktop and not being able to drag apps in from the left side of the screen. Doesn’t work. Any tips on that?

    This is always the first site that this Win junkie goes to catch up. Nice job on it as usual. Glad the Metro interface is gone on the site as well. Just didn’t work at all. Makes me a little nervous about the OS as well, but hopefully they can find a tile shot that displays more info at one time.

    • Tom W

      WinRumors metro is designed for tablets. I had enabled it for IE10 but switched it off as lots of people with mouse/keyboard are using it too. Hope MSFT provides someway for web designers to tell if someone is using touch or not.

  • Adam Haider

    Also, to scroll across on the Startscreen: Mice scroll wheel or Page up/page down 

    I hope in later builds navigation on non-touch devices will be improved. I.e: De-emphasizing scrollbars and using the trackpad or mice to navigate using a grab/push/pull method. Grab the area of the screen using long press and dragging – or push/pulling — to desired position. Multi-gesture swipes could be implemented but as a basic UX users should not have to resort to scrollbar when the OS is suppose to be “touch first”.

    • Avatar Roku

      Scrollbars are not very Metro-style at all, I was disappointed to still see them even in this early build.

  • Kennicholson

    Very helpful bunch of tips! How can we use keyboard or mouse to do Metro split screen?
    Metro apps are now called ‘modern’, eh?
    Also winkey+Enter turns on the Narrator.
    Has anyone discovered a voice control capability for Metro?

    • oolong2

      I just fugured this out last night :-)

      See #5 above…  Not only do you get a thumbnail but you can actually drag it with your mouse to either switch the app or do a split screen.

      Split screen with IE and the desktop is fantastic… I really like the thumbnails the desktop gives for all the open applications and how it automatically expands when you select an application.

    • Guest

      But when you drag the thumbnail, the current window switches to that particular app. Do you need to drag the thumbnail in a particular space in the screen?

  • jyo208

    Yeah, it is actually pretty non-intuitive for mouse/keyboard, so I’m glad you posted this. 

    • GP007

      MS should add a Getting started guild for the touch screen the first time people boot into it so they can get an idea of how it all works with a kb+mouse users.  Though to be honest I didn’t have too much of a problem finding all the ways to use the new UI with a mouse, some of the new kb shortcuts I had to look up though.

  • Kryštof Říha

    To add any application as Start tile, make a shortcut in ‘C:UsersRavenheartAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuPrograms’ then search for the name of the shortcut and pin it to the Metro Start using right-click.

  • Gianpaolo Santopaolo

    how to add tiles to start menu?

    • Harsha Vardhan

      Windows + Start Typing App (Hover Left Corner + Search)
      This will display the list of Apps. Right click + Pin

  • Abdulla Moh. Saeed

    Please replace CTRL in this article to WIN key. Nothing happens with CTRL+” “. But these shortcuts work with WIN key + ” “. 

  • Alok

    hey tom.. the no. 5.. to switch apps.. the gud ol’ alt-tab also works just fine.. :)

    • Alok

      and alt-f4 to close works too.. :)

    • Parker Ciambrone

      nope, alt+f4 enhances every app there is, duh :)

    • Anonymous

      you can also use ctrl + win + tab. and it will switch bewteen apps in snap thing ;)

      so alt tab, win tab (for main active app), ctrl win tab. the left thumnal thing.

      also win + .
      cycles bewteen your last used App and your current app, and snap left right.

      so it seems there is a alot of ways of switching apps xD

  • Harsha Vardhan

    I was watching Harris video, he specially mentioned that Swipe from Left Edge is Like back button.
    I hope they have some other interface trick for fast switching :)

  • Harsha Vardhan

    Btw, Any Idea how to use Semantic Zoom using mouse/KB?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, this also I wanna know..

  • McAkins Online

     Tom, Charm is not brought up by Ctrl+C, but with Win+C. Ctrl+C is to do Copy.

  • Anonymous

    It seems the Microsoft is missing the boat by not making one simple change to Windows 8. That is, when in the Windows 7 mode, allow a click on on the Start button to operate as it used to, by bringing up the Windows 7 shortcut menu. They could still allow the Windows key on the keyboard to bring up the Metro interface.

    • Avatar Roku

      They won’t do that. If they let Metro become optional for Desktop users then it will end up with the same fate as Windows Media Center. Nobody will use it. Which means nobody will develop apps for Metro UI.

      The reason why Microsoft can convince everyone to develop apps for Metro UI is because they are forcing it on every single Windows 8 customer.

      The geeks who hack the registry will be a small number of Windows 8 customers and won’t hinder the success of the Windows 8 App Store or adoption of the new Metro apps.

    • Guest

      If they don’t take steps to make the experience better, then people will start looking at alternatives. MS can’t afford to ram this down people’s throats just to try and encourage developers. It’s needs to first and foremost be seen as a better experience by users. If that’s not the case, MS has failed, regardless of whether developers like it or not.

    • Anonymous

      Once customers start seeing the commercials of how Metro will improve their lives, start to see Windows 8 demo-d in Microsoft stores and Best Buy they will come around. Nobody will feel like anything is being “stuffed down their throat”.

    • Guest

      We’re talking about desktop users. It’s still unclear how W8 will be an improvement for them over W7, far less “improve their lives”.

    • Anonymous

      think about this… why making it optional if everything is now about the new metro ui?

      think about it… new messenger, people, photo hub… new account settings to sync what you want to sync and such. you say as a shortcut which wouldn’t completely remove metro like others want. but its the same, it would look bad… and no sense.

      you just now put tiles where you want and win key and click in your app.
      or you can win key to go to start menu, win + q to bring apps without typing something (so you wont filter any app) and then you will get all your apps if you forgot the name of your app.
      if you need searching settings like for uninstalling a program you can win + W. and if you need to search files you win + F.

      so its not so hard… i don’t see old start menu necessary, specially when its all about about people who cant try to learn a new thing. i enjoy enjoying this new UI. i even found out how to remove some of the green background since i wanted my windows metro to look diferent.

      BUT its silly to bring old start menu, when everything is now about going to new metro ui. which works for the same. even easier… you could pin couple apps in start menu, but now you can pin all the ones you want and have it in the same place. not scrolling down, folder folder, accesories, system tools… or go deep and deeper.

      but i don’t see why they would allow old start menu, because everything, even to change logon screen is in metro ui

  • Avatar Roku

    From the videos I’ve watched there are some things about the Metro implementation on Windows 8 that are really poorly done.

    1.) There should never be scroll bars with arrows in Metro UI. The bars that exist in Metro on WP7 and ZuneHD are only there to show you your location, they are NEVER used for navigation. Mouse should be able to click and hold anywhere and slide the Start screen left and right. You shouldn’t have to click on the scroll bars.

    2.) You should be able to tap and hold to move tiles like you can on every other touch based OS including Windows Phone. I’ve watched tons of videos of people struggling with the dragging down motion, so it’s obviously not intuitive.

    3.) There should be a visual task switcher that lets you navigate quickly to more than just the last app you used. You shouldn’t have to cycle apps 1 by 1.

    4.) There needs to be a quickly accessible app list. Going to search first to get your app list is not intuitive at all.

    5.) Long press should bring up a menu like it does on Windows Phone. Right click should function the same as a long press.

    The Windows 8 team needs to work closer with the Windows Phone team to really tweak the Metro implementation. There is certainly room for improvement over Windows Phone UI, but I’m seeing the Windows 8 team fall short of Windows Phone 7 rather than leap frog over it as I had hoped. I actually think the Xbox team has done a better job implementing Metro on the new Dashboard at this point.

    • Anonymous

      1. is not finished product… they will changfe it

      2. again… its not a finished product, if Windows phone… do you think Windows the big one wont get it?

      3. again… its not a finished product, you dont know if it will include it or not, but you should know its not a finished product so obviously they will make it better.
      and you can use with mouse the alt tab and hover left of the screen and use scroll wheel.  there is alt tab.. but they need to make it look good with metro UI.

      4. you can use win + Q, its the real shortcut for searching apps. win + W settings, Win +F files.
      and again.. its not finished, they will add a button or something,because for touch there has to have a button.

      5. it might be included… but again, its not finished product and you need to hold and wait for beta, thats where you will see really what they will going to really have. yeah they will change some stuff for rc and from rc to rtm. but beta is a better way to see the OS. not a developer preview.

      but like i said… if wp7 and Xbox are getting really nice UIs, obviously Windows will. Microsoft is not silly, Windows is their main product.

    • contextfree

      the designers explain why they made some of these decisions in this video:

      around 18:36 they specifically explain why they didn’t like using long press for commanding/menus – they think it’s too slow for advanced users and too confusing (if you accidentally trigger it) for novice users. later on they explain the thinking behind swipe-to-select and how they did drag-and-drop – they wanted to keep things fast and avoid going into a separate “mode” (like on WP7 where you have the normal tile screen for just going into a tile and the zoomed-out view for rearranging them).

      personally, I always found the WP7 interface for rearranging tiles pretty awkward. this looks way better to me (though I can’t really know without trying it), plus the W8 swipe-to-select and drag-and-drop methods are built into the common controls so they should be consistent across apps (the WP7 start screen doesn’t really work like any other app on the platform).

    • Mark Richey

      I thought so at first, but there is a trick to it. I thought when the shape changed slightly it was ready to go, but keep your finger on the tile nd give a slight pressure up. The menu will open and you can either easily slide the tile, change the size, pin and unpin, etc depending upon if an app or desktop link. Once there, the frustration diminshed and I understood the concept. Now, if only they will support more resolutions so I can ge the full bang of the new UI.

      So far, what I love is my tablet boots in about 15 seconds. The longest was about 25 seconds after an upgrade…amazing.

  • David Adams

    Can you guys please help me starting an application. I installed the 64 bit developer version. It says it includes 28 metro applications. The ISO file size is 5 GB so I’m sure I downloaded the right ISO.

    My problem is that I’m clicking the tiles but I can’t start an applications. Is there a trick?

    • Asdf

      If a dimension of your resolution is <768, they won't work.

    • Mark Richey

      I’ve run into the same thing here. Seems like a heck of a limitation. I have a foreign made win7 tablet and the display looks the same as the above. Running at 1024×600, the max and recommended. For many different devices, this is going to have to be addressed. Mine isn’t a top configuration, but no slouch either. Is there a work around to this??

    • Guest

      Oh thank you very much. That must be it :)

    • Guest

      Yep. I just changed the resolution and now it works like a charm ;) The reason I didn’t do that earlier is that on a 32 bit instalation the system crashed when I changed it to higher resolution.

  • Anonymous

    press winkey+tab to cycle through apps, press tab multiple times to go to the next app


    press alt+tab to see all open tabs and press tab multiple times to go to the next app

  • Viki Maverick

    I’m pretty sure that the Apple R&D team must have already started using the developer preview to include some features from this build for their next. Lol.

  • Anonymous

    win + f, is kinda like not correct
    because, if you do Win + Q you will search directly apps, if you Win + W you will search settings and Win F you will directly search files. you could still search for apps and such with either, but if you want a faster way to do it and you know its an app and such, is easier with their own key. so not correct because its not the direct way to do it. but it works
    you didnt mention ctrl + win + tab.
    its useful when you snap metro apps because its the way to switch them in snap mode.and of course win + tab would switch bewteen the main window you have open, with or without snap. so you press win tab.
    win + .
    cycles between pinned left and right.
    shift + c + win
    would display the right bar like tablets
    also you can control what to do if you go to left side of the screen, like for the preview metro apps. but you right click. it work if you don’t want to drag and drop.
    win + spacebar
    would switch keyboard languages. (note: if you put for example in language preferences, Spanish on top, or Korean. some apps would use that language (the first one) if the app doesn’t have that language it would go to the next one)
    also if you are in the new start menu, you can control tiles like… if you use
    alt + arrows you can control where you want tiles without mouse, if you ctrl + arrows you will pan on it, which is easier to use just the mouse but in apps where you cant use scroll wheel like the twitter one, then you can use it, but its so slow that again… is easier to use mouse. but its something you can use if you want ctrl and arrows.
    oh well xD.

  • Anonymous

    I’m under the opinion that my mouse should be able to mimic single touch commands.
    If I click and move to the left, it should scroll like it would with my finger.
    Also, the charms don’t show up when I click on the right side and scroll to the
    left. I get it that a mouse can’t do multi-touch gestures, but single touch gestures
    shouldn’t be a problem.

  • enlitn01

    Actually, if you bump your mouse to the left and leave it there, you can cycle through all the apps in your history by left clicking.

  • Diego

    You can drag an App form the edges and change the app. But it turns interesting when you drag the thumbnail just at the half, the main app will make space for the new app to snap at the border, and therefor you will get dual view of apps! (Don’t know if you understand me, sorry I’m not an excellent English speaker)
    Here is the result:

    • Guest

      I played around with that and it worked quite well, even with mouse and keyboard. But they need to do a lot of work to make the transition less ugly. Just look at your pic. It looks like what it is: two different UIs. They need to do something to make the classic UI look more Metro like. The marginally refined Aero treatment just isn’t enough.

    • Lschaibley

      If you right click on the app, there’s the option to Snap it to the left of the screen also.  To remove it, just grab the separator and move it to the left.

    • Marklitt

      I cannot get the drag thing working. I’ve gone to the left of the screen, tried bumping it. Holding the left mouse button down on the left. It just won’t work for me. Anyone else with this problem?

    • Clubjunkie

      i can’t get this to work, actually, it just cycles through them instead of snapping the one i drag in…

    • Anonymous

      the minimum resolution of you monitor must be at least 768 x 1320 or something like that for metro snap to be supported.  Otherwise you will just have full screen apps.

  • Guest

    The proof of a great UI is how intuitive it is to navigate. I’ve seen three year olds operate iOS with ease. The fact that we need a dozen Windows key + Alphabet character just to do basic tasks is pretty strong proof that W8 currently doesn’t have it right. I like Metro, especially for tablets. I can see some ways in which it could work on desktops and notebooks. But it’s not there at present. The UI needs to be much more discoverable.

    • Anonymous

      You realize that the keyboard shortcuts are for advanced users. So the lack of keyboard shortcuts for iOS = superiority? Why is having LESS features a good thing? I’m pretty sure Metro will be quite usable by 3-year olds. I really wish you trolls had the balls to at least register a real account.

    • Guest

      You obviously haven’t used the developer’s preview. Those shortcuts are necessary for basic operation, not solely for advanced users. Hence the problem. And you’re the last person who should be talking about trolls, you f’n idiot.

    • Anonymous

      Guess what moron? Developer preview is not even Beta, much less RTM. These are the bits for developers to play around with. It’s not supposed to be “kid friendly” yet. That will come in a few months. Fucking troll.

    • Guest

      Like I said, you obviously haven’t used the developer’s preview. You can stfu now. Thanks.

    • Anonymous

      Oh another thing is no 3-year old will be just handed an iPad to randomly navigate it. There is nothing so fundamentally intuitive about iOS that a 3-year old would know how to:

      * power it up
      * swipe between screens of app shortcuts
      * know how to download new apps(need to remember apple ID)
      * know that you have to press&hold a shortcut to get the removal icon

      In reality a parent will probably launch the fingerpainting application and then the little tyke will play around inside the app.

    • Guest

      You need to get around small children more. I have seen a three old be given an iPad by their parents, power it up, and proceed to go into and out of apps. Are they expert users? No. Can they navigate throughout the UI with ease, like I said? Yes.

    • Anonymous

      I call bullshit on that. So those 3-year olds know how to create folders for shortcuts, how to access the multitasking pane, download apps, etc…

    • Anonymous

      when i was 3-4 years old i used MS-DOS…. you know, there you didn’t have any UI ;)

      then i used win 3.1… and still you had to get in Windows 3.1, it wasn’t like now where you let it start, no you had to start it.
      but i think its stupid anyway to let 3 years old kids use a developer release. which has alot of workarounds to make some stuff work.

      but what i dont understand… you first start like “win + alphabet” but then you mention ipad? so you think when it hits AT LEAST beta, Tablets will need keyboard? because… thats a really stupid assumption. or… are you comparing desktop version with an ipad? because that would be a stupid comparison. you know Tablets wont have keyboard just like ipad ;), i think you need to use your brain and logic a Little more.
      and stop that 3 years old, which is pretty much stupid, since a DEVELOPER preview, shouldn’t be used by them. why because its preview, so not even beta… and its for DEVELOPERS or people who wants to use some of the new Windows 8 which is months away from release. you know… 3 years old kid dont develop apps ;)…

    • Anonymous

      Guest should go over to the kiddie table. Adults are speaking.

    • BrokenArrow
    • Anonymous

      Yeah I’m sure the kid learned how to use the video scrubbing feature w/o dad showing it first…. Riiiiiiiiiiiight.

      These videos showing toddlers “figuring out” iPad is so much bullshit. Like I said, when I see a toddler going into Settings and doing REAL shit I’ll be impressed.

    • Guest

      The comment was “operate it with ease”. That’s what they’re doing.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    well there are alot of shortcuts.

    like Win + Q in desktop it will display the Search thing, without going to metro UI.
    if you use it in new start menu, then it will go to apps, so you can go straight to apps, yeah, “searching” but you aren’t typing anything so it wont filter any app.

    if you use win + w it will search settings, Win + f it will display search for files.

    also you can use ctrl + win + tab, and it will switch apps in snap thing. of course if you use win + tab it will switch apps in the active app.

    you can also go to left side of the screen where you display thumbnails, and you can use there right click, to choose what you want to do. if you want to snap  the App or the desktop. and if you snapped something it will ask if you want to swap from left to right.

    also win + .
    cycles between the last app you used and the current one and then snap and such.

    win + shift + c will display the Tablet menu bar.

    you can also use ctrl + arrows to navigate across apps. but sometimes its slow. but it Works if scrollwheel doesn’t work.
    if you want to move tiles with keyboard. alt + arrows.

    and another tip, not for keyboard/mouse but visual, if you go to system32/shsxs.dll, you can change part of the green backrgound in start menu. it doesn’t support large png, so you can put a really cool pic like i tried xD because it wont work.

    then this was the test i made..

  • Rene Brandel

    I have the new Win8 Dev preview… I love it! except one thing. I cannot name groups of tiles with my mouse or keyboard. There is no way to zoom out of the start screen like Julie Green did with the pinch to zoom gesture. This is really annoying also when i press pagedown to scroll on the start screen, it scrolls but REALLY slow… I love the product the design but some of those things are just uninitiutive

  • Adam Haider

    Another useful scrollbar feature: You can cycle through opened Metro Apps by hovering the cursor to the left side till you see a thumbnail and scroll up or down. Haven’t seemed to find a keyboard variant for this though.

    • Anonymous

      another scroll Wheel tip. in apps where you cant navigate left right, like tweet rama. you can click middle mouse button, and it will display the ball like in a browser. so you ca navigate not using scrollbars nor arrows

  • Cornel Borină

    Does anyone have any idea how to close the metro apps?
    I’ve noticed they stop if I don’t use them, but sometimes it would be usefull to end them myself manually.

    • Guest

      They stop themselves. But you can use task manager or perhaps even Alt f4

  • Anonymous

    Will Windows 8 have an “Expose” view?

    • Guest

      If not, 3rd parties will provide one as they have for XP and Vista. Anything else you want from your Mac? A spinning beach ball perhaps?

  • doctorlirio

    If you rename the file shsxs.dll located in windowssystem32 to anything else you get the new task manager, ribbon and all the new features of Win 8 but you will remove Metro. THERE, now it’s a usable desktop system. I don’t know how many programs you install in your OS or if you ever take the time to rearrange things in your windows start menu, but if you are a power user Metro is horrible, it simply takes much more time to open 6 or 7 different programs with it than with the good old start menu (best thing that windows OS ever had). Try it. 

  • prathyush

    semantic zoom is the most innovative feature in win8

  • Thomas Cunningham


    Use Win + Page Up/Down to switch the display that the Start screen is displayed on.

  • Danny Paul van Iersel

    Thanks a lot. I’ve been searching for this a long time.
    Of course metro style had advantages, but somehow I am not yet convinced  (maybe because it’s still a developer preview)
    Using it without touch screen is challenging. Just think about the older people how am I going to explain it all to them? ;)