Windows 8 to feature SmartScreen file checking security

By Tom Warren, on 8th Apr 11 6:59 pm with 5 Comments

Microsoft is planning to implement SmartScreen file checking natively inside Windows 8.

The software giant has started to incorporate SmartScreen filtering to protect Windows 8 users from malware and viruses. Microsoft has previously used the technology in both Internet Explorer and Windows Live Messenger. SmartScreen works as filtering software to intercept malicious URLs that are automatically detected or manually entered into the company’s database.

The SmartScreen integration in Windows 8 allows the operating system to check the file system and prevent downloaded applications from executing. Long Zheng, who spotted the feature in a leaked build, says he has been unable to trigger the feature but can see references to it in various system settings.

The revelation of SmartScreen filtering comes shortly after a number of leaked Windows 8 screenshots and information:

Microsoft has so far been extremely quiet on the Windows 8 front. Windows Chief, Steven Sinofsky, took to the stage at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January to introduce a technology preview of Microsoft’s Windows ARM support and show off an early build of Windows 8. Microsoft is partnering with ARM-based manufactures NVIDIA, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments to produce new Tablet devices.

Microsoft has started to distribute Windows 8 builds to key OEM partners via its Connect testing site. The company has distributed build 7971.0.110324-1900 to OEMs in a special invite only “Windows 8 and Server vNext Pre-Release Program.”

Windows 8 SmartScreen options

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  • x I’m tc

    Looking forward to running this on my next (first!) slate.

  • Grannyville7989

    I also hope they give the Control Panel more of an overhaul so I can access everything from one window, like many of the items so far, as opposed to having to deal with seperate windows, like the Folder Options.

  • Anonymous

    I cant wait to see how it it all starts to come together.

  • Brad

    Interesting, should see if you need a antivirus anymore.

  • Craving_evalution

    Who cares. It won’t change things for most users. The kind of feature that should be a big deal internally but no one else should know/care about.